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  • 2024 Easter Guides

    Spring is right around the corner and we love the energy sunny days and blue skies bring! We have curated an awesome list of family and individualized toys to fill those Easter baskets. Below you will find our Easter guides for family, baby/toddler, little kids, and big kids! Family Guide 1. Swedish Wall Ladder: We are huge fans of the brand Avenlur. Their wall ladder includes a cargo wall climber, swing, rope ladder, slide, and pull up bar. Perfect wooden, indoor playground. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 2. Cloud Swing: You know we love an indoor swing! This one is great for many ages and it's really comfy! Kids can sit inside the swing or lay on their belly and fly. 3. AirToobz: It's BACK!! Honestly, don't you dare wait on this. This open-ended toy uses air, tubes, and balls to create an endless cycle of play. It's a top toy at our homes and can be loved by so many different ages. We recommend 2.5-9. 4. Play Stand: Literal Waldorf perfection. This play stand from Sarah's Silks is the ultimate play station. Think play house, kitchen, grocery store, building zone--make believe everything. You can add a giant play silk and 4 play silks for added fun! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 5. Crazy Cart Shuffle: This shuffle cart doesn't require batteries. You can drive, drift, and spin! It's very easy to assemble and simple to use. The frame is adjustable so multiple ages can enjoy. We recommend 4+ but it depends on the height of your kids. 6. Bounce House: You know we love bounce houses because they can be enjoyed inside and outside. They are great for getting wiggles out and create core memories. This bounce house has a great aestethic and can be purchased on Amazon. 7. Smart Sketcher 2.0: This projector uses an app to project images your child can trace. It has a step-by-step guide which makes the drawing process so much fun! You can even take photos and upload your own images. 8. Bijou Teepee: We have had this teepee for almost a year and are really impressed with the quality. We kept it up during the winter but it's full collapsable which we love. It can be used as a jungle gym and lounge. It even comes with solar lights. They also offer additional accessories like a swing and rope bridge. 9. Elements: This element set is great because it includes a balance board. This is one of our favorite open-ended toys! So many play possibilities! 10. LeoMat: The trifold tech on this play couch makes incorporating mountains into your obstacle course a breeze. My kids love their Leo. It has different dimensions than the Nugget and its base pieces are the same thickness and size. 11. Giant Gem Blocks: These are new to the Hello Sugar House line.They are the size of an adult hand and come in primary and pastel colors. Each set contains 4 gorgeous blocks. 12. 24V Vehicle: Never buy a ride on vehicle unless its 24V! Anything less than 24 doesn't have the power needed and it's not worth the investment. This vehicle is awesome because it includes a parent remote and it can play music. It is recommended for ages 4-8 but younger kids can ride and enjoy too. 13. SuperSpace: These magnetic panels help your kids engineer creative builds like forts, rocket ships, tunnels, boats, and more! You can purchase add-on pieces like their whiteboard panel. This is an excellent STEM and MESH toy. 14. Nortier: New to the US and we believe it's going to take the market by storm. It's a double-sided, magnetic white/black board and there are so many incredible accessories. Their felts and magnets are high quality and the perfect tool for open-ended play. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS to save 15% on all products. Enjoy Free Shipping too. This deal is available starting 3/11/24. 15: Nugget:  I have 4 of these at my (Mandy here) house! My kid's favorite thing to do is make obstacle courses with their Nuggets. This is a gift that can be loved by babies all the way up to big kids. Baby/Toddler 1. Rock n' Roller Piano: It's a fav at our house and is perfect for baby/toddlers. Your little can play music by rolling or tapping the xylophone. Fat Brain Toys knocked it out of the park with this one. 2. Alphabet Set: Rubbabbu products are made of eco-friendly and sustainable natural foam rubber that is antimicrobial and biodegradable. These letters are flocked and squishy. 3. Sunni Grasping Toy: This is a beautiful wooden grasping toy made in Germany by Haba. It is great for rattling and shaking. 4. Tinker Rings: These magnetic rings are textured and fun for stacking and attaching in different ways. It encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, and tactile learning. 5. Dimpl Splash: The "pop it" function adds an extra element of fun to this bath set. Clementine (1) got this set for Christmas and it's her favorite thing to play with in the bath. 6. Oogi: Made of silicone, this stretchy, suction cup figure is easy for littles to grasp and play with. It's a great open-ended toy that promotes creativity. 7. Soft Photo Book: Clementine loves her photo book. It's soft and has 10 pages. We filled with 4x6 photos. The photos fit in perfectly and don't slide out. 8. Climbing Tunnel: Movement toys are a fav of ours and this colorful climbing tunnel is great for keeping those movers busy! 9. Rainbow Suitcase/bag: This rainbow suitcase/bag/purse is awesome for those walking toddlers. They can easily tote around and store their treasures. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 10. Tobbles Neo: This has been a staple for years at my house! The Nobbles Neo is perfect for practicing fine motor skills. It's fun for littles to stack and watch the weighted pieces topple over. 11. Sunshine Activity Table: If you have a stander, an activity table is perfect for keeping your little one busy! There are beads, animals, gears, stacking elements, and bells packed into one toy. 12. Handmade Bunny Dolls: Adding an heirloom stuffy is a must, especially if your little has a small collection of stuffed animals. These handmade bunnies from Sarah's Silks are made in Maine, USA with beautiful materials. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 13. Berry Teether: Love that it can attach to a stroller or diaper bag. It includes a teether, small mirror, fun textures, and shapes for baby. 14. Oombee Cube: Shape sorters are great but it's annoying when you lose pieces. This set has the shapes attached to the corners. This is a great toy to take on the go since you don't have to worry about missing pieces. 15. Carrot Puzzle: Excellent for improving fine motor skills and problem-solving. The carrot holes are different sizes so it challenges your little to find the correct fit. 16. Scoot and Ride: We love toys that grow with your child and the scoot and ride does just that. Your kid can ride, walk, and roll on this unique vehicle. 17. Dinkum Dolls: These dolls melt when they are given a cuddle. They are huggable, soft, and come in the cutest designs. 18. Jumbo Animal Puzzles: Excellent first puzzle set for small hands. The knobs make it easy for littles to grab and place. This set comes with 2 puzzles, featuring 3 pieces each. Little Kids Find and Feel Toy: From Fat Brain Toys, embark on a tactile adventure with the Fat Brain Toys Feel & Match Zoo. Find and Feel: From Fat Brain Toys, embark on a tactile adventure with the Fat Brain Toys Feel & Match Zoo, a captivating learning experience designed to engage young minds and curious hands. Watch your little ones enjoy the surprise of feeling their way to a match! Lego Duplo: An organic farmers market to welcome the warm weather. Lego Duplos are perfect for little hands and a great toy to introduce your little one to building toys. Hide N Seek Bizzy Bags: A unique sensory experience that incorporates a fun game of hide and seek. We love everything egg themed and these are perfect to add into any Easter basket. Sensory Play Jar: This is a water activated sensory play jar that can be used as a DIY snow globe. You can tap to change the colors and fill with glitter, gems, or glo pals! Ice Cream To Go: This toy is perfect for on the go adventures! Make an ice cream sunday for imaginative play then store all the pieces in this portable container. Stepping Stone: Now is the time to add to your stepping stone collection from Green Elephant Home. This lime green color is beautiful and these open ended toys are perfect for floor is lava and obstacle courses. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS for 10% off your entire purchase. Magnetic Easter Eggs: These colorful magnetic Easter eggs are perfect to color sort or fill with fun treats or prizes. A great price point and made with quality materials. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Disney Wooden Figures: Disney KIDEA is a Japan-exclusive, licensed Disney wooden toy line perfect for stacking, small-world play, block play, and display. A higher price point item but perfect to collect and enjoy for years to come. Tonie Character: Add to your Tonie collection with this fun Peter Rabbit story player or grab any of the characters that your kids are into right now. You do have to own a Tonie Box in order to use this magnetic figure but holidays are the perfect time to add to their story collection. Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS. Green Toys Car Carrier: Green Toys makes their toys out of 100% recycled milk jugs. They are excellent quality and can be used indoors and out. Playsilk Dye Kit: This is a unique twist on the tradition of dying Easter eggs. Instead of eggs we found this silk dying kit from Sarah’s Silks and our kids are OBSESSED. There is something about creating something so unique and beautiful and using it for open ended play that is so satisfying. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Sticker Wow: Melissa and Doug has made stickers so much easier for little hands. Load the stickers into the refillable dispenser and press and place into the play pad. I love that this is refillable and so user friendly so my kids love it. Magnetic Food Set: This magnetic food set from Learning Resources is my kids favorite toy to use when playing “restaurant”. It’s quality and fun to use on the fridge or just on the included placemat. Miniland Baby Doll: I love this brand of baby dolls and the quality is unmatched. They include so many diverse baby dolls that are so beautiful and unique. Magnetic Baby Food: This baby food has a magnetic mechanism that pops the baby food out of the spoon when it is placed in the jar. A much more entertaining way to feed your baby doll. Wooden Tea Set: We love this wooden tea set and it’s affordable and can be purchased on Amazon. The accessories are so cute and it’s excellent for pretend play. Meileg Bunny: We got these bunnies for our kids last year and the packaging and quality is what sold us. They come in a small cardboard egg and are soft as can be. Big Kids The Fidget Game: Introduce sight words and reading to your kids with this fun fidget popper game. 2-4 players at a time makes it the perfect family learning game to join in together. Make Do Discover Kit: This accredited stem toy is an excellent way to keep your kids building and hands on for hours. No kidding, our kids have been having so much fun using kid friendly tools to create endless cardboard creations. Tivi Tray: We love this tray for so many reasons, and that’s because it has so many uses. We use it for essentially every craft to contain the mess and it can be washed and wiped down so easily. