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  • Family Night FUN!

    We want to help YOU nurture family relationships this summer with your kids. It is incredible how quickly the summers go, so we decided to team up with Kerri and Christina, child play therapists from Love Play Grow, to find toys we would BOTH recommend! Together we came up with a list of 11 toys and games that will surely bring your closer to your kids and family for EPIC FAMILY FUN! 1. Giant, Inflatable Bowling Game: Just like the smaller toys get the cuter they are, the larger toys get the funnier they are! This giant bowling set is great for family fun nights. Play bowling the traditional way, or set up the pins in different ways to create challenges! 2. Sink N Sand Game: Sink and Sand is a unique game that involves every kids’ favorite, kinetic sand! This game is easy to learn, fun, and great for families. Encourage kids to come up with a storyline for their characters, or create a family story that involves all the characters to level up the game and add creativity and connection! 3. Giant Connect Four: Giant connect 4 is a great game to keep out every day on your deck or patio. A great game to develop strategy, critical thinking, and turn taking in your child! Smaller kids can connect 3 and older kids can try to connect 5! 4. Uno Splash: UNO is the perfect card game! Easy to learn and a huge crowd pleaser, this splash version is great for summer family fun nights! Great for pool or beach play and barbecues where cards can’t get wrecked! UNO is also an easy game to modify, one of our favorite ways to play is where players pick a feeling for each color and share something that “goes with” that feeling when they play the color! You can be as silly or as serious as you want, though we recommend silly for laughs. 5. Water Blasters: Water blasters are a great pool toy, but you don’t need a pool to enjoy the fun, fill up a plastic tub with water from the hose and get to blasting! Play games like who can blast water the furthest, set up targets, and definitely plan a parent vs child blast fight! 6. Lawn Skee: Your favorite carnival game is now your favorite lawn game! Skee-ball is a classic carnival game that evokes nostalgia and is good old family fun. Unfurl the 7-foot ramp and secure it to the ground with the included stakes. Adjust the angle to match your skill level, then set out the scoring rings just beyond the ramp into any configuration you want. Players take turns rolling the balls up the ramp to launch through the air and land in one of the rings. 7. Inflatable Art Easel: Art is a fantastic way for kids to explore their imagination and inner world. Paint in particular is so therapeutic but so messy! Bring the paint outside with this inflatable easel. Double sided and easy to hose off when the fun is done, this easel is a great way to encourage creativity in nature-a double dose of calm for kids (and adults)! Play our favorite, the squiggle game with your kids! Each person takes one side of the easel and creates a “squiggle”. Then, switch sides and create a picture out of the squiggle. See if the other person can guess what you created! 8. Riwi Blocks: We love open-ended toys that have endless possibilities, and these foam blocks are no exception. Soft, machine washable, and perfect for outdoor family fun. We can imagine obstacle courses, forts, and the most epic game of The Floor is Lava with these. 9. Zip Ball: Retro and so fun, this fast paced football game is great for big belly laughs. Perfect for two players, this game is great for connecting with kids of all ages. 10. Throw Throw Burrito OUTDOOR Game: We love this game as it was originally created and this outdoor version is a great addition to your family fun nights! Throwing burritos at each other is sure to create laughs and hilarious memories for your family. Collaboratively setting boundaries (I.e. “can’t be thrown at someone’s face”) before play starts is also a great way to develop family rules/culture. 11. Giant Jelly Ball: This giant balloon ball is a hilarious and fun way to play outside! Picture the biggest bubble you’ve ever seen, that can’t be popped! Perfect for kicking, throwing, a new and interesting way to keep kids playing outside, these Giant Jelly Balloon Balls are great for a family fun night in the backyard. Fun hack, fill with water when its really hot out!

