This year we had the best time working with Teton Toys to develop an incredible list of stocking stuffer ideas for your kids. Stocking stuffers are a fun addition, but sometimes we can find ourselves running to the dollar store or Target dollar section and filling with items that will just end up in the trash. We love our list because these items are tested and will actually get used. 80% of the toys on this list are below $25 and can be purchased at Teton Toys. Remember, when you shop at Teton Toys, you save 10% if you mention Toy Testing Sisters.

Instead of buying a bunch of stocking stuffer items, find a few on this list and call it good! We promise this will make the de-junking process after the holidays so much easier.

If you haven't checked out our holiday toys guides, see below for easy access!

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Staple Toys

Sensory Inserts and Accessories

  1. Temporary Tattoos by Melissa and Doug

  2. Tenzi

  3. Earrings from Pierced and Co.

  4. Stuffed animals by Cuddle and Kind

  5. Kinetic Sand

  6. Resin Letters by Three Letter Words by Katie

  7. Needoh Globs

  8. Pokemon Cards

  9. Aaron's Thinking Putty

  10. Space felt pack by Leo Mat

  11. Tangle

  12. Dough by Doughsie Dough

  13. PlusPlus

  14. Tila Bead Bracelets by Libbies Bracelets

  15. Sensory Balls by Fat Brain Toys

  16. Magic Mixies Mixlings

  17. Aqua Beads

  18. Dino by Schleich

  19. Classic Mini Lego

  20. Color Reveal Barbie

  21. Calico Critters

  22. Bears and Bees by Grandpa Beck Games (save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS)

  23. Play Foam

  24. Water Wow by Melissa and Doug

  25. Magnetic Tablet

  26. 3D Puzzle by Ravensburger

  27. Sensory Rings by Fat Brain Toys

  28. Magnetic Building by Clixo

  29. Acrylic Blocks by Hello Sugar House

  30. Tech Deck

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You may have noticed that we didn't include our favorite inserts and accessories on our holiday toy guides. We decided we need a separate guide because all of these goodies can be enjoyed by so many ages! If you haven't invested in a sensory table and plastic bins, we recommend the the following:

-Ikea (often out of stock)

-Creative Learning Co. (should be fully stocked Q1 2023)

-Button and Bug

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Staple Toys

1. Art Easel: We love our art easel from Creative Learning Co. This insert has so much functionality. It includes pre-drilled holes for markers and has spots for paint containers. The acrylic is so fun for kids to paint on. Since it’s double-sided, two kids can enjoy at the same time. Mandy’s kids even put the boards flat on the table and paint or use chalk crayons on them.

2. Wooden Montessori Kit: Every sensory table needs a set of wooden bowls, lids, plates, and spoons. Kids will use these when playing with a variety of filler mediums. We love using wooden sets with rice, beans, corn, chickpeas, and sand.

3. Acrylic Letters: Acrylic letters are so much fun to use on a light board or to hide in a sensory table and let kids dig out. This set is from Creative Learning Co. You can create so many fun activities with acrylic letters.

4. Potion board: This potion insert from Creative Learning Co is a best seller and fan favorite for us! Kids love to pour their potions with these fun test tubes! We love filling with vinegar and baking soda! We even use food coloring and our kids go nuts! This insert is a must-have!

5. Potions: Little Lark makes potion creation easy with their pre-made potions. The potions are bio-degradable and are themed with positive affirmations! These potions are a total blast and don’t include artificial dyes or fragrances.

6. Cup board: If you can’t tell by now, we love Creative Learning Co! Thir cupboard is perfect for so many activities! Cups can hold small parts, tools, accessories, art supplies, dough, and so much more! If you are new to inserts, start with the potion and cup board.

7. Dough Kit: Dough just got a facelift! Mac Kids Kits has developed amazing dough themed kits! We love dough kits because they combine sensory and imaginative play. We were blown away with the perfectly curated accessories selected for each themed kit.

8. Resin Letter: CharsJars creates incredible resin toys! We are always blown away with what she comes up with! We highly recommend grabbing her resin letter set! Be sure to give her a follow because she is continually releasing new resin products!

9. Dough: Throw out Play Doh and get yourself some Doughsie Dough! These doughs are all natural and are amazing to the touch. Doughs are perfect for sensory play! Stock up on these! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

10. Resin Learning Kit: This sensory learning box is from Busy Littles! It includes so many different resin pieces, upper and lower case letters, numbers, shapes, learning cards, etc. There are so many ways you can use this learning box.

11. Pom Pom Push: This pom pom push, from Button and Bug, is my 2-year old's favorite sensory insert. Buy a bag of poms from your local craft store and watch in amazement as your little one size sorts with this acrylic board.

12. Kinetic Sand: Kinetic sand is one of our favorite sensory fillers. It's a little messy but easy to vacuum up and keep stored. It doesn't dry out like play-doh which means it lasts a lot longer!

13. Market Sensory Kit: Busy Littles has created an awesome market sensory kit that includes fruits, veggies, market cards, and accessories. This is a great kit to use in sensory play!

14. Letter Board: Pair your resin letters with this wooden letter board from the, Creative Learning Company. Perfect way to introduce your child to the alphabet in a unique and memorable way.

15. Mirror Board Insert: This mirrored insert is actually really unique! It can also be used for a wide variety of ages. Use it for tummy time with your little one on the ground, then use it as reflection and matching practice with your older child. This insert is from Creative Learning Co.

