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Outdoor Toy Guide 2024

Updated: May 7

It'a about to get sizzling but don't worry, we have you covered. We have put together an out door guide with over 100 incredible toys! We have something for every interest and every budget. This guide is full of swings, water toys, bikes, scooters, and more!

1. Custom Swing Set: We haven't seen a more beautiful, custom swing set! This swing set is from Saltair Swing. It's single post and you can select the type of swings you want. Saltair will soon be launching additional accessories like a projector screen and golf net. The swing set ships with instructions on how to permanently install. If you are local to Utah, they do have installation options.

2. Seek and Splash: This is a seek and find gem game to play in the pool. The kit includes 35 water proof cards and 64 gems for your kids to seek and find!

3. Foxtail: This is fun for big kids, teens, and adults. To play, simply spin to throw and catch by the tail! We like to play "jackpot" with it or see who can throw the furthest.

4. Pump & Splash Pond/Water Table: Step2 is known for their outdoor toys and this one is a slam dunk. There is plenty of entertainment packed into this toy but it doesn't take up a huge footprint. So, if you want to add a water play toy but don't want something huge, this is perfect. We recommend or 2-6. It's excellent for fine motor development and includes 10 accessories.

5. Vortex Spinning Ring Swing: We call this the puke machine for adults! This 50in. spinning swing from Hearthsong holds 300lbs. and up to 4 kids. Kids sit on the sturdy, padded metal frame and rest their feet while they swing or spin. Works great on a swing set or tree.

6. Construction Vehicles: This set from Green Toys is excellent for outdoor play and can be used in the water, mud, and sand. The set includes a scooper, dumper, and mixer. When it cools off, bring inside for indoor and tub play.

7. Silicone Tea Set: We swoon over anything that comes from Marlowe & Co. Their tea set is a fun addition for backyard play! Add this set to a mud kitchen, sand box, or water table! We also love using in the bathtub.

8. Baby Turtles: Moes is well known for their toys in Germany. Luckily, they have a distributor for the US. (Dam Good Ideas) so we get access to their incredible products. These baby turtles are such a fun open-ended toy for outdoor or indoor play. Our kids love using outside as stepping stones, balancing, stacking, and playing leap frog.

9. Swurfer Coconut Swing: This is our favorite toddler swing. It has a 3-point harness and is very comfy for littles. The quality is excellent and comes in a handful of color options. When it's cold, we bring the swing indoors and use. The max weight recommendation is 50lbs.

10. Inside Elements: Stapelstein recently launched their Inside product and it's such a good fit for out outdoor guide. The elements can be used in water, mud, and sand. Think stacking, collecting, sorting, pouring, and more. If you have their original elements, you can use with them because Inside is modular.

11. Silicone Ice Cream Sand Toys: Another Marlowe and Co. hit. Love the retro design and ice cream molds. This set has 11 pieces and includes a bucket, shovel, 8 ice cream molds, and travel bag. The silicone set is BPA and phthalate free.

12. Crazy Cart Shuffle: We think this is going to be one of the hottest summer toys. It's from Razor and powered by your kids. It moves by pumping your legs back and forth. Your kids can drive, drift, and spin for hours! Trust us, this will get used all of the time. If you can swing it, grab 2. Multiple kids always want to use at the same time. It's adjustable and we recommend for ages 4+. Watch it in action HERE!

13. JumpFlex Trampoline: Mel and I grew up on a trampoline! So many memories with friends and family. We get asked a lot what we recommend for tramps. JumpFlex is an awesome option! They offer 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft. We recommend 15ft for more room and jumping if you have space. This tramp is enclosed and includes a ladder. They sell fun accessories like a slide, aqua jet, sun shade, and basketball hoop.

14. Lux A5 Kick Scooter: This kick scooter is from Razor. It's for kids 8+ but younger kids can ride depending on height. The scooter is adjustable, rugged, and can support up to 220lbs. So, parents, grab one for you too and get outside and play with your kids.

15. Uno Splash: Mattel released a water resistant version of Uno. We are fans because playing games outside is the best! Kids can enjoy near water or even camping. The plastic cards are stored on a key ring which makes them easy to transport.

16. Sandy Beach Dolls: We shared about Sandy last summer and the reel had over 6M views! This year they launched a Sandy boy. The dolls have a hole on the top of their heads so kids can fill with sand or water. Sandy includes a carrying case, shovel, and matching sunnies.