  • Outdoor Toy Guide 2024

    It'a about to get sizzling but don't worry, we have you covered. We have put together an out door guide with over 100 incredible toys! We have something for every interest and every budget. This guide is full of swings, water toys, bikes, scooters, and more! 1. Custom Swing Set: We haven't seen a more beautiful, custom swing set! This swing set is from Saltair Swing. It's single post and you can select the type of swings you want. Saltair will soon be launching additional accessories like a projector screen and golf net. The swing set ships with instructions on how to permanently install. If you are local to Utah, they do have installation options. 2. Seek and Splash: This is a seek and find gem game to play in the pool. The kit includes 35 water proof cards and 64 gems for your kids to seek and find! 3. Foxtail: This is fun for big kids, teens, and adults. To play, simply spin to throw and catch by the tail! We like to play "jackpot" with it or see who can throw the furthest. 4. Pump & Splash Pond/Water Table: Step2 is known for their outdoor toys and this one is a slam dunk. There is plenty of entertainment packed into this toy but it doesn't take up a huge footprint. So, if you want to add a water play toy but don't want something huge, this is perfect. We recommend or 2-6. It's excellent for fine motor development and includes 10 accessories. 5. Vortex Spinning Ring Swing: We call this the puke machine for adults! This 50in. spinning swing from Hearthsong holds 300lbs. and up to 4 kids. Kids sit on the sturdy, padded metal frame and rest their feet while they swing or spin. Works great on a swing set or tree. 6. Construction Vehicles: This set from Green Toys is excellent for outdoor play and can be used in the water, mud, and sand. The set includes a scooper, dumper, and mixer. When it cools off, bring inside for indoor and tub play. 7. Silicone Tea Set: We swoon over anything that comes from Marlowe & Co. Their tea set is a fun addition for backyard play! Add this set to a mud kitchen, sand box, or water table! We also love using in the bathtub. 8. Baby Turtles: Moes is well known for their toys in Germany. Luckily, they have a distributor for the US. (Dam Good Ideas) so we get access to their incredible products. These baby turtles are such a fun open-ended toy for outdoor or indoor play. Our kids love using outside as stepping stones, balancing, stacking, and playing leap frog. 9. Swurfer Coconut Swing: This is our favorite toddler swing. It has a 3-point harness and is very comfy for littles. The quality is excellent and comes in a handful of color options. When it's cold, we bring the swing indoors and use. The max weight recommendation is 50lbs. 10. Inside Elements: Stapelstein recently launched their Inside product and it's such a good fit for out outdoor guide. The elements can be used in water, mud, and sand. Think stacking, collecting, sorting, pouring, and more. If you have their original elements, you can use with them because Inside is modular. 11. Silicone Ice Cream Sand Toys: Another Marlowe and Co. hit. Love the retro design and ice cream molds. This set has 11 pieces and includes a bucket, shovel, 8 ice cream molds, and travel bag. The silicone set is BPA and phthalate free. 12. Crazy Cart Shuffle: We think this is going to be one of the hottest summer toys. It's from Razor and powered by your kids. It moves by pumping your legs back and forth. Your kids can drive, drift, and spin for hours! Trust us, this will get used all of the time. If you can swing it, grab 2. Multiple kids always want to use at the same time. It's adjustable and we recommend for ages 4+. Watch it in action HERE! 13. JumpFlex Trampoline: Mel and I grew up on a trampoline! So many memories with friends and family. We get asked a lot what we recommend for tramps. JumpFlex is an awesome option! They offer 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft. We recommend 15ft for more room and jumping if you have space. This tramp is enclosed and includes a ladder. They sell fun accessories like a slide, aqua jet, sun shade, and basketball hoop. 14. Lux A5 Kick Scooter: This kick scooter is from Razor. It's for kids 8+ but younger kids can ride depending on height. The scooter is adjustable, rugged, and can support up to 220lbs. So, parents, grab one for you too and get outside and play with your kids. 15. Uno Splash: Mattel released a water resistant version of Uno. We are fans because playing games outside is the best! Kids can enjoy near water or even camping. The plastic cards are stored on a key ring which makes them easy to transport. 16. Sandy Beach Dolls: We shared about Sandy last summer and the reel had over 6M views! This year they launched a Sandy boy. The dolls have a hole on the top of their heads so kids can fill with sand or water. Sandy includes a carrying case, shovel, and matching sunnies. 17. Activ Flyer: This is hands down the best frisbee. They fly straight, are lightweight, and easy to catch. They come in a bunch of colors and these would make such a fun friend bday gift. Keep them in your car to break boredom! We bring to sports practice, the park, lake, and pool. 18. Disc Swing: Here's another Swurfer win! This disc swing can hold up to 150lbs. and it's adjustable. It's heavy duty and can be used on a swing set or attached to a tree branch. The adjustable climbing rope lets you set this saucer swing up to 8 ft. high. 19. Upside Down Challenge Game: Get ready to laugh and possibly tip over. This game from Vango includes goggles that flip your sight upside down. The kit includes challenge cards and accessories to complete the challenges. Add this to your game night collection. We recommend for ages 6+. 20. Bow and Arrows: This bow and arrow set from Two Bros Bows is an absolute favorite. The arrows are soft on the end but that doesn't mean they don't soar. We recommend for ages 6+. The arrows come in a bunch of different designs and colors. 21. Elite Deluxe Scooter: We have used this 3-wheel tilt scooter for over 4 years and it's still in excellent shape. This scooter is from Globber. It's adjustable, collapsable, wheels light up, and comes in a bunch of fun colors. We recommend 2.5-9. 22. Playground Balls: These come in a set of 6 with a pump and carrying net. We use for four square, dodge ball, kick ball, and so much more! Balls are from GoSports and they are known for excellent sport and outdoor toys! You could even split these up and use as gifts. 23. Balance Bike: Strider is known for their balance bikes and for good reason. It's been ergonomically designed for kids 18months to 5 years old. This bike is lightweight and the seat and handlebars are adjustable, plus no tools needed. This is balance bike both our kids started off using when learning to ride a bike. 24. Bug Bungalow: If your kids are like ours, they love exploring the outdoors and finding all the critters and bugs. This kit from B Toys is perfect for collecting those bugs and green findings. This 4-piece set is all you need. It includes a mesh critter catcher, case with magnifier, tweezers, and magnifier. 25. Boomabandz: We call it the giggle trap or human catapult. Four people are needed to play. You boomerang yourself by running the opposite direction of your partner. This is for kids who know their right from left and understand timing well! We recommend 8+. Parents, you will love this too. 26. Smol Splash: You won't find a more beautiful water bounce house! Splash is from the makers of our favorite bounce houses, Smol. This inflatable water playset features two tunnels, a climbing wall, double slides, a basketball hoop, and a water gun–just for fun. You will spend hours outside as your kids play all day with their Splash. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 27. Gardening Set: Set includes a watering can, rake, and shovel. It's from Green Toys which we are huge fans of. This kit is perfect for the dirt, sand, and water. You can wash in the dishwasher and it's fun addition for a little gardener. 28. Mini Mud Kitchen: This year Wood n Poppy launched a more affordable mud kitchen and we think everyone needs it. Their OG mud kitchen is played with every time our kids are outside and this version brings messy play to more of you. Our kids cook up flower soup, make mud casserole, and brew up yummy potions. You have the option to select your wood type and finish. 29. Twister Splash: Growing up Mel and I played Twister with our family all of the time. Twister Splash keeps it cool and adds an element of fun. Rules of traditional Twister are the same except water comes out from each circle. 30. Kick Scooter: This kick scooter is from Razor and it's tried and true. We also love the lower price point. It is recommended for ages 5+. It has a max weight capacity of 143lbs. It has adjustable handlebars and it folds up. Quality is excellent and our kids have been using for many years. 31. Gazillion Bubble Machine: Mel has used this for years and it is her go-to. It's portable and spits out thousands of bubbles. We also like that it holds up well with all the sticky bubble mess. 32. Zipline: Who doesn't want a zipline in their backyard? This zip line kit from Fofana Ninja turns two sturdy trees into a zip line adventure. Bring it to the park or install in your backyard for hours of outdoor fun. You need two sturdy trees 10-55ft apart. The slack line is 65ft. long and holds up to 250lbs. 33. Extreme Roller Coaster: We love Step2 Coasters and this one is a Costco exclusive. It's recommend for ages 3-8. But, if you have a thrill seeker, younger kids can enjoy too. This toy will keep your kids busy all summer long. 34. Reusable Water Balloons: We have tried several brands of reusable water balloons and BunchOBalloons is our favorite. If you have ever spent hours picking up water balloons, you know how annoying clean up is. Reusable water balloons are so much fun because you can keep filling up. We always take them to the pool and lake. 35. Gel Blaster: This gel blaster is from Nerf and includes 10,000 "water beads". These do hurt if you get shot up close so be sure to wear protective eye wear and keep young kids away. Nerf gel blaster battles are SO much fun so grab a few and get playing. 