16. GIANT water beads: Our kids think this giant water beads are pure magic. You place them in water and they grow into giant, jelly, jiggling water beads. They bounce and are fun to touch. We recommend playing with these outside.

17. Assorted Poms: We love pom poms as a sensory medium. They can be used to sort colors, sizes, and are soft to the touch. Grab a bag of these at your local craft store or on Amazon!

18. Dream Sand: We have just recently been introduced to dream sand and it's addicting. It's like a soft, gritty, sand that is easy to mold and shape. Grab a few of these from Target and save them for your child's stocking this year.

19. Assorted Charms: These are slime charms from Amazon that our kiddos love to add into any sensory medium. We use this in rice, beans, confetti, play-doh, you name it. You can also buy different themed charms which is fun for the holidays.

20. Fine Motor Skills Tool Set: This is the perfect tool set to get started with sensory play. You can also use a variety of tools you already have at your home. Scoops, measuring cups, and spoons, make the perfect tools for sensory play.

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Updated: Oct 13

This age range can often be challenging to shop for because littles are growing and developing so quickly. We have developed an amazing list of toys from a variety of brands. These toys will be loved by your kids and grandkids.

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Staple Toys

Sensory Table Inserts and Accessories

1. Cuddle and Kind: We know these stuffies are on the investment side, but they are heirloom pieces. Mel and I both have Cuddle and Kind at our home. They come in two sizes with different animal options. They are made in Peru with 100% cotton yarn.

2. Soft Fruit Basket: This fruit basket set is from Hape Toys! Its a great gift for 0-2 because babies and squish and hold the soft fruit. As your little one grows, it's perfect for pretend play. We love the quality and how realistic this set is.

3. Wooden Square Clutch: We want to point out that this clutch from Plan Toys is made from rubberwood and non-toxic paint and toys. Your little one is going to want to explore by putting this in its mouth. The clutching toy can be squished more as children develop grasping and clutching strength.

4. Pound and Tap Bench with Xylophone: Hape has designed this amazing, award-winning dual-use4 musical instrument. Littles can explore different notes and sounds by letting the balls fall on the keys or slide out the xylophone to create their own unique sound with a wooden mallet.

5. Wautomobile Cars: These wooden toys care are made of wood and the middle is filled with brightly colored water. These are so fun for littles to race and see how the colors change with light and movement.

6. Wooden Knob Puzzle: This 3-piece puzzle by Driddle for Little is excellent for shape/color placement and fine motor skills. The magnets on the back make it easy for the pieces to slide into place.

7. InnyBin Baby: Fat Brain has done it again with this toy. It's great for color and shape recognition. The shapes are also textured which is great for sensory play. Littles will love pushing the objects through the elastic bands.

8. Baby Rainbow: This beautifully crafted and painted peg and bowl set is perfection. It's by Taylored Toys. We love finding small businesses selling amazing toys. Littles can grasp pegs and place in matching bowls. This toy is great for fine motor skills and imaginative play.

9. Bubbles and Joy: We have fallen in love with Bubbles and Joy bath subscription boxes. They curate unique bath toys and bath products. They select BPA-free and mold safe toys. These boxes make great gifts.

10. Tobbles Neo: We love this toy at our house! It's by Fat Brain Toys. Littles can balance, stack, spin, the spheres in a variety of angles. This toy is great for motor skills and problem solving.

11. Magnetic Animals: These are the most entertaining, child safe, magnetic toys our kids have. They separate into three piece which is fun for kids to use by pulling apart and re assembling the safari animals. Great for fine motor development as well.

12. Stacking Rainbow Pyramid: This toy is open ended and unique. Solid wooden frames with insert colored acrylic windows. They can be stacked, used on a light table, or placed in front of a sunny window for a unique colorful experience.

13. Sarah's Silks: Silks are of our favorite baby toys because they offer so many play options. The mulberry silk is so soft and the colors are eye catching and beautiful. These can be used for tummy time, dress-up, blankies, and more!

14. Fine Motor Hedgehog: Spike the fine motor hedgehog is an award winning fine motor skills toy. The pegs store inside the body for easy transportation.

15. Chunky Rainbow Blocks: Hello Sugarhouse is new to the toy scene this year, but have created something gorgeous and unique. These chunky blocks can be used for years. This larger size is perfect for little hands and grips. You can use code TOYTESTING10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order!

16. Silicone Stacking Rings: These star shaped staking rings are made of food grade silicone, which make them the prefect teether and toy combo. Multi use toys are great for littles and will get lots of use.

17. Rocket Ball Stacker: This toy, made by Hape, is quality and lots of fun. The battery powered fan blows balls through the stacked tower. Kids love stacking and watching their tower topple over time and time again.

18. Suction Cups: These suction cup toys made by Fat Brain Toys are perfect for bath time and play time. Our kids love to stick these on any smooth surface and listen to the noise they make when they are pulled off.

19. Balance Stepping Stones: These are so much fun for kids to practice balance and coordination. Place them on the ground and let your little one hop from turtle to turtle. This set also includes a game to add even more fun!

20. Wee Baby Stella: Our favorite soft baby doll, the Wee Baby Stella. She's the perfect size for your L.O. and has the funnest magnetic binky that sticks to her mouth. They also come with lots of accessories that can be added.

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