17. Activ Flyer: This is hands down the best frisbee. They fly straight, are lightweight, and easy to catch. They come in a bunch of colors and these would make such a fun friend bday gift. Keep them in your car to break boredom! We bring to sports practice, the park, lake, and pool.

18. Disc Swing: Here's another Swurfer win! This disc swing can hold up to 150lbs. and it's adjustable. It's heavy duty and can be used on a swing set or attached to a tree branch. The adjustable climbing rope lets you set this saucer swing up to 8 ft. high.

19. Upside Down Challenge Game: Get ready to laugh and possibly tip over. This game from Vango includes goggles that flip your sight upside down. The kit includes challenge cards and accessories to complete the challenges. Add this to your game night collection. We recommend for ages 6+.

20. Bow and Arrows: This bow and arrow set from Two Bros Bows is an absolute favorite. The arrows are soft on the end but that doesn't mean they don't soar. We recommend for ages 6+. The arrows come in a bunch of different designs and colors.

21. Elite Deluxe Scooter: We have used this 3-wheel tilt scooter for over 4 years and it's still in excellent shape. This scooter is from Globber. It's adjustable, collapsable, wheels light up, and comes in a bunch of fun colors. We recommend 2.5-9.

22. Playground Balls: These come in a set of 6 with a pump and carrying net. We use for four square, dodge ball, kick ball, and so much more! Balls are from GoSports and they are known for excellent sport and outdoor toys! You could even split these up and use as gifts.

23. Balance Bike: Strider is known for their balance bikes and for good reason. It's been ergonomically designed for kids 18months to 5 years old. This bike is lightweight and the seat and handlebars are adjustable, plus no tools needed. This is balance bike both our kids started off using when learning to ride a bike.

24. Bug Bungalow: If your kids are like ours, they love exploring the outdoors and finding all the critters and bugs. This kit from B Toys is perfect for collecting those bugs and green findings. This 4-piece set is all you need. It includes a mesh critter catcher, case with magnifier, tweezers, and magnifier.

25. Boomabandz: We call it the giggle trap or human catapult. Four people are needed to play. You boomerang yourself by running the opposite direction of your partner. This is for kids who know their right from left and understand timing well! We recommend 8+. Parents, you will love this too.

26. Smol Splash: You won't find a more beautiful water bounce house! Splash is from the makers of our favorite bounce houses, Smol. This inflatable water playset features two tunnels, a climbing wall, double slides, a basketball hoop, and a water gun–just for fun. You will spend hours outside as your kids play all day with their Splash.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

27. Gardening Set: Set includes a watering can, rake, and shovel. It's from Green Toys which we are huge fans of. This kit is perfect for the dirt, sand, and water. You can wash in the dishwasher and it's fun addition for a little gardener.

28. Mini Mud Kitchen: This year Wood n Poppy launched a more affordable mud kitchen and we think everyone needs it. Their OG mud kitchen is played with every time our kids are outside and this version brings messy play to more of you. Our kids cook up flower soup, make mud casserole, and brew up yummy potions. You have the option to select your wood type and finish.

29. Twister Splash: Growing up Mel and I played Twister with our family all of the time. Twister Splash keeps it cool and adds an element of fun. Rules of traditional Twister are the same except water comes out from each circle.

30. Kick Scooter: This kick scooter is from Razor and it's tried and true. We also love the lower price point. It is recommended for ages 5+. It has a max weight capacity of 143lbs. It has adjustable handlebars and it folds up. Quality is excellent and our kids have been using for many years.

31. Gazillion Bubble Machine: Mel has used this for years and it is her go-to. It's portable and spits out thousands of bubbles. We also like that it holds up well with all the sticky bubble mess.

32. Zipline: Who doesn't want a zipline in their backyard? This zip line kit from Fofana Ninja turns two sturdy trees into a zip line adventure. Bring it to the park or install in your backyard for hours of outdoor fun. You need two sturdy trees 10-55ft apart. The slack line is 65ft. long and holds up to 250lbs.

33. Extreme Roller Coaster: We love Step2 Coasters and this one is a Costco exclusive. It's recommend for ages 3-8. But, if you have a thrill seeker, younger kids can enjoy too. This toy will keep your kids busy all summer long.

