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Summer Outdoor Toys

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love having warm weather and spending late nights playing games and hanging out with family. We have put together 8 our absolute favorite and unique outdoor toys to share with you. If you're looking for ways to keep your kiddos happy and entertained this summer then this is the list for you. We also chose toys that will last and work for a wide variety of children. Have a great summer!

  1. Zipline from Fofana Ninja is a must-have if you have two sturdy trees in your backyard that are between 20-55ft apart. The kit comes with everything you need to protect your trees and easily set up the zipline. This zipline literally transforms your backyard into an adventure park. The zipline can hold up to 250lbs and can be used by kids and teens. Save 10% by using our code: 10TOYTESTING.

  2. Mud Kitchen from WoodNPoppy is stunning and made of real wood. This is an heirloom toy that will be used for many, many years. Their mud kitchens are made to order and you can select wood type, finish, and accessories. Mud kitchens are excellent for outdoor sensory play. Kids can enjoy making mud pies, planting flowers, cooking with their backyard findings, and so much more.

  3. Two Bros Bows is an archery set made for kids! The foam tipped arrows are soft which makes it safe for kids to play with. The quality is excellent and the product design makes it easy for kids to place the arrow in the correct spot to line up and release! Kids can shoot at a target to help improve their accuracy. It is suggested for 6+ but a 5-year old should be able to enjoy it too. Great for the backyard, park, and taking on camping trips. You can purchase locally at Teton Toys.

  4. Boomabandz is a brand new toy that’s coming in HOT! It’s a boomerang for humans! Four players stand inside the fabric making a square. You run tun to the opposite side of your starting point and you experience a boomerang effect. Because the toy requires you to know your left and right and know when to run, it’s important to do with older kids. This toy is great for big kids, teens, and adults.

  5. Activ Flyer Frisbee is the easiest flyer to both throw and catch. They are also 80% lighter than the standard flying disk which makes them soar farther and faster. These are perfect to add some outdoor fun to a BBQ or outdoor game night. Their unique design makes them easy for even littles to use and catch.

  6. Bounce House from PlaySmol is awesome to use outdoors and inside during the colder months. They have designed their bounce houses to be aesthetically pleasing–the blower is even a neutral color. They currently have 3 color options: pinks, blues, and neutrals. They offer 6x6 and 8x8. This toy will keep kids busy and bouncing! Add plastic balls for some fun sensory play.

  7. 8-foot Inflatable Dome RockerBouncer from Hearthsong is the perfect addition for backyard play, BBQs, neighborhood parties, birthdays, reunions, and so much more. Kids can roll, tilt, and bounce–it even holds up to 250lbs. There are 6 handles for kids to hold onto for stability. It inflates fast with an electric pump and stores easily in a large rubbermaid.

  8. Inflatable Rainbow Landroller from Hearthsong is a blast to roll through the backyard. So many play possibilities: walk, roll, crawl, and somersault from inside. Kids can push each other from the outside and even create forts. If you roll under the shade, you can even relax in the landroller and read a book. It can hold up to 300lbs and easily inflates and deflates with an electric pump.

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