36. Metal Swing Set: This is our favorite metal swing set. It's from LifeTime and sells out constantly. I am going to link a few options so you can get the best deal and find it when it's in stock. Best deal is at Costco but it's currently sold out. Home Depot Walmart 37. Watermelon Pool Ball: If you are headed to the pool this summer, you won't want to sleep on this water ball. It sinks, rises, and floats. You can even dribble it under water. Great for kids of all ages and adults. 38. Balance Bike: This balance bike is about $40 cheaper than Strider. It has excellent reviews! It's recommended for ages 18months to 3 years. The seat and handles are adjustable. There are a lot of fun colors and the tires are puncture proof. 39. Giant Splash Pad: If you don't want an inflatable water bounce house or pool, this splash pad is excellent. It's 11ft wide and multiple kids can enjoy at the same time. Sometimes you can find this at Costco, so keep your eyes open. 40. Water Blasters: Grab the 6pk for around $20 and use any time you hit up water. They are made of pool noodle foam and are simple to use. Just pull back for the water to load. Invite some friends over for a backyard water fight. 41. Bijou Teepee: So strong! It stayed up all winter long and survived a 90mph wind storm! It sets up in less than one hour and is fully collapsible. It can be used as a jungle gym and lounge. They have different attachments like a swing, rope bridge, and mainstay (swing set). This is an investment backyard toy but it's built to last and beautiful. 42. Bubble Gun: Fun for older kids to go nuts with thousands of bubbles per minute. It also has 4 color lights which makes night use fun too. These would be fun to bring to amusement parks, firework shows, and outdoor city festivals. 43. Surfboard Swing: This is from Swurfer, the OG of surfboard swings. The swing is fully adjustable and can be used on a swing set or tree. It's a fun take on a traditional swing and can hold up to 200lbs. We recommend for ages 5+. It's weatherproof and excellent quality. 44. Obstacle Course: Known as the Smol Course and made by the bounce house experts. This is the ultimate energy burner. The Smol is an inflatable bounce house obstacle course. It features tunnels, slides, climbing wall with foot holds, dangling obstacles, and basketball hoop. You will love the modern look. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 45. Guardian Bike 20inch: Recommended for ages 6-9. So, this is perfect for kids who have graduated from their balance bikes. If your kid is still learning with the balance bike method, that's fine because it is compatible. Includes kid friendly gear shifting and is training wheels compatible. 46. Grill and Gather: You know we love Step2 and this year you can purchase the Grill and Gather at Costco in store or online. The set includes 61 accessories and plenty of stations for multiple kids to enjoy at once! Your littles can grill up their favorite foods, harvest veggies, and experience water play. The set includes a canopy which helps keep kids cool. 47. Heel Wheels: Love this more than rollerblades or skates because they slip right on and all your kid has to do is lift the front of their foot. These are for 6+ and fit shoes sizes kids 12-12 adult. They can support 176lbs. and will be enjoyed by so many different ages. The heel wheels have an adjustable strap and base. 48. Sand Excavator: My SIL has this at her house in Washington and her kids use all of the time. It's great for a sandbox or an area where digging and exploring is fine! My kids always play with a version of this when we go to the children's museum. 49. Collapsable Buckets: These are perfect to take to the beach or lake! You can even use in your own sand box. We love that they collapse for each storage or travel. They come in a 3pk and made from silicone. 50. Ride On Vehicle: Never ever buy a ride on vehicle like this unless it's 24V. Anything less doesn't have enough power. This is a great option because it is 24V, includes a remote for parents, and holds 2 kids. Max speed is 6mph for this vehicle. 51. Bullseye Inflatable Platform: Last year we tested this toy and love it so much we had to include again. It's important to point out that this is inflatable and hasn't popped! Our kids and friends have used over and over and it's held up well. You can select your thrill level by balancing on the platform or jumping and climbing on the inflatable ball. It inflates in minutes and you can easily store in a Rubbermaid. 52. Rain Showers Water Table: We love the aesthetic of this water table from Step2. You can snag it at Costco or purchase online. There are 24 different paths for water to flow and includes 16 accessories. The open play area allows multiple kids to enjoy at once. It is easy to clean and doesn't have a large footprint so storing is simple. We recommend ages 1.5-6. 53. Bounce House: If you don't want a tramp and have young kids, this inflatable bounce house from Bouncee is great for outdoor jumps! It inflates quickly and can be stored in a large tote. There is a 6x6 or 8x8 and this bounce house wasn't designed with obnoxious colors. It can hold between 2-5 kids. 54. Dune Buggy: What kid doesn't want to cruise around in a dune buggy going 9mph? My niece and nephew got these for Christmas a few years ago and they drive all over their yard. It's recommended for 8+ but my 4-year old nephew was able to handle! It includes a seat belt and the frame is metal. The battery life is good. It lasts approx. 40 min before it needs a change. If you have the yard or outdoor space for cruising, this dune buggy is a must. 55. Little Kids Bike: We wanted to find an affordable bike option for our younger kiddos. This is cutest bike on Amazon and it comes in so many sizes. You can buy with or without training wheels which makes it the perfect transition bike. Lots of color options as well and so many good reviews. I love this retro looking style as well. Works for kids aged 2-12 depending on which size you purchase. 56. Metal Gardening Toys: These gardening tools are metal with durable wooden handle, and are made to last for all the outdoor adventures. Perfect for gardening, digging in the dirt, or playing in the sand. 57. Sidewalk Chalk: Our favorite brand of sidewalk chalk is from Crayola and comes with all the colors you need to create a beautiful sidewalk masterpiece. These chalks are also washable and come in several vibrant colors that work well on concrete. 58. Waterslide Bounce House: We have tested several different designs for this inflatable and this one checks all the boxes. It includes a basketball hoop, padded base under the climbing wall, and isn’t too large or too small. Your house will be the most popular in the neighborhood with this water inflatable. 59. Potion Powder: Little Larch makes our favorite biodegradable potion powders. This powder is water activated and perfect for all the potions and creations that are a bit too messy for inside. 60. Catch and Release Kit: This is the perfect sanctuary for all the bugs, butterflies, and even aquatic creatures. It’s made with high quality PVC and silicone which makes it rust resistant and a step above its competitors. 61. Gagagon Game: From GoSports this set from Amazon is one of our kids favorite outdoor games to play at school, so it’s fun they can now play it at home. Most sets you find online are inflatable and not great quality. This set is durable, comes apart for easy storage, and can be added to depending on the size you need. See it in action HERE! 62. Beach Pool: This baby beach pool doubles as a place to cool off and a beach blanket when dry. Great for kiddos that aren’t quite big enough to conquer the ocean or water on their own by keeping them close by. The carrying bag also doubles as a water bucket to transport water to and from. 63. Light Up Ball Wand: Summer nights are so much more fun with light up toys! Snag a few of these light up spinning wands on Amazon and save money by getting the toys in advance for all the summer evening activities. 64. Amber Kaleidoscope: A traditional toy with a unique spin! This kaleidoscope is made with all natural materials and is beautiful to gaze through. 65. Wooden Water Table: This water table was designed for easy setup and maintenance, featuring drain plugs to simplify water removal and a durable construction that withstands splashing and playtime messes. It is also easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for parents. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 66. Bigger Boys Bicycle: This bike from Walmart is one we've tried and tested. It's great quality and priced so incredibly well. The perfect, 20 inch, bike for kids ages 7+. 67. Beach Toys: This beach toy kit from Hape includes everything you need for beach, sand, or outdoor water play. Excellent quality and comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation. 68. The Nighthawk: This is the ultimate ride on toy, and I promise if you end up purchasing it you'll get asked about it all the time. My kids love zipping around the neighborhood on what we call "the stingray". We have linked the 24V battery one that goes a little faster. We would recommend for ages 5+. Watch it in action HERE! 69. Blu Track: This 15 foot race track works both indoors and out. Stick it to any smooth surface with the included suction cup, add a few race cars, and get to racing. I love that it rolls to store, is water resistant, and can be configured into so many different shapes. 