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Water, Sensory, and Active Outdoor Toys

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

It has been so fun being a guest on a few TV stations this month. We love nothing more than sharing our favorite toys with parents, grandparents, and more! Now that it is warm, we spend almost no time in our basement toy rooms anymore. We have moved the toy room outside and we couldn't be happier. When setting up your backyard for summer success, be sure to include toys that use water, promote sensory play, and allow for active movement.

We have curated 10 toys that are guaranteed to be an absolute hit and aren't one hit wonders. These toys are also great for a variety of ages and can grow with your family. This list includes items from $5-$169something for everyone's budget.

  1. Play Smol Swimming Pool: Smol inflatable pools are here just in time for summer in a beautiful Tangerine, a hue that’s perfectly muted and still summery. Each pool comes with a perfectly padded bottom, and a pump to blow up with their easy blow valves. This is easy to transport, store, and use. A mini dip on a hot summer day.

  2. Spin Copter Original: These Spin Copters quite literally “light up the night”. They can soar to heights over 150ft. These spin copters launch into the sky and run off batteries to create a spinning helicopter of lights and fun. These are perfect to take outside and use on those warm summer nights.

  3. Boomabandz: Boomabandz is a brand new toy that is coming in HOT! It is basically a giant human boomerang. Four players stand inside the fabric making a square. You run to the opposite side of your starting point to experience the “boomerang” effect. Because this toy requires you to know your left from your right while running, we recommend it for older kids and teens.

  4. Hearth Song Chalk Stencils: These chalk stencils are so fun to use when sidewalk chalk gets a little boring. A pro tip of ours is to wet your chalk before use. Stick the chalk into a bucket of water and the colors will glide a lot more easily and using these stencils will up your chalk art game.

  5. Bubble Blasters: These light up bubble blasters are a killer find under $5. You can pick these up at Walmart and watch your kids be amazed with hours of bubble fun. My kids love that they each get their own bubble blaster and they don’t have to worry about dumping out all the bubble solution or wasting their breath trying to blow bubbles. They light up and create a continuous stream of bubbles which makes them fun for both day and night.

  6. Nighthawk: This is a 12V electric ride-on toy that is really fun to zoom around the neighborhood in. It can go up to 7mph and uses a tipping action to steer and maneuver. It has a max weight capacity of 110 lbs which means most kiddos can enjoy this thing well into their teens. It is easy to use and so fun to race and zip around outside in.

  7. Unicorn Eggs: These are “magical unicorn eggs” but essentially just large water beads. Basically you pour these tiny resin looking beads into a container filled with water and watch them grow magically overnight. In the morning you will have massive water beads that are fun to squish, throw, and use in any type of sensory play. These are great to play withy outside because they can get messy.

  8. Bilibo: This is a toy you might be scratching your head about and we understand why. This is an award winning toy designed in Switzerland in conjunction with child development experts. Deceptively simple, elegantly shaped and magically attractive, the Bilibo inspires creative, imaginative, and limitless play. Essentially you can use this for a lot of open ended play. Our favorite use is sitting and spinning on the inside of the Bilibo. You can also use this for sledding, filling with water, playing in the sand, and using it as a stepping stone.

  9. Lounge Swing: This swing, designed by Hearth Song Toys, has been enjoyed by toddlers, littles, big kids, teens, and even adults. You can hook this swing to any swing set and get relaxing. It’s curved design is comfy and makes it easy to lounge and relax. It is also very sturdy and holds up to 200lbs of weight. We have really enjoyed “sittervising” our kids in this toy.

  10. Fofana Ninja Zip Line: This is probably our “coolest” toy this summer. From Fofana Ninja, this is a must-have if you have two sturdy trees in your backyard between 20-55ft apart. The kit comes with everything you need to protect your trees and easily setup the zipline. This zipline literally transforms your backyard into an adventure park. The zipline can hold up to 250 lbs and can be used by kids and teens. You can also save 10% on your purchase by using our code.(10TOYTESTING) at checkout.

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