34. Reusable Water Balloons: We have tried several brands of reusable water balloons and BunchOBalloons is our favorite. If you have ever spent hours picking up water balloons, you know how annoying clean up is. Reusable water balloons are so much fun because you can keep filling up. We always take them to the pool and lake.

35. Gel Blaster: This gel blaster is from Nerf and includes 10,000 "water beads". These do hurt if you get shot up close so be sure to wear protective eye wear and keep young kids away. Nerf gel blaster battles are SO much fun so grab a few and get playing.

36. Metal Swing Set: This is our favorite metal swing set. It's from LifeTime and sells out constantly. I am going to link a few options so you can get the best deal and find it when it's in stock. Best deal is at Costco but it's currently sold out. Home Depot Walmart

37. Watermelon Pool Ball: If you are headed to the pool this summer, you won't want to sleep on this water ball. It sinks, rises, and floats. You can even dribble it under water. Great for kids of all ages and adults.

38. Balance Bike: This balance bike is about $40 cheaper than Strider. It has excellent reviews! It's recommended for ages 18months to 3 years. The seat and handles are adjustable. There are a lot of fun colors and the tires are puncture proof.

39. Giant Splash Pad: If you don't want an inflatable water bounce house or pool, this splash pad is excellent. It's 11ft wide and multiple kids can enjoy at the same time. Sometimes you can find this at Costco, so keep your eyes open.

40. Water Blasters: Grab the 6pk for around $20 and use any time you hit up water. They are made of pool noodle foam and are simple to use. Just pull back for the water to load. Invite some friends over for a backyard water fight.

41. Bijou Teepee: So strong! It stayed up all winter long and survived a 90mph wind storm! It sets up in less than one hour and is fully collapsible. It can be used as a jungle gym and lounge. They have different attachments like a swing, rope bridge, and mainstay (swing set). This is an investment backyard toy but it's built to last and beautiful.

42. Bubble Gun: Fun for older kids to go nuts with thousands of bubbles per minute. It also has 4 color lights which makes night use fun too. These would be fun to bring to amusement parks, firework shows, and outdoor city festivals.

43. Surfboard Swing: This is from Swurfer, the OG of surfboard swings. The swing is fully adjustable and can be used on a swing set or tree. It's a fun take on a traditional swing and can hold up to 200lbs. We recommend for ages 5+. It's weatherproof and excellent quality.

44. Obstacle Course: Known as the Smol Course and made by the bounce house experts. This is the ultimate energy burner. The Smol is an inflatable bounce house obstacle course. It features tunnels, slides, climbing wall with foot holds, dangling obstacles, and basketball hoop. You will love the modern look.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

45. Guardian Bike 20inch: Recommended for ages 6-9. So, this is perfect for kids who have graduated from their balance bikes. If your kid is still learning with the balance bike method, that's fine because it is compatible. Includes kid friendly gear shifting and is training wheels compatible.

46. Grill and Gather: You know we love Step2 and this year you can purchase the Grill and Gather at Costco in store or online. The set includes 61 accessories and plenty of stations for multiple kids to enjoy at once! Your littles can grill up their favorite foods, harvest veggies, and experience water play. The set includes a canopy which helps keep kids cool.

47. Heel Wheels: Love this more than rollerblades or skates because they slip right on and all your kid has to do is lift the front of their foot. These are for 6+ and fit shoes sizes kids 12-12 adult. They can support 176lbs. and will be enjoyed by so many different ages. The heel wheels have an adjustable strap and base.

48. Sand Excavator: My SIL has this at her house in Washington and her kids use all of the time. It's great for a sandbox or an area where digging and exploring is fine! My kids always play with a version of this when we go to the children's museum.

49. Collapsable Buckets: These are perfect to take to the beach or lake! You can even use in your own sand box. We love that they collapse for each storage or travel. They come in a 3pk and made from silicone.

50. Ride On Vehicle: Never ever buy a ride on vehicle like this unless it's 24V. Anything less doesn't have enough power. This is a great option because it is 24V, includes a remote for parents, and holds 2 kids. Max speed is 6mph for this vehicle.