70. Bigger Girls Bike: This is a highly recommended and tried and true bicycle from Walmart. It is priced so well and has such incredible reviews. Bike has 20 inch wheels and is great for girls 8-12yrs. 71. Electric Scooter: This is one of those things I bought for myself and all the kids want to use! It is such good quality and holds a charge well. It also has 2 speed controls, can connect to a bluetooth speaker, folds to store and transport, and comes in some really fun colors. Look no further and get this for your teen, or yourself! Holds up to 264lbs and goes up to 16mph. Watch it in action HERE! 72. RC Car: This RC car was featured in our article with Forbes because it is high quality and build to last. This remote controlled car is durable enough to withstand outdoor adventures in even the most rugged terrain. 73. Slack Line Kit: Slack lines are gaining in popularity amongst the older kids. This particular kit comes with everything you need to use it as a traditional slack line, or add some height and attach the included attachments. Just make sure you have ample space and 2 sturdy trees for support. 74. Wooden Channels: This wooden channel set is unique and the perfect addition to any, outdoor, water experience. They are made out of bamboo and can be configured in several ways to channel the water in different, desired directions. 75. Snipe Hunting Game: Have you ever been on a "snipe" hunt? The Snipe Hunt game on Amazon is a hide-and-seek twist where teams compete to find a chirping snipe hidden indoors or outdoors. Suitable for all ages from toddlers to adults, this game provides active fun and can be played with two people, teams or solo. 76. Lifetime Swing Set: This particular set can be found only at Costco but excels in quality! Plus, who doesn't love the Costco return policy. We have found with swing sets that "less is more" and this set includes all the elements we would want in an outdoor play set for our kids. 77. Pocket Swing: This is the outdoor pocket swing from Hape toys. Simply attach to two sturdy tree trucks and get to swinging. Think of it as a smaller hammock perfect for swinging and enjoying the outdoors with your kids! 78. Rocket Lab: The perfect toy for any little science explorer. This kit comes with everything you need to experience a virtual reality rocket experiment. An incredible kit with so many amazing reviews on Amazon. 79. Rock Climbing Tree Holds: These climbing holds turn any branchless tree into the perfect climbing one! These don’t harm the tree and are great for little explorers outdoor. 80. Step 2 Playhouse: Check out this kids’ outdoor playhouse with features like an extra-long slide and molded-in sink and cooktop! Step 2 excels in quality and these new wood components are brand new this year! 81. Balance Bike: Hape toys has an excellent balance bike that we highly recommend. It has foot rests and is excellent for ages 2.5-4. This is a great place to start learning the mechanics of bikes and balance. Using this bike can help your kiddo skip the training wheels and make the transition easier: 82. VR Science Lab: This Bill Nye science kit lets you experience all sorts of unique science experiments in virtual reality. It comes with the VR goggles and has so many good reviews on Amazon! The perfect stem learning toy for any science intrigued kiddo. 83. Minidip Pool: Target has done it again with the most stylist pools on the market. Priced well and perfect for a shallow dip for your kids. Their pattern options are so cute and trendy. 84. Bird Calling Kit: This toy is so unique and that’s because it includes all the tools used to perform various bird calls. Take this kit up to the mountains and enjoy watching which birds can hold conversation with YOU! 85. Tilt Scooter: We love Razor and they made an excellent tilt scooter for younger riders. Tilt to turn steering and a seated riding option make it both versatile and intuitive. 86. Pots & Pans: This pots and pans set is stainless steel and is the only set you’ll ever need. Perfect for mud pies, grass soup, and weeds salad! 87. Gardening Tools: These gardening tools from Hape toys include everything you need to tend a small garden. The watering can is also versatile and made from durable materials. 88. Water Float: Introducing Sunchill, everyone’s favorite water floaty. Sunchill is perfect for days at the pool, boating on lakes, and adventure packed beach days. It's durable, lightweight, and inflates in only 90 seconds. 89. Outdoor Slide: The best and most sturdy outdoor slide from Little Tikes. It folds for easy storage and is exceptionally durable and can hold much more weight than the traditional outdoor, plastic slides. 90. Weaving Board: A very unique outdoor toy that can be used to weave just about anything! Long grass, dandelions, silk scarves, or any pliable material to make beautiful, outdoor works of art. 91. Water Blaster: This water blaster is from Target and is battery powered which makes it so easy for kids to use and packs a water filled punch. The magazine portion of the blaster can easily clipped on and off to refill with water. Grab a few for your family! 92. Foam Water Toys: This set of water resistant toys from Moes include 6 recognizable animals for all the underwater adventures. Perfect for the bath, shower, pool or beach. 93. Build a Branch: You’re so excited to buy your children a fun swing for your backyard, but then you realize you don’t have a strong enough tree to hang it onto. You’re not alone! Build-a-Branch allows you to turn any tree into a swinging tree in less than 30 minutes, and holds up to 500 pounds. Easily follow the instructions and start swinging. 94. Bee House: Attract bees and insects to your garden with this bee hotel. Save the bees by giving them a safe place to stay. 95. Circle Swing: This swing is so fun to attach to any outdoor swing set. It is padded around the base and the netting makes it comfortable for your kiddos to sit and swing. UV resistant and includes added swinging hardware. 96. Kids Electric Scooter: This electric scooter is excellent for kids ages 6-12 and holds up to 150lbs. It has a great range and can go up to 7.5mph. Charlie is 8 and loves zipping around on this scooter, especially at night when he can use the LED wheels. 97. Flower Kaleidoscope: This wooden kaleidoscope is unique because it contains beautiful dried flowers that reflect in the sunlight beautifully. This toy is handmade with natural materials and is sure to wow your kids! 98. Inflatable Waterslide: Ditch the plastic waterslides that rip and tear. Instead, invest in this inflatable bounce house for all your water fun! This particular model is a space saver and excellent quality. Watch it in action HERE! 99. Rubber Road: This toy is so versatile and can be used both indoors and out. It is priced amazingly well and we recommend grabbing a 40 piece set. You'll be shocked with how well your kids can assemble it on their very own. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 100. Bounce House: Playsmol makes the most beautiful, esthetic bounce houses and this year they came out with the big guns. This is their XL bounce house and it is perfect for bigger kids to join in the fun! This 12x12 holds up to 240lbs and is meant for ages 3-8yrs. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 101. Balance Bike: This balance bike from Hape toys is the perfect place to start with a bike for your kids. It is priced so incredibly well (and on MAJOR sale) and is built with a sturdy magnesium frame. Great for beginners to get the hang of balancing on a bicycle. 102. Big Wheel Scooter: Razor makes our favorite scoters and for good reason. They are the best quality and their product standards and return policy are excellent. This is our favorite scooter for "bigger" kiddos because it holds more weight and glides better on uneven roads and pavement. Meant for ages 8+ and holds up to 220lbs. 103. Fishing Ducks: This toy is harder to find but it is made by one of our favorite toy brands. I actually found it on sale HERE! Ducks are completely water tight and have a weight at the bottom for easy standing and no tipping over in the water! Great for water play or set on the ground and work on those fine motor skills. 104. Water Pitcher: I am obsessed with this kids crocodile water jug. It is absolutely darling and my kids think it's the best thing to fill him up with water, flowers, leaves and practice those montessori pouring skills. Made with 100% silicone, this cleans up well. 105. Hoverboard Converter: This kit includes everything you need to turn a standard hoverboard into an easy to maneuver go kart for kids who need a little more assistance on the hoverboard, or just want to switch things up! This accessory is only $50 on amazon and can be used with almost any hoverboard. 106. Slack Line: This exact slack line isn't quite available to purchase online, but as soon as it is we will share a link to this incredible one we found! For now, check out this highly recommended one on Amazon! Slack lines are gaining in popularity with teens and is a perfect way to still include the older kiddos in outdoor play. 107. Jumbo Soccer Ball: This giant soccer ball is from bolder play and our kids absolutely love it. To help gauge the size think of a light weight exercise ball. It is very large and so much fun to kick and throw around the yard. It also includes a pump and extra plug and has lasted each of our families several summers! 108. Hoverboard: This hoverboard is from GOTRAX and we love the rose gold color. We own this exact model and it is great quality and holds a charge well. The GOTRAX brand is also a very reputable one and has had great customer service reviews. It is bluetooth compatible, self leveling, and holds between 44-175lbs.

