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Outdoor Toy Guide 2023

It's time to grab those toys and head OUTSIDE! We cannot get enough of this warm weather and we love soaking up all the vitamin D with our kiddos. We have curated 5 outdoor toy guides that are worth the hype. Each toy gets the Toy Testing Sisters stamp of approval.

1. Giant Splash Pad: This 11 foot splash pad will keep your kiddos cool all summer long. Great reviews and you can purchase from Costco which means if you have any issues they will take it back and replace it, no questions asked.

2. Bazooka Bubble Blaster: This has been all over the internet lately and for good reason. It is a fun bubble blaster that is great for all kiddos.

3. S'more Maker: This electric s'more kit from Amazon has so many good reviews and doesn't need FIRE to work! Perfect for summer nights outdoors.

4. Corn Hole: We love this corn hole set from Go Sports. The carrying case makes it super easy to transport and store.

5. Find & Seek Card Game: This indoor or outdoor card game is perfect for ages 3+ and is great for the whole family. Such a unique version of hide and seek to take outdoors.

6. Butterfly Garden: We have used this kit every year with our kiddos and each year they love it just as much. You get to watch the entire life cycle of the butterfly and release them into the wild. Such a fun/unique outdoor toy.

7. Walkie Talkies: So many 5 star Amazon reviews, we couldn't pass these up. Kids have so much fun using these with friends, or leave one home with a parent and get in touch with your kiddos while they explore the outdoors independently.

8. Skipidipi Ball: This is a new take on a very classic toy. This ball is soft and the rope makes it a lot less painful to hit against your ankle (we've been there).

9. Inflatable Pool: We couldn't get over this classic design from Target. Mini dip has hit the scene and taken over the last few years. Enjoy your mini pool in style.

10. Giant Jenga: Our family got this set last year and had a ton of fun with it. Building and knocking over the 5ft tower was so fun. This set is quality and will last years.

11. Glide Chrome Hoverboard with Bluetooth: This hoverboard is rugged! It’s awesome because it has Bluetooth and lights up! We recommend for 5+. Always make sure your kids wear a helmet when riding. Charlie loves to use his apple watch and connect it to the Bluetooth! He can cruise and jam at the same time.

12. Bullseye Balance Ball Inflatable Platform: We love when a toy is great for many ages! You can select your thrill level by balancing on the platform or jumping and climbing on the inflatable ball. It inflates in minutes and you can easily store in a Rubbermaid. (Search keyword: BULLSEYE)

13. Kids Electric Scooter: There are many scooters on the market! This is durable and has great stats. We recommend ages 4-8. It can go up to 3 miles between charges and has a speed of 6mph.

14. Wingman Frisbee: You can throw this up to 130ft! It's soft, flexible, and has cool designs to pick from. Easily keep in your car or beach bag for ready to use fun!

15. 3-in-1 Adjustable 3 Square: This is a super-sized 3-square and it's a blast for the entire family! If includes favs like volleyball, bad mitten, and tennis! It’s easy to set up and take down! This is a family fav at Mandy's house. (Search: 3-in-1 Adjustable 3 Square)

16. Pump and Splash Shady Oasis: So much entertainment packed into this activity center. Kids will love all of the different water centers and they can stay cool with the canopy! Toddlers and big kids will enjoy all of the water fun!

17. Airlyft: You probably haven’t seen this outdoor toy before! The airlyft can glide up to 100ft by throwing in the air. Either throw like a football or by it’s tail. We recommend 6+.

18. Handmade Mud Table: This is a collapsible mud table and you can actually use inside or outside! What’s great about this company is you can customize your table! Pick the size, accessories, and counter space requirements. We haven't see any other mud tables like this on the market.

19. Moon Shoes: Did you have these growing up? If not, think of moon shoes as mini trampolines on your feet. You can easily lose balance so make sure to wear a helmet.

20. Spyder Swing: Great for a swing set or tree! It can hold multiple kids and has a weight capacity of 600lbs! Luella and Olina love using this swing on their swing set or install some ceiling hooks and take it inside.

21.Wonderwave: Ride the wave by rocking back and forth! It can be enjoyed by 4 friends and the weight capacity is 500lbs. Love that you can rock or relax on this toy! (Search keyword: WONDERWAVE)

22. Big Wheel Scooter: This scooter from Walmart is the best for big kids and adults. It holds up to 220 lbs. and is perfect to zip around the neighborhood. Plus the price is KILLER!

23. Frisbee: One of our favorite frisbees from Amazon is on sale and is perfect to throw in the car and take to the park. It is lightweight and SOARS.

24. Erasable Book: Doodle books for outside are so much fun. Kids can use for scavenger hunts, bird/tree/and flower categorizing, and creating art. This chalk is dust-less wipes off.

25. Gel Blaster: These gel blasters are all the rage. Just make sure that you play in an area where little kids aren't around. Because it uses gel balls, there is a choking risk. Always wear protective eye gear too.

26. Excavator Ride On: This toy is perfect for any little construction worker. Sit and steer your bucket into dirt, sand, or rocks. So many good reviews and so much fun.