51. Bullseye Inflatable Platform: Last year we tested this toy and love it so much we had to include again. It's important to point out that this is inflatable and hasn't popped! Our kids and friends have used over and over and it's held up well. You can select your thrill level by balancing on the platform or jumping and climbing on the inflatable ball. It inflates in minutes and you can easily store in a Rubbermaid.

52. Rain Showers Water Table: We love the aesthetic of this water table from Step2. You can snag it at Costco or purchase online. There are 24 different paths for water to flow and includes 16 accessories. The open play area allows multiple kids to enjoy at once. It is easy to clean and doesn't have a large footprint so storing is simple. We recommend ages 1.5-6.

53. Bounce House: If you don't want a tramp and have young kids, this inflatable bounce house from Bouncee is great for outdoor jumps! It inflates quickly and can be stored in a large tote. There is a 6x6 or 8x8 and this bounce house wasn't designed with obnoxious colors. It can hold between 2-5 kids.

54. Dune Buggy: What kid doesn't want to cruise around in a dune buggy going 9mph? My niece and nephew got these for Christmas a few years ago and they drive all over their yard. It's recommended for 8+ but my 4-year old nephew was able to handle! It includes a seat belt and the frame is metal. The battery life is good. It lasts approx. 40 min before it needs a change. If you have the yard or outdoor space for cruising, this dune buggy is a must.

55. Little Kids Bike: We wanted to find an affordable bike option for our younger kiddos. This is cutest bike on Amazon and it comes in so many sizes. You can buy with or without training wheels which makes it the perfect transition bike. Lots of color options as well and so many good reviews. I love this retro looking style as well. Works for kids aged 2-12 depending on which size you purchase.

56. Metal Gardening Toys: These gardening tools are metal with durable wooden handle, and are made to last for all the outdoor adventures. Perfect for gardening, digging in the dirt, or playing in the sand.

57. Sidewalk Chalk: Our favorite brand of sidewalk chalk is from Crayola and comes with all the colors you need to create a beautiful sidewalk masterpiece. These chalks are also washable and come in several vibrant colors that work well on concrete.

58. Waterslide Bounce House: We have tested several different designs for this inflatable and this one checks all the boxes. It includes a basketball hoop, padded base under the climbing wall, and isn’t too large or too small. Your house will be the most popular in the neighborhood with this water inflatable.

59. Potion Powder: Little Larch makes our favorite biodegradable potion powders. This powder is water activated and perfect for all the potions and creations that are a bit too messy for inside.

60. Catch and Release Kit: This is the perfect sanctuary for all the bugs, butterflies, and even aquatic creatures. It’s made with high quality PVC and silicone which makes it rust resistant and a step above its competitors.

61. Gagagon Game: From GoSports this set from Amazon is one of our kids favorite outdoor games to play at school, so it’s fun they can now play it at home. Most sets you find online are inflatable and not great quality. This set is durable, comes apart for easy storage, and can be added to depending on the size you need. See it in action HERE!

62. Beach Pool: This baby beach pool doubles as a place to cool off and a beach blanket when dry. Great for kiddos that aren’t quite big enough to conquer the ocean or water on their own by keeping them close by. The carrying bag also doubles as a water bucket to transport water to and from.

63. Light Up Ball Wand: Summer nights are so much more fun with light up toys! Snag a few of these light up spinning wands on Amazon and save money by getting the toys in advance for all the summer evening activities.

64. Amber Kaleidoscope: A traditional toy with a unique spin! This kaleidoscope is made with all natural materials and is beautiful to gaze through.

65. Wooden Water Table: This water table was designed for easy setup and maintenance, featuring drain plugs to simplify water removal and a durable construction that withstands splashing and playtime messes. It is also easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for parents.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

66. Bigger Boys Bicycle: This bike from Walmart is one we've tried and tested. It's great quality and priced so incredibly well. The perfect, 20 inch, bike for kids ages 7+.

67. Beach Toys: This beach toy kit from Hape includes everything you need for beach, sand, or outdoor water play. Excellent quality and comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation.

68. The Nighthawk: This is the ultimate ride on toy, and I promise if you end up purchasing it you'll get asked about it all the time. My kids love zipping around the neighborhood on what we call "the stingray". We have linked the 24V battery one that goes a little faster. We would recommend for ages 5+. Watch it in action HERE!