  • 2024 Easter Guides

    Spring is right around the corner and we love the energy sunny days and blue skies bring! We have curated an awesome list of family and individualized toys to fill those Easter baskets. Below you will find our Easter guides for family, baby/toddler, little kids, and big kids! Family Guide 1. Swedish Wall Ladder: We are huge fans of the brand Avenlur. Their wall ladder includes a cargo wall climber, swing, rope ladder, slide, and pull up bar. Perfect wooden, indoor playground. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 2. Cloud Swing: You know we love an indoor swing! This one is great for many ages and it's really comfy! Kids can sit inside the swing or lay on their belly and fly. 3. AirToobz: It's BACK!! Honestly, don't you dare wait on this. This open-ended toy uses air, tubes, and balls to create an endless cycle of play. It's a top toy at our homes and can be loved by so many different ages. We recommend 2.5-9. 4. Play Stand: Literal Waldorf perfection. This play stand from Sarah's Silks is the ultimate play station. Think play house, kitchen, grocery store, building zone--make believe everything. You can add a giant play silk and 4 play silks for added fun! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 5. Crazy Cart Shuffle: This shuffle cart doesn't require batteries. You can drive, drift, and spin! It's very easy to assemble and simple to use. The frame is adjustable so multiple ages can enjoy. We recommend 4+ but it depends on the height of your kids. 6. Bounce House: You know we love bounce houses because they can be enjoyed inside and outside. They are great for getting wiggles out and create core memories. This bounce house has a great aestethic and can be purchased on Amazon. 7. Smart Sketcher 2.0: This projector uses an app to project images your child can trace. It has a step-by-step guide which makes the drawing process so much fun! You can even take photos and upload your own images. 8. Bijou Teepee: We have had this teepee for almost a year and are really impressed with the quality. We kept it up during the winter but it's full collapsable which we love. It can be used as a jungle gym and lounge. It even comes with solar lights. They also offer additional accessories like a swing and rope bridge. 9. Elements: This element set is great because it includes a balance board. This is one of our favorite open-ended toys! So many play possibilities! 10. LeoMat: The trifold tech on this play couch makes incorporating mountains into your obstacle course a breeze. My kids love their Leo. It has different dimensions than the Nugget and its base pieces are the same thickness and size. 11. Giant Gem Blocks: These are new to the Hello Sugar House line.They are the size of an adult hand and come in primary and pastel colors. Each set contains 4 gorgeous blocks. 12. 24V Vehicle: Never buy a ride on vehicle unless its 24V! Anything less than 24 doesn't have the power needed and it's not worth the investment. This vehicle is awesome because it includes a parent remote and it can play music. It is recommended for ages 4-8 but younger kids can ride and enjoy too. 13. SuperSpace: These magnetic panels help your kids engineer creative builds like forts, rocket ships, tunnels, boats, and more! You can purchase add-on pieces like their whiteboard panel. This is an excellent STEM and MESH toy. 14. Nortier: New to the US and we believe it's going to take the market by storm. It's a double-sided, magnetic white/black board and there are so many incredible accessories. Their felts and magnets are high quality and the perfect tool for open-ended play. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS to save 15% on all products. Enjoy Free Shipping too. This deal is available starting 3/11/24. 15: Nugget:  I have 4 of these at my (Mandy here) house! My kid's favorite thing to do is make obstacle courses with their Nuggets. This is a gift that can be loved by babies all the way up to big kids. Baby/Toddler 1. Rock n' Roller Piano: It's a fav at our house and is perfect for baby/toddlers. Your little can play music by rolling or tapping the xylophone. Fat Brain Toys knocked it out of the park with this one. 2. Alphabet Set: Rubbabbu products are made of eco-friendly and sustainable natural foam rubber that is antimicrobial and biodegradable. These letters are flocked and squishy. 3. Sunni Grasping Toy: This is a beautiful wooden grasping toy made in Germany by Haba. It is great for rattling and shaking. 4. Tinker Rings: These magnetic rings are textured and fun for stacking and attaching in different ways. It encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, and tactile learning. 5. Dimpl Splash: The "pop it" function adds an extra element of fun to this bath set. Clementine (1) got this set for Christmas and it's her favorite thing to play with in the bath. 6. Oogi: Made of silicone, this stretchy, suction cup figure is easy for littles to grasp and play with. It's a great open-ended toy that promotes creativity. 7. Soft Photo Book: Clementine loves her photo book. It's soft and has 10 pages. We filled with 4x6 photos. The photos fit in perfectly and don't slide out. 8. Climbing Tunnel: Movement toys are a fav of ours and this colorful climbing tunnel is great for keeping those movers busy! 9. Rainbow Suitcase/bag: This rainbow suitcase/bag/purse is awesome for those walking toddlers. They can easily tote around and store their treasures. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 10. Tobbles Neo: This has been a staple for years at my house! The Nobbles Neo is perfect for practicing fine motor skills. It's fun for littles to stack and watch the weighted pieces topple over. 11. Sunshine Activity Table: If you have a stander, an activity table is perfect for keeping your little one busy! There are beads, animals, gears, stacking elements, and bells packed into one toy. 12. Handmade Bunny Dolls: Adding an heirloom stuffy is a must, especially if your little has a small collection of stuffed animals. These handmade bunnies from Sarah's Silks are made in Maine, USA with beautiful materials. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 13. Berry Teether: Love that it can attach to a stroller or diaper bag. It includes a teether, small mirror, fun textures, and shapes for baby. 14. Oombee Cube: Shape sorters are great but it's annoying when you lose pieces. This set has the shapes attached to the corners. This is a great toy to take on the go since you don't have to worry about missing pieces. 15. Carrot Puzzle: Excellent for improving fine motor skills and problem-solving. The carrot holes are different sizes so it challenges your little to find the correct fit. 16. Scoot and Ride: We love toys that grow with your child and the scoot and ride does just that. Your kid can ride, walk, and roll on this unique vehicle. 17. Dinkum Dolls: These dolls melt when they are given a cuddle. They are huggable, soft, and come in the cutest designs. 18. Jumbo Animal Puzzles: Excellent first puzzle set for small hands. The knobs make it easy for littles to grab and place. This set comes with 2 puzzles, featuring 3 pieces each. Little Kids Find and Feel Toy: From Fat Brain Toys, embark on a tactile adventure with the Fat Brain Toys Feel & Match Zoo. Find and Feel: From Fat Brain Toys, embark on a tactile adventure with the Fat Brain Toys Feel & Match Zoo, a captivating learning experience designed to engage young minds and curious hands. Watch your little ones enjoy the surprise of feeling their way to a match! Lego Duplo: An organic farmers market to welcome the warm weather. Lego Duplos are perfect for little hands and a great toy to introduce your little one to building toys. Hide N Seek Bizzy Bags: A unique sensory experience that incorporates a fun game of hide and seek. We love everything egg themed and these are perfect to add into any Easter basket. Sensory Play Jar: This is a water activated sensory play jar that can be used as a DIY snow globe. You can tap to change the colors and fill with glitter, gems, or glo pals! Ice Cream To Go: This toy is perfect for on the go adventures! Make an ice cream sunday for imaginative play then store all the pieces in this portable container. Stepping Stone: Now is the time to add to your stepping stone collection from Green Elephant Home. This lime green color is beautiful and these open ended toys are perfect for floor is lava and obstacle courses. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS for 10% off your entire purchase. Magnetic Easter Eggs: These colorful magnetic Easter eggs are perfect to color sort or fill with fun treats or prizes. A great price point and made with quality materials. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Disney Wooden Figures: Disney KIDEA is a Japan-exclusive, licensed Disney wooden toy line perfect for stacking, small-world play, block play, and display. A higher price point item but perfect to collect and enjoy for years to come. Tonie Character: Add to your Tonie collection with this fun Peter Rabbit story player or grab any of the characters that your kids are into right now. You do have to own a Tonie Box in order to use this magnetic figure but holidays are the perfect time to add to their story collection. Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS. Green Toys Car Carrier: Green Toys makes their toys out of 100% recycled milk jugs. They are excellent quality and can be used indoors and out. Playsilk Dye Kit: This is a unique twist on the tradition of dying Easter eggs. Instead of eggs we found this silk dying kit from Sarah’s Silks and our kids are OBSESSED. There is something about creating something so unique and beautiful and using it for open ended play that is so satisfying. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Sticker Wow: Melissa and Doug has made stickers so much easier for little hands. Load the stickers into the refillable dispenser and press and place into the play pad. I love that this is refillable and so user friendly so my kids love it. Magnetic Food Set: This magnetic food set from Learning Resources is my kids favorite toy to use when playing “restaurant”. It’s quality and fun to use on the fridge or just on the included placemat. Miniland Baby Doll: I love this brand of baby dolls and the quality is unmatched. They include so many diverse baby dolls that are so beautiful and unique. Magnetic Baby Food: This baby food has a magnetic mechanism that pops the baby food out of the spoon when it is placed in the jar. A much more entertaining way to feed your baby doll. Wooden Tea Set: We love this wooden tea set and it’s affordable and can be purchased on Amazon. The accessories are so cute and it’s excellent for pretend play. Meileg Bunny: We got these bunnies for our kids last year and the packaging and quality is what sold us. They come in a small cardboard egg and are soft as can be. Big Kids The Fidget Game: Introduce sight words and reading to your kids with this fun fidget popper game. 2-4 players at a time makes it the perfect family learning game to join in together. Make Do Discover Kit: This accredited stem toy is an excellent way to keep your kids building and hands on for hours. No kidding, our kids have been having so much fun using kid friendly tools to create endless cardboard creations. Tivi Tray: We love this tray for so many reasons, and that’s because it has so many uses. We use it for essentially every craft to contain the mess and it can be washed and wiped down so easily. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 20% off your purchase! Camp Snap Camera: A screen free digital camera for kids of all ages. No more messing up settings or buttons. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Prehistoric Life Kit: This dinosaur kit comes with so many crafts and activities to teach your kids about the prehistoric era. My kids had so much fun making soap, playing in slime, and sculpting with modeling clay. Tinker Tar: A one string guitar that gives kids the independence to easily create music. Each guitar comes with a music booklet to introduce a love for music at any age. Klee Makeup: My kids love this makeup and I love it even more. It is made with all natural/clean ingredients that I know are safe for soft faces and sensitive skin. Tabletop Foosball: This is one of Fat Brain Toys hottest/new toys because it can be used anywhere. Who doesn’t love a competitive game of foosball to go! Playmobil Horse Set: Playmobil creates some of our favorite building sets and these mini kits are the perfect size for any basket or beginning builder. Wonderstix: My personal favorite coloring medium. These can be used on virtually any surface and glide so well. Wooden Building Slats: Think of wooden building dominos and that’s what you’ve got here! Perfect for open ended play where your kids just get to sit down and create with some beautifully stained pieces. Pop Style Bracelet Maker: A unique style of bracelet making that is easier for kids to get the hang of and “pop” off their own beautiful bracelet creations. Globber Tilt Scooter: A higher price point, but our absolute favorite tilt scooter that is built to LAST! You will be shocked at how well this one holds up, and it folds to store and transport. Surprise Stories: We were pleasantly surprised at how much our kids fell in love with storytelling with these prompt cards from Surprise Stories. The kit comes with 3 categories to get your kids making up stories and unleashing their incredible imaginations. Pretendables Lemonade Kit: Fat Brain Toys released a line of toys that are perfect for pretend play. Take this outside and let your kids set up their own lemonade stand.

  • Obstacle Course Must-Haves for Kids

    Winter into Spring can he hard. The kids are inside more and have so much energy to burn off. Mel and I love movement toys and setting up an obstacle course for your kids is an excellent way to keep them entertained and moving. We have rounded up all of our tried and true obstacle course items to share with you! If you have been a follower for a while, you probably have a few of these items ready to use. 1. Stairslide: Starting with a Stairslide is the ultimate way to begin an obstacle course. You can even incorporate the slide within play couch cushions to maximize fun! Use code: TOYTESTING10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 2. Ballpit: We typically have our kids slide into the ball pit or run/jump through as they are maneuvering through play couches. The balls add extra sensory fun to the experience. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 3. Tunnel: There are so many tunnels you can pick from on Amazon. This one is $18 and is great for adding an extra element of skilled movement to the course. 4. Bilibo: These "turtle shells" can be used two different ways. Start off by having your kids step and balance on each Bilibo. Then, add some complexity and require a certain number of ground spins. 5. Elements: This element set is great because it includes a balance board. You can stack the elements different heights and add in the balance board for difficulty. 6. Sensory Tiles: The bright colors and sensory fluid is fun for little feet to cross. Perfect for adding an obstacle row to follow. 7. Wobble Board: These can be used to wobble or flip upside down and they become a bridge. Wobble boards can be incorporated into the play couch build of the obstacle course. 8. Stepping Stones: Excellent budget stepping stone for $50. You can also add additional stepping stones for $10. This set comes in fun colors but doesn't include a balance board. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase! 9: Balance Beam: You need to have some sort of balance structure in your obstacle course and this one is great for younger kids. It is very stable and also works well on wood and tile--no slipping. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 10: Tumblers: Use as bridges in the course or really challenge older kids and let them balance on the rounded sides. 11: Climbing Triangle: Many homes have a version of this climbing triangle. Mel and I own one that our brother made for each of us a few years ago. Vertical climbing is great for gross motor development. 12: LeoMat: The trifold tech on this play couch makes incorporating mountains into your obstacle course a breeze. My kids love their Leo. It has different dimensions than the Nugget and its base pieces are the same thickness and size. 13: Gym Bar: Kids can get some swinging power and catapult themselves into a crash area like a play couch! 14: Soft Balance Beam: The soft balance beam is fun because you can keep adding to it. It has velcro ends so you can start with 2 and add more as your kids grow. 15: Nugget Play Couch: I have 4 of these at my (Mandy here) house! My kid's favorite thing to do is make obstacle courses with their Nuggets. There are so many build ideas on the Nugget website or let your kids create their course. 16: Monkey Bars: Last year Mel had these installed at her house! She did have a contractor put in but if you are handy, it's totally doable. Her monkey bars run along her ceiling. 17: Wedges: These mega wedges add stability to an obstacle course and work well for younger kids! 18: Rock Wall: Mel had this installed two years ago and her kids use every day! You can incorporate in the obstacle course by having your kids climb to the ceiling and touch it.