27. Jungle Jumparoo SPRINKLER Attachment: Turret Sprinkler with 5 Water Patterns is a great add-on option for the Jungle Jumparoo! This is the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

28. Jungle Jumparoo: This toy is on our staple list and for good reason. It is the perfect indoor or outdoor toy and can be used for SO many ages. Add the sprinkler attachment on top and this toy is sure to thrill this summer.

29. Swurfer Swing: Any kid or adult can use this swing and surf away. A very unique and fun take on the traditional swing.

30. Bijou Build Mainstay: We Swoon over this one! This tepee is beautiful. It sets up in less than one hour and is full collapsible. It can be used as a jungle gym and lounge. It even comes with solar lights. (Search: Bijou Build Mainstay)

31. Electric Scooter: This electric scooter from Razor has so many great reviews and is perfect for teens or even adults. Holds up to 220 lbs. and has great battery life. As you can see, it's designed to mimic the look of the traditional Razor scooter.

32. Boomabandz: Every time we bring this toy around people stop us and ask where it came from. It's essentially a stretchy slingshot and we always end up laughing and having a great time maneuvering from side to side.

33. Dune Buggy: Who wouldn't have a blast riding this? It can go up to 9mph and can hold a charge up to 40min. It has a weight capacity of 120 lbs. It's recommended for ages 8+ but Mandy's nephew who is 4 can handle it!

34. Moon Ball: This is addictive! Not sure what it is, but the sensory experience of throwing and catching is awesome! It comes in a bunch of fun colors too. Because it is made of zero gravity foam, it bounces really high.

35. Bubble Blaster: Most bubble guns are junk! This one is under $5 and has a great life expectancy.

36. Quick Switch Bow: You can fire up to 250ft with this bow. It comes with two bungees for rapid fire. It's recommend for 14+ but Charlie (7) had no problem using.

37. Refillable Water Balloons: These recently hit the market and they are awesome! You fill with water and the magnetic ring keeps it closed until it impacts something.

38. Balance Bike: We love this toddler balance bike. This is perfect for little kiddos just learning how to balance and steer. This one from Amazon has so many great reviews and can be used from ages 12-24 months.

39. Ultimate Learning Center: We love everything from Creative Learning Co. and this is their latest product! Ashely, the founder, designed a learning table and it can be used indoors and outdoors! This table is great for water, sand, mud, and all sensory play.

40. Climbing Wave: It's unique because most climbers are dome shaped. This one is a fun challenge because it offers more vertical climbing space.

41. Water Doll: Most dolls aren't designed for the water but this one is! It can be used in the pool, ocean, lake, and bath! It also has a soft body which is unique. It dries easily too.

42. Rocking Hammock: This massive 2-in-1 kids' hammock rocker has more than enough space for two kids to rock back and forth in giant wave-like motions. It's awesome for rocking or lounging and can hold up to 300lbs. (Search keyword: ROCKING HAMMOCK)

43. Inflatable Water Slide: We promise that investing in a water inflatable will be a massive hit and it will keep your kids entertained all summer long. Mandy purchased her first H20GO slide 3 years ago and it has been enjoyed by so many kids! This slide includes a blower!

44. Outdoor Zip Line: This zip line kit from Fofana Ninja turns two sturdy trees into a zip line adventure. Bring it to the park or install in your backyard for hours of outdoor fun.

45. Mud Kitchen: This mud kitchen from Wood n Poppy will last your family for YEARS and your kids will play with it non stop. Higher price point, but we think the quality is unmatched.

46. Play Smol Bounce House: We love this toy and the quality! Bring it outside and your kids will have fun bouncing the days away. Use our code TOYTESTINGSISTERS for $30 off your purchase at checkout.

47. Watering Can Set: We love anything from Green Toys but this set is perfect for a little gardener who loves to be outside.

48. Nighthawk: Anytime we share about this toys we get flooded with messages. It is such a unique ride on toy and so much fun for the littles to zip around the neighborhood on. You balance by tilting side to side. We recommend ages 3-11.

49. Inflatable Water Slide: We aren't huge fans of water slides that don't inflate. We find that they end up trashing the lawn and usually rip. This one is awesome because the price point is as much as an inflatable water zone and it includes a blower.

50. Rain Showers Splash Tub: Water tables are so awesome for summer. Especially for kids 1-4. Step2 recently designed a new line of toys under their signature collection and their water table got a beautiful upgrade. We love the metal basin design and faux wood. It is a Target exclusive.

51 Fox Tail: This foxtail is perfect for outdoor, open field play. Throw it in your beach bag or park bag and watch your kiddos play catch together in a fun and unique way.

52. Critter Catcher: What kid doesn't love catching bugs and getting messy? This critter catcher is perfect to temporarily store those outdoor critters.

53. Roller Coaster: This roller coaster is so much fun for little kids to gain a little independence and enjoy a thrilling ride. Built out of a strong plastic material this outdoor toy has lasted us both years.

54. Outdoor Tea Set: This tea set is from Green Toys and is the best quality and is perfect for indoor or outdoor play. The set is easy to clean and built to last.

55. Globber Scooter: This 3 wheel scooter is our favorite if you're looking for something that is going to LAST. Our kids have used these for 5+ years and they can be handed down. We love these tilt scooters and know you will too.

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