69. Blu Track: This 15 foot race track works both indoors and out. Stick it to any smooth surface with the included suction cup, add a few race cars, and get to racing. I love that it rolls to store, is water resistant, and can be configured into so many different shapes.

70. Bigger Girls Bike: This is a highly recommended and tried and true bicycle from Walmart. It is priced so well and has such incredible reviews. Bike has 20 inch wheels and is great for girls 8-12yrs.

71. Electric Scooter: This is one of those things I bought for myself and all the kids want to use! It is such good quality and holds a charge well. It also has 2 speed controls, can connect to a bluetooth speaker, folds to store and transport, and comes in some really fun colors. Look no further and get this for your teen, or yourself! Holds up to 264lbs and goes up to 16mph. Watch it in action HERE!

72. RC Car: This RC car was featured in our article with Forbes because it is high quality and build to last. This remote controlled car is durable enough to withstand outdoor adventures in even the most rugged terrain.

73. Slack Line Kit: Slack lines are gaining in popularity amongst the older kids. This particular kit comes with everything you need to use it as a traditional slack line, or add some height and attach the included attachments. Just make sure you have ample space and 2 sturdy trees for support.

74. Wooden Channels: This wooden channel set is unique and the perfect addition to any, outdoor, water experience. They are made out of bamboo and can be configured in several ways to channel the water in different, desired directions.

75. Snipe Hunting Game: Have you ever been on a "snipe" hunt? The Snipe Hunt game on Amazon is a hide-and-seek twist where teams compete to find a chirping snipe hidden indoors or outdoors. Suitable for all ages from toddlers to adults, this game provides active fun and can be played with two people, teams or solo.

76. Lifetime Swing Set: This particular set can be found only at Costco but excels in quality! Plus, who doesn't love the Costco return policy. We have found with swing sets that "less is more" and this set includes all the elements we would want in an outdoor play set for our kids.

77. Pocket Swing: This is the outdoor pocket swing from Hape toys. Simply attach to two sturdy tree trucks and get to swinging. Think of it as a smaller hammock perfect for swinging and enjoying the outdoors with your kids!

78. Rocket Lab: The perfect toy for any little science explorer. This kit comes with everything you need to experience a virtual reality rocket experiment. An incredible kit with so many amazing reviews on Amazon.

79. Rock Climbing Tree Holds: These climbing holds turn any branchless tree into the perfect climbing one! These don’t harm the tree and are great for little explorers outdoor.

80. Step 2 Playhouse: Check out this kids’ outdoor playhouse with features like an extra-long slide and molded-in sink and cooktop! Step 2 excels in quality and these new wood components are brand new this year!

81. Balance Bike: Hape toys has an excellent balance bike that we highly recommend. It has foot rests and is excellent for ages 2.5-4. This is a great place to start learning the mechanics of bikes and balance. Using this bike can help your kiddo skip the training wheels and make the transition easier:

82. VR Science Lab: This Bill Nye science kit lets you experience all sorts of unique science experiments in virtual reality. It comes with the VR goggles and has so many good reviews on Amazon! The perfect stem learning toy for any science intrigued kiddo.

83. Minidip Pool: Target has done it again with the most stylist pools on the market. Priced well and perfect for a shallow dip for your kids. Their pattern options are so cute and trendy.

84. Bird Calling Kit: This toy is so unique and that’s because it includes all the tools used to perform various bird calls. Take this kit up to the mountains and enjoy watching which birds can hold conversation with YOU!

85. Tilt Scooter: We love Razor and they made an excellent tilt scooter for younger riders. Tilt to turn steering and a seated riding option make it both versatile and intuitive.

86. Pots & Pans: This pots and pans set is stainless steel and is the only set you’ll ever need. Perfect for mud pies, grass soup, and weeds salad!

87. Gardening Tools: These gardening tools from Hape toys include everything you need to tend a small garden. The watering can is also versatile and made from durable materials.

88. Water Float: Introducing Sunchill, everyone’s favorite water floaty. Sunchill is perfect for days at the pool, boating on lakes, and adventure packed beach days. It's durable, lightweight, and inflates in only 90 seconds.

89. Outdoor Slide: The best and most sturdy outdoor slide from Little Tikes. It folds for easy storage and is exceptionally durable and can hold much more weight than the traditional outdoor, plastic slides.