  • Valentine's Gift Guide 2024

    The love holiday is approaching and we have you covered. We rounded up 30 awesome finds that are proven to be a hit! We kept these items under $30. Growing up, our mom went all-out on holidays so we always channel our inner Rinda! 1. Phone Press: The realistic phone shape with buttons and a screen-like bubble panel piques little ones' interest and encourages imaginative play. Clementine goes nuts every time she sees it. I want her “eating” this one instead of my real phone. 2. Five Crowns: We can’t stop playing this game. It’s our current go-to. It’s suitable for ages 8 and up, making it a great game for families to enjoy together. The simple rules are easy for younger players to grasp, while the strategic elements offer plenty of challenges for adults. 3. Love Spell Potion: Little Larch is known for their water-activated potions and they offer a Love Potion. These potions are our favorite item to pair with water play. The ingredients are all natural and they smell amazing. Warning: You won’t be able to stop buying. 4. Pop It Push Game: Warning: it's addictive and so relaxing at the same time. Remember the bubble wrap you couldn't resist popping as a kid? Pop Its are like the ultimate, reusable version of that, offering endless tactile satisfaction and a surprisingly fun challenge. Simply press a bubble down, and it pops out with a delightful little snap, then flip it over and start again! Amazon option. Temu option. 5. Silk Balloon Ball Cover: Sarah’s Silks launched a mulberry balloon ball cover for the holiday and it’s gorgeous. The soft silk protects tiny fingers from popping balloons, and if one pops, it stays contained inside, preventing tears and tantrums. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase. 6. Vday Doh Kit: Doh kits are such a hit, always! They are great for sensory play and an excellent activity to pull out one a kid says they are bored. These kits are from Where The Kids Play! The owner is a mom and power house! We love supporting women-owned companies. 7. Earrings: Pierced has our absolute favorite earrings. Our girls have been wearing for over a year and it's really all they wear. The designs are darling and the flat backs make them really comfy. They are also great for sensitive ears. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 20% off your purchase. 8. Kendema: Big kids love Kendema and for good reason. The goal is to land the ball on the spike. It requires focus and hand eye coordination. It can be very challenging but insanely rewarding when the ball falls into place. 9. Hair Glitter Gel: We love glitter! Give us all the glitter. Caroline and Olina love it when we add this glitter to their hair. We usually add to a slick back pony or side part. The glitter stays throughout the day and easily washes out. 10. GloPals: Grab a purple or red GloPal for a unique Vday gift.GloPals are adorable, water-activated light-up bath toys that transform bath time into a magical underwater adventure! Each GloPal comes with 6 reusable light-up cubes that activate when placed in water, casting a soft, colorful glow that mesmerizes little ones. 11. Acrylic Blocks and Loose Part Gems: Hello Sugar House is a fan fav and they released a collection for Vday that has us swooning. Our kids use these sets for building castles, integrating into their doll houses, and more. 12. Stardust Needoh: Needoh has released so many different products that provide endless sensory enjoyment. This stardust version gives you a jelly feel when you squeeze it. Comes in from Vday colors and is an excellent stress ball for busy hands. 13. Heart Purse/Case: Sarah’s Silks has added purses/cases to their collection and we couldn’t hit add to cart fast enough. It’s the perfect size for little hands to carry and fill with all their treasures. It can fit mini silks, small figures, and wooden animals. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase. 14. Animal Bath Toys: This set is mold-free and made of silicone. The tops pop on and off so littles can pour. This also allows for them to air dry.  When filled, kids can spray water out of them. These are excellent for the bath, beach, pool, or a sensory table. 15. Pinball Game: We love the look of vintage toys and this Pinball game from Schylling is giving it to us. Charlie got one just like this for Christmas and was so stoked. We keep it in his room and he can often be found chilling in his bed playing pinball. It is not mini so you can actually play it. 16. Stepping Stones: Green Elephant Home's stepping stones are more than just a way to cross a garden path. They're colorful invitations to explore textures, challenge balance, and spark imaginative play. Made from safe, durable, and eco-friendly materials, these stones come in a variety of colors to suit every child's needs and preferences. These stones can be purchased individually which means now would be a good time to add to, or start, your collection. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase. 17. Scented Piggy Paint: These polishes are perfect for kids and adults alike who want a little extra something from their nail polish. The scents are subtle but delightful, adding a whimsical touch to any look. Plus, you can choose from a variety of fun scents to match your mood or outfit. Not to mention, they are made from clean and safe ingredients which make them perfect for littles. 18. Fruity EOS Chapstick: Forget boring balm! EOS chapstick takes lip care to a whole new level of flavor and fun with their fruity collection. This 4 pack can also easily be broken up between kids and is my go to lip balm as a mom and for my kiddos on the go. 19. Plasma Heart: A heart shaped plasma ball!? Need we say more? This captivating phenomenon harnesses the power of science to bring a touch of otherworldly wonder to your fingertips. Perfect for a science loving kid with a creative imagination! 20. Tonies Characters: Priced at around $18 per character, now is the time to add to that collection! Each Tonie character holds specific audio content within its NFC chip. It could be anything from classic bedtime stories and musical favorites to educational podcasts and language learning programs. My kids current favorite happens to be ELMER which they use for small world play in addition to story time. 21. Scratch Note Cards: Melissa and Doug never disappoint when it comes to unique and innovative toys. These little note cards are the best busy toy to keep kids creative and having fun. Scratch away the black coating to reveal a dazzling rainbow of colors underneath. Each card holds a vibrant surprise waiting to be unveiled! 22. Diamond Art Stickers: From adorable animals to playful patterns, the variety of sticker designs is sure to spark imaginations. Mix and match to create unique combinations or add a touch of personalized bling to anything. Your kids will have endless amounts of fun practicing those fine motor skills while meticulously placing gems. 23. Kids Tumbler: The best part about this kids tumbler cup is that it DOES NOT LEAK! That is a game changer when it comes to an easily accessible water source for your kids. It comes in various fun colors and designs, and keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours or hot for up to 10 hours. Perfect to take on the go or set out on the kitchen table so you don’t end up filling 100 cups throughout the day. 24. Fingerlings: Tiny monkeys that cling, wink, and sing! Fingerlings are interactive toy critters that wrap around your finger and react to touch and sound with adorable noises and movements. They are soft and currently the “it” toy in my home. 25. Kids Heart Pajamas: My absolute favorite kids pajamas because they are durable, buttery soft, and come in the most beautiful colors and patterns. I also love that they come in a wide variety of sizes which makes it fun to match siblings. This heart set is to die for and perfect for the upcoming holiday. 26. Tattoo Pens: Our kids are gonna color on themselves…so why not give them a safe way to do it! Just draw your designs directly onto skin with the vibrant, non-toxic gel ink. The tattoos last for a few days, then fade naturally with soap and water. 27. Pocket Hug: I got creative with this one and I think it is SO CUTE! This small, heart shaped token can be toted along in a pocket, backpack, or nestled in precious hands to help remind your little one of the love that you share. A unique way to create a tangible source of LOVE! 28. Droplets: These are kid sized bath bombs and they smell incredible! Use them individually or plop a few together in the bath for a cocktail of scented fun. Each bomb releases gentle bubbles and sweet scents, creating a mini spa day for mini heroes. The box also gives you ideas for fruity combos, or let your kids get creative! 29. Portable Karaoke Machine: Have you ever watched your kids belt their little hearts out to karaoke? This activity is fun for the entire family. This set is bluetooth compatible and includes an SD card preloaded with all sorts of fun songs. Highly rated on Amazon and the perfect Valentine's Day surprise. 30. Yoto Cards: The perfect time to continue to add to your story collection. Each of these credit card style cards pairs perfectly with the YOTO or YOTO MINI (my personal favorite). We also store all our story cards in a business card organizer that we love from Amazon.

