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5-7 Toy Guide

We love that kiddos this age are still into imaginative toys and play. Let them stay little as long as possible! We have rounded up some really quality toys that your kids are sure to love. Trust us when we say that these toys are going to last and be used for years to come.

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1. Cinnamon Roll Kit: This new line from Fat Brain Toys is so much fun for imaginative play. Great for ages 3-7. The storage kit also doubles as the oven. So many amazing textures for sensory play.

2. Dentist Set: This is the dentist set from Melissa and Doug. We love how much fun our kiddos have using this kit to pretend they are visiting the dentist themselves. It also comes with life size teeth that you can use to practice scrubbing cavities away.

3. Beauty Salon Vanity: There are many makeup/salon sets out there. This one is great because it includes makeup and hair tools. Everything fits into the vanity, making it portable and organized.

4. Wooden Pirates: This pirate set is from Green Elephant Home and is impressive in size and quality. Each piece is hand carved and painted. Sometimes you don't want to fill your home with just action figures.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS for 10% off your entire purchase at checkout.

5. Barber Kit: This is the cutest barber kit and our kids have been loving it. We have never seen a pretend set quite like this and it is a favorite in both our homes. Made with quality materials and great for imaginative play.

6. Calico Critters: My kids think these flocked figures are so cute and I have to agree. They are perfect for small world play and they really are great quality. This penguin set might just be under our Christmas tree this year.

7. Sorting Bears: Driddle for Little has a great sorting bear set that we both own and use. The color sorting and counting activities you can do with this set are endless. The pricing on this product is excellent as well.

8. Brain Flakes: This building toy is one our kids always enjoy. We love that it comes with a building manual loaded with several creative build ideas. This toy also great for color and number sorting.

9. Plus Plus Puzzle: This puzzle by number set is a unique take on the traditional Plus Plus and is new this year. Free building with Plus Plus is great, but we love that this gives you the option to do a flat lay puzzle with the pieces as well.

10. Magnetic Dollhouse: This dollhouse is modular AND magnetic! The Adventure Dollhouse is a modular dollhouse that gives children the flexibility to explore and use their imaginations with rooms that are easy to arrange in endless layouts. The simple and modern design looks beautiful while encouraging creativity.

11. Translucent Shapes: These geometric, translucent shapes, from Learning Resources, are perfect for building fun objects on a light table or just by themselves. A great option for open-ended, learning play!

12. Magnetic Race Track: This is a favorite set of ours from Picasso Tiles. Your kids will enjoy building the racetrack and racing the battery powered cars together. A perfect STEM toy for your little engineer.

13. Blutrack: This is our favorite racing track and for good reason! It easily rolls up to store and is ONE PIECE! You don't have to worry about losing hot wheels tracks and having to throw away the entire set. Such a good quality toy that will last you forever! You can also hang it on the wall with a command hook or use the suction cup to stick to a smooth surface.

14. Custom Clicques: These are hand crafted, magnetic peg dolls from Europe and we think they would be the perfect replacement to Christmas ornaments. You can customize each doll with their name, skin, hair color, and clothing color. These dolls are beautiful, heirloom quality toys.

15. Castle Blocks: These colored castle blocks are the perfect base to enjoy endless building creations. They are perfect to pair with peg dolls for small world play.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!

16. Lucite Cubes: Another fan favorite from Green Elephant Home. Did I mention these are the perfect building toy and so fun to use on a light table or in the sun. They are beautiful and reflective and a great price!

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!

17. Squinkies Cupcake Dispenser: This toy has made a comeback and for good reason. The small squishy figures are so much fun to pop open from this cupcake vending machine. This is a great Amazon find!

18. Brio Train Set: Brio is known for their train sets. It has a higher price point, but you are paying for quality. There are many trains, kits, and add-ons to pick from. We are featuring their best seller because it comes with everything you need to get your kid engineering.

19. Foil Fun Stickers: Trust us when we tell you this will keep your kids entertained for a LONG TIME! This is a DIY foil sticker kit. Watch your kids use their creativity and imagination to create some beautiful, handmade, foam stickers.

20. Washable Color and Play Mat: Our good friend Kate designed these incredible coloring mats that can be used and RE used forever. Fill them up with color and then just simply toss them into the washing machine. They will look brand new and be ready for more play.

21. Safari Animals Set: This set of play animal figures is the BEST dupe for another very popular/pricy toy animal brand. This particular set comes with 20 figures, and each are beautifully painted to be hyper realistic.

22. Tivi Tray: This is a craft tray from Tivi Tray and we can honestly say our kids use them almost daily. They come in a hard plastic or silicone option and make cleaning up arts and crafts messes a breeze. Also check out their collection of Tivi Mats!

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS for 10% off at checkout!

23. Brain Teaser Game: This brain teaser logic puzzle comes with a reference book which has different levels of challenges. It helps children develop creative problem solving skills, and is a fun hands-on activity. A colorful and fun game to keep your kiddos brains active and engaged.

24. Cleaning Kit: This is a FULLY FUNCTIONING cleaning set from Fat Brain Toys. Can I tell you this kit is actually my favorite thing we own right now! My kids will literally fight at who gets to clean the windows.

25. Nighthawk: Probably our most 'viral' toy! This 12V ride on vehicle is perfect to zoom around the neighborhood. Our kids always get asked about it and it's a great size and maneuvers well.

26. Desk Set: Class is in session! On the outside of the portable school desk are a magnetic blackboard, two built-in utensil cups, and a stand for the learning cards. Open it up and you'll find a magnetic whiteboard, two lidded storage spaces, plus plenty of supplies including chalk, magnetic letters and numbers, magnetic tangram shapes, sight word cards, math cards, and more.

27. Doodle Handwriting Book: We found this small business on Amazon and love the products they have to offer. These writing books help develop handwriting skills in a fun and creative way! Perfect to put in a quiet bag or to work on at home.

28. Potion Play: Little Larch products are clean and beautifully made. All you need to do is add water and your kids will experience a fun, bubbling reaction.

29. Zingo: This is the ADD ON pack for the traditional Zingo Game that introduces your kids to sight words. We love the game Zingo and love that it now has expansion packs to use. This game is one of the most played in our homes.

30. REAL Makeup Kit: I've been on the hunt for a safe and clean makeup kit for my girls. I was tired of them using really crappy, and toxic products on their precious faces. This makeup was made in the USA with pure minerals and ZERO talc.

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