90. Weaving Board: A very unique outdoor toy that can be used to weave just about anything! Long grass, dandelions, silk scarves, or any pliable material to make beautiful, outdoor works of art.

91. Water Blaster: This water blaster is from Target and is battery powered which makes it so easy for kids to use and packs a water filled punch. The magazine portion of the blaster can easily clipped on and off to refill with water. Grab a few for your family!

92. Foam Water Toys: This set of water resistant toys from Moes include 6 recognizable animals for all the underwater adventures. Perfect for the bath, shower, pool or beach.

93. Build a Branch: You’re so excited to buy your children a fun swing for your backyard, but then you realize you don’t have a strong enough tree to hang it onto. You’re not alone! Build-a-Branch allows you to turn any tree into a swinging tree in less than 30 minutes, and holds up to 500 pounds. Easily follow the instructions and start swinging.

94. Bee House: Attract bees and insects to your garden with this bee hotel. Save the bees by giving them a safe place to stay.

95. Circle Swing: This swing is so fun to attach to any outdoor swing set. It is padded around the base and the netting makes it comfortable for your kiddos to sit and swing. UV resistant and includes added swinging hardware.

96. Kids Electric Scooter: This electric scooter is excellent for kids ages 6-12 and holds up to 150lbs. It has a great range and can go up to 7.5mph. Charlie is 8 and loves zipping around on this scooter, especially at night when he can use the LED wheels.

97. Flower Kaleidoscope: This wooden kaleidoscope is unique because it contains beautiful dried flowers that reflect in the sunlight beautifully. This toy is handmade with natural materials and is sure to wow your kids!

98. Inflatable Waterslide: Ditch the plastic waterslides that rip and tear. Instead, invest in this inflatable bounce house for all your water fun! This particular model is a space saver and excellent quality. Watch it in action HERE!

99. Rubber Road: This toy is so versatile and can be used both indoors and out. It is priced amazingly well and we recommend grabbing a 40 piece set. You'll be shocked with how well your kids can assemble it on their very own.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

100. Bounce House: Playsmol makes the most beautiful, esthetic bounce houses and this year they came out with the big guns. This is their XL bounce house and it is perfect for bigger kids to join in the fun! This 12x12 holds up to 240lbs and is meant for ages 3-8yrs.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

101. Balance Bike: This balance bike from Hape toys is the perfect place to start with a bike for your kids. It is priced so incredibly well (and on MAJOR sale) and is built with a sturdy magnesium frame. Great for beginners to get the hang of balancing on a bicycle.

102. Big Wheel Scooter: Razor makes our favorite scoters and for good reason. They are the best quality and their product standards and return policy are excellent. This is our favorite scooter for "bigger" kiddos because it holds more weight and glides better on uneven roads and pavement. Meant for ages 8+ and holds up to 220lbs.

103. Fishing Ducks: This toy is harder to find but it is made by one of our favorite toy brands. I actually found it on sale HERE! Ducks are completely water tight and have a weight at the bottom for easy standing and no tipping over in the water! Great for water play or set on the ground and work on those fine motor skills.

104. Water Pitcher: I am obsessed with this kids crocodile water jug. It is absolutely darling and my kids think it's the best thing to fill him up with water, flowers, leaves and practice those montessori pouring skills. Made with 100% silicone, this cleans up well.

105. Hoverboard Converter: This kit includes everything you need to turn a standard hoverboard into an easy to maneuver go kart for kids who need a little more assistance on the hoverboard, or just want to switch things up! This accessory is only $50 on amazon and can be used with almost any hoverboard.

106. Slack Line: This exact slack line isn't quite available to purchase online, but as soon as it is we will share a link to this incredible one we found! For now, check out this highly recommended one on Amazon! Slack lines are gaining in popularity with teens and is a perfect way to still include the older kiddos in outdoor play.

107. Jumbo Soccer Ball: This giant soccer ball is from bolder play and our kids absolutely love it. To help gauge the size think of a light weight exercise ball. It is very large and so much fun to kick and throw around the yard. It also includes a pump and extra plug and has lasted each of our families several summers!

108. Hoverboard: This hoverboard is from GOTRAX and we love the rose gold color. We own this exact model and it is great quality and holds a charge well. The GOTRAX brand is also a very reputable one and has had great customer service reviews. It is bluetooth compatible, self leveling, and holds between 44-175lbs.

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