  • New 2023 Games for Kids and the Entire Family

    We tapped the Game King and asked him to give us a list of the best new games for 2023. We know many of you are looking for games to play with young kids and the entire family. The first guide focuses on games that can be played with younger kids. The second guide includes games for the entire family. Grab these now for the holidays! 1. Exit the Game Kids: Specially designed for younger kids as an “introduction to deduction.” Follow clues to figure which three animals to pick on your decoder spinning wheel and the turn it over to see if you got the code correct. Ages 4-6, could be played solo with adult guidance, or small group collaboration. (This is NOT like Exit The Game for adults. It is a simple deduction game.) 2. Butts on Things: Kids will love the cheeky nature of butts in so many incarnations. Play your cards in a grid to match the first and last cards to collect the row. Quick playing, ages 8+, 2-4 players. 3. Mantis: Make matching sets by trying to steal these colorful cards from opponents. Use clues to figure out who has the cards you want. Ages 7+, 2-6 players. 4. Boom Boom the Balancing Panda: Place the various pieces of “bamboo” on the panda without bamboo falling or tipping the panda over. Simple game for the youngest ones with balance and dexterity skills. High quality wooden pieces are great. Ages 3+, 1-4 players. 5. Deduckto: Clue meets Guess Who meets Sherlock Express. Fun and fast, you’ll make guesses and eliminate suspects in this funny disguised animal whodunnit. Ages 8+, 2-4 players. 6. Cake-N-Bake Challenge: Simple, easy and great for younger kids. Follow the color-coded layers on your “recipe” card to build a matching slice of cake in a race against other players. You can even wear the included baker’s hat if you’re first. Ages 4+, 2-6 players. 7. Waffle Topple: This is a fun stacking game where you place waffles, syrup, bacon and more on top of a fork tower. Tricky rules dictate what can be touching or placed where, but don’t topple the waffle tower. Ages 5+, 2-4 players. 1. True Crime Stories: Escape room meets murder party. This is a full-on immersive experience with clues in your case file, but you’ll need to use your group powers (and cell phones) to solve your crime. This can take a while so be prepared. Ages 7+, good for a group game. 2. Butts on Things: Super simple concept that most ages can catch onto quickly. You’ll love the cheeky nature of butts in so many incarnations. Play your cards in a grid to match the first and last cards to collect the row. Ages 8+, 2-4 players. 3. Funky Fungi: Skull King meets Sushi Go. This is a trick taking game, with the added twist that each person gets to pick a card so pick what you might need, but sabotage the people after you. Ages 8+. 4. Deduckto: Clue meets Guess Who meets Sherlock Express. This plays quickly as you make guesses and eliminate suspects in this funny disguised animal whodunnit. Fun and clever graphics. Ages 8+, 2-4 players. 5. Block Party: Create an assigned object, but all you have is small colored blocks and a timer you’re racing against. Can the guesser figure out what you created? And watch for added challenges. Super simple concept everyone can grasp quickly. Ages 6+, 2+ players. 6. You Can't Say Ummm: Can you get your team to guess two random words as you describe them? Sounds easy enough? Oh yeah, you can’t say the word “ummm”. More challenging and funnier than you think, especially with a couple other twists that can get mixed in. All ages, At least 4 players. 7. Waffle Topple: This is a fun stacking game where you place waffles, syrup, bacon and more on top of a fork tower. Tricky rules dictate what can be touching or placed where, so you can get strategic making it harder for other player, but don’t topple the waffle tower. Ages 5+, 2-4 players. 8. Toil and Troublez: My favorite Grandpa Beck’s card game in years. Push your luck to play cards in a sequence, but don’t get too greedy. Colorful graphics and a simple concept for the whole family. Ages 7+, 2-6 players.

  • Tried and True Games for Kids and the Entire Family

    The Game King is also a grandpa and loves having great games to play with with grandkids! This list contains his tried and true hits that littles will love and adults will enjoy too. 1. Sleeping Queens 2: Play your cards (using simple math skills) to wake up the queens and collect them. Or put your opponents’ queens to sleep. You will fall in love with the charming visuals, and there’s a new sequel game if you’re tired of the first. Ages 8+ (could be younger), 2-5 players. 2. Pengoloo:  This game teaches numbers, colors and memory skills for younger kids. And it’s based on adorable penguins hatching eggs. The roll of the dice tells you which color eggs to find. Lift the penguin to find that egg and it’s yours. The all-wood pieces are an extra bonus. Ages 4+, 2-4 players. 3. Zimbbos: This circus-themed game doubles as a toy and is a game that appeals to the youngest kids. Build a tower using elephants, balancing bars, and other figures. It also teaches number recognition and problem solving. The all-wood pieces are great quality. Ages 3+, 1-4 players. 4. Outfoxed: Figure out which fox is on the loose. Eliminate them by using clues. The best part is a genius contraption that lets you reveal special clues until there’s only one fox left. (Seriously, the contraption is the best part.) Ages 4+, 2+ players. 5. Dr. Eureka: Don’t let someone tell you this is a kid’s educational game. For me, it’s a fast-paced race to pour colored balls back and forth in test tubes to match the picture on the card. Don’t touch the balls, just the tubes. And sure, it can be educational, too. (And this translates well for a game for all ages.) Ages 8+, 1-4 players. 6. Paco's Party: Flip over a card to reveal a party. There are four guests and three party items. Figure out which one is missing from the scene and you win the card. If everything is there, it’s time to dance and shout “Paco’s Party.” Ages 4+, 2-6 players. 7. Zingo: Think Bingo meets Tic Tac Toe with some reading skills worked in. This is a great game for early readers and pre-schoolers. And they love playing against parents or grandparents. Ages 4+, 1-6 players. 8. Chickyboom: Remove chickens and other pieces from a precarious perch but make sure it doesn’t get out of balance and topple over. Teaches math-type skills, dexterity and problem solving. The pieces are all high quality wood and the game is solid. Ages 3+, 2-4 players. 9. Concept Kids: You have to get people to guess your animals, so you put markers by certain characteristics on the board. Color, where it lives, what it eats, etc. This is a collaborative game simple enough for some of the younger ones. Ages 4+. 2-12 players. 10. Cake-n-Bake Challenge: Simple, easy and great for younger kids. Follow the color-coded layers on your “recipe” card to build a matching slice of cake in a race against other players. You can even wear the included baker’s hat if you’re first. Ages 4+, 2-6 players. 11. Dragomino: Kind of like an intro to dominoes with a dragon twist. If you can match the pictures on the dominoes, you can reveal a dragon egg and hope it has a baby dragon in it. Ages 5+, 2-4 players. 12. Sherlock Express: Who committed a crime from the six animals on the cards? Flip over clue cards one by one to eliminate the suspects until there’s just one left. Slap the card and it’s yours. ( I also play this with adults and it holds up well.) Ages 7+, 2-6 players 13. Waffle Topple: This is a fun stacking game where you place waffles, syrup, bacon and more on top of a fork tower. Tricky rules dictate what can be touching or placed where, so you can get strategic making it harder for other player, but don’t topple the waffle tower. Ages 5+, 2-4 players. 14. Mantis: Make matching sets by trying to steal these colorful cards from opponents. Use clues to figure out who has the cards you want. Ages 7+, 2-6 players. 15. Exit the Game Kids: Specially designed for younger kids as an “introduction to deduction.” Follow clues to figure which three animals to pick on your decoder spinning wheel and the turn it over to see if you got the code correct. Ages 4-6, could be played solo with adult guidance, or small group collaboration. (This is NOT like Exit The Game for adults. It is a simple deduction game.) 1. Just One: I love collaborative games and this is one of the best. One person has to guess a word from the clues everyone submits, but duplicate clues get eliminated so you can’t give the obvious clues. Great for medium sized groups. (More than 15 and it starts to get too much.) Ages 8+, 4+ players. 2. Go Nuts for Donuts: Several donuts are up for grabs, each of them worth different points. Just pick which one you want. But if you picked the same as someone else, no one gets it. It’s strategy and second guessing with some pink glaze and sprinkles. Ages 8+, 2-6 players. 3. Linkee: You are given clues to four different things. But the REAL challenge is figuring out how the four things are linked. You have to silently figure out the first clues, and hope you’re right and then link them. Fun game that fits even for informal settings. Ages 12+, 2-20 players. 4. Think Fast: Currently one of my absolute favorite games. Two teams compete to guess 15 words from a clue. There are three rounds and each round, the clue gets more obscure while the 15 words stay the same. Great for any size group. Ages 8+, 4+ players. 5. Cobra Paw: One of the best “ice breaker” games to just get people drawn in quickly. There are a series of tiles with two icons on each. When you roll the two “icon dice”, race to be the first to snatch the tile that matches. Ages 6+, 2-6 playersiminate suspects in this funny disguised animal whodunnit. Ages 8+, 2-4 players. 6. Dr. Eureka: Don’t let someone tell you this is a kid’s educational game. For me, it’s a fast-paced race to pour colored balls back and forth in test tubes to match the picture on the card. Don’t touch the balls, just the tubes. (Sure, it can be educational, too.) Ages 8+, 1-4 players. 7. Tiki Topple: Nine colorful tiki tokens are stacked on top of each other. You are assigned three and now everyone is fighting to move their tokens up the pole with their action cards while some tikis are getting “toasted” until there are only three left. Ages 10+, 2-4 players. 8. Tenzi: One of my favorite “ice-breaker” games. You have ten dice and have to roll the to get an assigned task: all odds, add up to 47, all the same number, etc. Great way to get some quick energy in your game night (best in a short burst). Ages depending, one set of 10 dice per person. 9. Zillionaire's Road Trip: Monopoly meets auction-like bidding meets Sequence. What are you willing to pay for properties along “roadside Americana”. Get four in a row and you win. This game can go much longer than I like a game to go, but if you’re prepared for that, it’s a fun twist. Ages 8+, 2-5 players. 10. Herd Mentality: It doesn’t matter what the “right” answer is to a question, it just matters what is the most popular. Name a farm animal. What’s your favorite finger? You have to match the “herd” to get a point. Ages 10+, 3+ players. 11. Happy Salmon: Few games get people up and moving like Happy Salmon. Flip your cards over and find someone who has the same card, complete the action described and go to the next card. My stomach hurts every time I play (short bursts of shouting). Ages 6+, 3-8 players. 12. WHOZIT: Clever collaborative game. One person tries to get the rest to decide which celebrity/job is assigned by giving two clues on a sliding scale. You have to work together to reach the end goal in five rounds. Ages 10+, 2+ players. 13. Spot It: Everyone knows this game, but the best way to play it is NOT the traditional way. Everyone takes a card and turns them over at the same time. Find someone you match and then offload your card on them and you’re free. Last person standing is the loser. It’s frantic. Ages 6+, can play with larger groups with this version. 14. Sushi Go: You start with a set of cards, each worth different points based on combinations and sets, but you can only take one and pass the rest on. You’ll get a new set of cards from another player and have to keep building as you go with the leftovers from other players. Fun graphics and a great twist for a game. Ages 8+, 2-5 players. 15. Color Brain: Clever game where you have color coded cards you have to race to put down to match the color question. What are the colors of the Belgium flag? Get your color cards picked in a race against everyone. (There’s a Disney version that is a little too obscure for me.) Ages 12+, 2-20 players. 16. Code Names: Does anyone NOT have this game already? Two teams racing against each other to identify random word cards on a grid. Give clues that connect multiple words so you can find your team’s words first. Ages 12+, 4-12 players. 17. Block Party: Create an assigned object, but all you have is small colored blocks and a timer you’re racing against. Can the guesser figure out what you created? And watch for added challenges. Super simple concept everyone can grasp quickly. Ages 6+, 2+ players 18. So Clover: Identify four clues for what four word pairs have in common with each other. Then scramble the words and add some extra words to see if the rest of the group can figure out what the four original pairs were. Fun collaborative game. Ages 10+, can play in a larger collaborative group (up to 10 players). 19. You Can't Say Umm: Can you get your team to guess two random words as you describe them? Sounds easy enough? Oh yeah, you can’t say the word “ummm”. More challenging and funnier than you think, especially with a couple other twists that can get mixed in. All ages, At least 4 players. 20. Hues and Cues: Picture a giant color swatch board. You have to give a one word clue to get everyone to figure out exactly which color is the right one. Periwinkle, huckleberry, Barney, plum could all be your clue, but will other players know where to put their marker? Ages 8+, 3-10 players.