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 20% off your purchase! Camp Snap Camera: A screen free digital camera for kids of all ages. No more messing up settings or buttons. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Prehistoric Life Kit: This dinosaur kit comes with so many crafts and activities to teach your kids about the prehistoric era. My kids had so much fun making soap, playing in slime, and sculpting with modeling clay. Tinker Tar: A one string guitar that gives kids the independence to easily create music. Each guitar comes with a music booklet to introduce a love for music at any age. Klee Makeup: My kids love this makeup and I love it even more. It is made with all natural/clean ingredients that I know are safe for soft faces and sensitive skin. Tabletop Foosball: This is one of Fat Brain Toys hottest/new toys because it can be used anywhere. Who doesn’t love a competitive game of foosball to go! Playmobil Horse Set: Playmobil creates some of our favorite building sets and these mini kits are the perfect size for any basket or beginning builder. Wonderstix: My personal favorite coloring medium. These can be used on virtually any surface and glide so well. Wooden Building Slats: Think of wooden building dominos and that’s what you’ve got here! Perfect for open ended play where your kids just get to sit down and create with some beautifully stained pieces. Pop Style Bracelet Maker: A unique style of bracelet making that is easier for kids to get the hang of and “pop” off their own beautiful bracelet creations. Globber Tilt Scooter: A higher price point, but our absolute favorite tilt scooter that is built to LAST! You will be shocked at how well this one holds up, and it folds to store and transport. Surprise Stories: We were pleasantly surprised at how much our kids fell in love with storytelling with these prompt cards from Surprise Stories. The kit comes with 3 categories to get your kids making up stories and unleashing their incredible imaginations. Pretendables Lemonade Kit: Fat Brain Toys released a line of toys that are perfect for pretend play. Take this outside and let your kids set up their own lemonade stand.

  • Obstacle Course Must-Haves for Kids

    Winter into Spring can he hard. The kids are inside more and have so much energy to burn off. Mel and I love movement toys and setting up an obstacle course for your kids is an excellent way to keep them entertained and moving. We have rounded up all of our tried and true obstacle course items to share with you! If you have been a follower for a while, you probably have a few of these items ready to use. 1. Stairslide: Starting with a Stairslide is the ultimate way to begin an obstacle course. You can even incorporate the slide within play couch cushions to maximize fun! Use code: TOYTESTING10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 2. Ballpit: We typically have our kids slide into the ball pit or run/jump through as they are maneuvering through play couches. The balls add extra sensory fun to the experience. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 3. Tunnel: There are so many tunnels you can pick from on Amazon. This one is $18 and is great for adding an extra element of skilled movement to the course. 4. Bilibo: These "turtle shells" can be used two different ways. Start off by having your kids step and balance on each Bilibo. Then, add some complexity and require a certain number of ground spins. 5. Elements: This element set is great because it includes a balance board. You can stack the elements different heights and add in the balance board for difficulty. 6. Sensory Tiles: The bright colors and sensory fluid is fun for little feet to cross. Perfect for adding an obstacle row to follow. 7. Wobble Board: These can be used to wobble or flip upside down and they become a bridge. Wobble boards can be incorporated into the play couch build of the obstacle course. 8. Stepping Stones: Excellent budget stepping stone for $50. You can also add additional stepping stones for $10. This set comes in fun colors but doesn't include a balance board. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase! 9: Balance Beam: You need to have some sort of balance structure in your obstacle course and this one is great for younger kids. It is very stable and also works well on wood and tile--no slipping. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 10: Tumblers: Use as bridges in the course or really challenge older kids and let them balance on the rounded sides. 11: Climbing Triangle: Many homes have a version of this climbing triangle. Mel and I own one that our brother made for each of us a few years ago. Vertical climbing is great for gross motor development. 12: LeoMat: The trifold tech on this play couch makes incorporating mountains into your obstacle course a breeze. My kids love their Leo. It has different dimensions than the Nugget and its base pieces are the same thickness and size. 13: Gym Bar: Kids can get some swinging power and catapult themselves into a crash area like a play couch! 14: Soft Balance Beam: The soft balance beam is fun because you can keep adding to it. It has velcro ends so you can start with 2 and add more as your kids grow. 15: Nugget Play Couch: I have 4 of these at my (Mandy here) house! My kid's favorite thing to do is make obstacle courses with their Nuggets. There are so many build ideas on the Nugget website or let your kids create their course. 16: Monkey Bars: Last year Mel had these installed at her house! She did have a contractor put in but if you are handy, it's totally doable. Her monkey bars run along her ceiling. 17: Wedges: These mega wedges add stability to an obstacle course and work well for younger kids! 18: Rock Wall: Mel had this installed two years ago and her kids use every day! You can incorporate in the obstacle course by having your kids climb to the ceiling and touch it.

  • Valentine's Gift Guide 2024

    The love holiday is approaching and we have you covered. We rounded up 30 awesome finds that are proven to be a hit! We kept these items under $30. Growing up, our mom went all-out on holidays so we always channel our inner Rinda! 1. Phone Press: The realistic phone shape with buttons and a screen-like bubble panel piques little ones' interest and encourages imaginative play. Clementine goes nuts every time she sees it. I want her “eating” this one instead of my real phone. 2. Five Crowns: We can’t stop playing this game. It’s our current go-to. It’s suitable for ages 8 and up, making it a great game for families to enjoy together. The simple rules are easy for younger players to grasp, while the strategic elements offer plenty of challenges for adults. 3. Love Spell Potion: Little Larch is known for their water-activated potions and they offer a Love Potion. These potions are our favorite item to pair with water play. The ingredients are all natural and they smell amazing. Warning: You won’t be able to stop buying. 4. Pop It Push Game: Warning: it's addictive and so relaxing at the same time. Remember the bubble wrap you couldn't resist popping as a kid? Pop Its are like the ultimate, reusable version of that, offering endless tactile satisfaction and a surprisingly fun challenge. Simply press a bubble down, and it pops out with a delightful little snap, then flip it over and start again! Amazon option. Temu option. 5. Silk Balloon Ball Cover: Sarah’s Silks launched a mulberry balloon ball cover for the holiday and it’s gorgeous. The soft silk protects tiny fingers from popping balloons, and if one pops, it stays contained inside, preventing tears and tantrums. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase. 6. Vday Doh Kit: Doh kits are such a hit, always! They are great for sensory play and an excellent activity to pull out one a kid says they are bored. These kits are from Where The Kids Play! The owner is a mom and power house! We love supporting women-owned companies. 7. Earrings: Pierced has our absolute favorite earrings. Our girls have been wearing for over a year and it's really all they wear. The designs are darling and the flat backs make them really comfy. They are also great for sensitive ears. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 20% off your purchase. 8. Kendema: Big kids love Kendema and for good reason. The goal is to land the ball on the spike. It requires focus and hand eye coordination. It can be very challenging but insanely rewarding when the ball falls into place. 9. Hair Glitter Gel: We love glitter! Give us all the glitter. Caroline and Olina love it when we add this glitter to their hair. We usually add to a slick back pony or side part. The glitter stays throughout the day and easily washes out. 10. GloPals: Grab a purple or red GloPal for a unique Vday gift.GloPals are adorable, water-activated light-up bath toys that transform bath time into a magical underwater adventure! Each GloPal comes with 6 reusable light-up cubes that activate when placed in water, casting a soft, colorful glow that mesmerizes little ones. 11. Acrylic Blocks and Loose Part Gems: Hello Sugar House is a fan fav and they released a collection for Vday that has us swooning. Our kids use these sets for building castles, integrating into their doll houses, and more. 12. Stardust Needoh: Needoh has released so many different products that provide endless sensory enjoyment. This stardust version gives you a jelly feel when you squeeze it. Comes in from Vday colors and is an excellent stress ball for busy hands. 13. Heart Purse/Case: Sarah’s Silks has added purses/cases to their collection and we couldn’t hit add to cart fast enough. It’s the perfect size for little hands to carry and fill with all their treasures. It can fit mini silks, small figures, and wooden animals. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase. 14. Animal Bath Toys: This set is mold-free and made of silicone. The tops pop on and off so littles can pour. This also allows for them to air dry.  When filled, kids can spray water out of them. These are excellent for the bath, beach, pool, or a sensory table. 15. Pinball Game: We love the look of vintage toys and this Pinball game from Schylling is giving it to us. Charlie got one just like this for Christmas and was so stoked. We keep it in his room and he can often be found chilling in his bed playing pinball. It is not mini so you can actually play it. 16. Stepping Stones: Green Elephant Home's stepping stones are more than just a way to cross a garden path. They're colorful invitations to explore textures, challenge balance, and spark imaginative play. Made from safe, durable, and eco-friendly materials, these stones come in a variety of colors to suit every child's needs and preferences. These stones can be purchased individually which means now would be a good time to add to, or start, your collection. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase. 17. Scented Piggy Paint: These polishes are perfect for kids and adults alike who want a little extra something from their nail polish. The scents are subtle but delightful, adding a whimsical touch to any look. Plus, you can choose from a variety of fun scents to match your mood or outfit. Not to mention, they are made from clean and safe ingredients which make them perfect for littles. 18. Fruity EOS Chapstick: Forget boring balm! EOS chapstick takes lip care to a whole new level of flavor and fun with their fruity collection. This 4 pack can also easily be broken up between kids and is my go to lip balm as a mom and for my kiddos on the go. 19. Plasma Heart: A heart shaped plasma ball!? Need we say more? This captivating phenomenon harnesses the power of science to bring a touch of otherworldly wonder to your fingertips. Perfect for a science loving kid with a creative imagination! 20. Tonies Characters: Priced at around $18 per character, now is the time to add to that collection! Each Tonie character holds specific audio content within its NFC chip. It could be anything from classic bedtime stories and musical favorites to educational podcasts and language learning programs. My kids current favorite happens to be ELMER which they use for small world play in addition to story time. 21. Scratch Note Cards: Melissa and Doug never disappoint when it comes to unique and innovative toys. These little note cards are the best busy toy to keep kids creative and having fun. Scratch away the black coating to reveal a dazzling rainbow of colors underneath. Each card holds a vibrant surprise waiting to be unveiled! 22. Diamond Art Stickers: From adorable animals to playful patterns, the variety of sticker designs is sure to spark imaginations. Mix and match to create unique combinations or add a touch of personalized bling to anything. Your kids will have endless amounts of fun practicing those fine motor skills while meticulously placing gems. 23. Kids Tumbler: The best part about this kids tumbler cup is that it DOES NOT LEAK! That is a game changer when it comes to an easily accessible water source for your kids. It comes in various fun colors and designs, and keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours or hot for up to 10 hours. Perfect to take on the go or set out on the kitchen table so you don’t end up filling 100 cups throughout the day. 24. Fingerlings: Tiny monkeys that cling, wink, and sing! Fingerlings are interactive toy critters that wrap around your finger and react to touch and sound with adorable noises and movements. They are soft and currently the “it” toy in my home. 25. Kids Heart Pajamas: My absolute favorite kids pajamas because they are durable, buttery soft, and come in the most beautiful colors and patterns. I also love that they come in a wide variety of sizes which makes it fun to match siblings. This heart set is to die for and perfect for the upcoming holiday. 26. Tattoo Pens: Our kids are gonna color on themselves…so why not give them a safe way to do it! Just draw your designs directly onto skin with the vibrant, non-toxic gel ink. The tattoos last for a few days, then fade naturally with soap and water. 27. Pocket Hug: I got creative with this one and I think it is SO CUTE! This small, heart shaped token can be toted along in a pocket, backpack, or nestled in precious hands to help remind your little one of the love that you share. A unique way to create a tangible source of LOVE! 28. Droplets: These are kid sized bath bombs and they smell incredible! Use them individually or plop a few together in the bath for a cocktail of scented fun. Each bomb releases gentle bubbles and sweet scents, creating a mini spa day for mini heroes. The box also gives you ideas for fruity combos, or let your kids get creative! 29. Portable Karaoke Machine: Have you ever watched your kids belt their little hearts out to karaoke? This activity is fun for the entire family. This set is bluetooth compatible and includes an SD card preloaded with all sorts of fun songs. Highly rated on Amazon and the perfect Valentine's Day surprise. 30. Yoto Cards: The perfect time to continue to add to your story collection. Each of these credit card style cards pairs perfectly with the YOTO or YOTO MINI (my personal favorite). We also store all our story cards in a business card organizer that we love from Amazon.

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