  • Family Toy Guide

    This year we decided we needed to create a new category focused on toys that are great for multiple ages! So many of these toys fit in all of the age categories, so this guide needed to happen. Many of you also like to shop for big ticket toys that you can give as a family gift. This list includes all of these items and most of our favorite toys can be found on this list! Shop All Ages: 0-2 2-4 5-7 8-10 Teen Family 1. Yoto Mini: Kids can listen to audio books by inserting a credit card style card. It’s portable and includes a headphone jack. Excellent screen-free option that promotes a love for learning and there are book cards for all ages. Consider the Yoto monthly membership to save on cards and acessories. 2. PlaySmol Bounce House: This company has figured it out by ditching obnoxious bounce house colors! These are great for indoor and outdoor play! Mel has the rainbow and Mandy has the neutral. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 3. Picasso Tiles: These blocks are a massive hit for so many ages! If you are wanting a building toy for your family, this is a staple you don’t want to miss out on. These are compatible with Magna Tiles. 4. Sarah's Silks: The classic silk set is a playroom staple and open-toy perfection! Kids can use as dress-ups, incorporate in small-world play, storytelling, building, and more! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 5. Stapelstein Elements: Finally in the US! Colors are beautiful and they hold up to 396lbs! Kids will love stacking, sorting, creating obstacle courses, water play, balancing, and more! Play inside or outside with these elements. 6. Sensory Tiles: These sensory squares are perfect for floor is lava, obstacle courses, small world play, and more! Babies even love for tummy time! The liquid in the tiles move when pressed. Great MESH toy too. 7. Jumparoo: Fan fav because it gets all the wiggles out! There is no double bounce so kids of all ages can play together! It can be used inside or outside, and they offer some really fun attachments. 8. Airfort: This fort sets up in seconds and is a space saver. There are different colors and designs to pick from and all you need to add is a box fan. Kids enter and exit by lifting up the fort. It stores in a small bag which is awesome! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Or, shop on Amazon. 9. LeoMat: Known for their cover patterns and tri-fold technology. We recommend starting with one and investing in the water-proof cover. Our favorite build with the LEO is making climbing mountains with their tri-fold mats. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 10. The Ultimate Learning Table: The designer of this learning table is the sensory and play-based learning queen. You can customize your table depending on needs. It's water-proof and can be used inside or outside. This company also offers hundreds of sensory table inserts. We love their art easel, portion board, faucet board, science board; honestly, we love everything they offer and wish we owned it all. 11. Modi Modu: This is a magnetic wall decal—and removeable. Kids can even paint and use expo markers on it. We recommend using their magnet sets, magnetic tiles, and clixos on the decal. 12. Grocery Store/Fresh Market: We actually opt for this grocery store over a play kitchen! The grocery store has tons of storage, and many kids can play at once. This toy is able to hold all of our pretend play food sets. 13. Tonie Box: A favorite at Mel’s house and such a great alternative to screens! You purchase the characters separately and the Tonie will play audio books, music, and MORE! One thing that is also great about this toy is that the stories make great gifts so they can be requested instead of lots of small toys from friends and family. 14. Pyramids Blocks: Wooden blocks should be a staple in every toy room. Beautiful colors and different size blocks are perfect for open-ended play. These can be used by littles and big kids. 15. RIWI: 24-massive foam blocks will keep kids building! Create forts, houses, towers, and more! They also sell a play couch cover. All of the foam blocks perfectly fit into the cover which turns it into a play couch. 16. Wonder and Whimsy Play House: Wonder and Whimsy created a play house that can be used in so many ways! Add blocks, peg dolls, cars, pirates, TV characters, clear cubes, silks, princesses, etc. It’s solid wood and beautifully crafted. 17. Stairslide: Who doesn’t want a slide indoor?! You can purchase per slide depending on stairs and thrill level. You can even use these on the couch for toddlers. They nest so it's easy to store in the closet or under a bed. Use code: TOYTESTING10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 18. Story Dream Machine: Nostalgia alert! This story projector plays short stories on the wall. Part of the collection includes the Little Golden book stories. Such a fun toy to add to your nighttime routine. Right now, this toy is hard to find. It was $50 back in September. Don't overpay on Ebay or other sellers. Either wait for them to stock up or don't buy. 19. Acorn: If you want a play couch but don’t have a ton of space, Acorn is great because you can purchase a base and wedge for $150. This gives you the option to add on more later. They offer a wedge instead of triangle. 20. MagnetBlox: These soft, magnetic blocks click together to make planes, cars, forts, and anything your kids can imagine. It’s the perfect STEAM/STEM toy and excellent for ages 2-10. 21. Nugget: Known for their durability and color variety; Nugget offers an incredible play couch! We purchased our first Nugget in 2020 and it has held up to so many forts, obstacles, jumps, and messy kids! We recommend getting two Nuggets! It's the only play couch with a 2-year warranty. 22. Rock Wall: Mel has this climbing wall in her house! You can customize dimensions and select the holds and colors you want. This is great movement toy! We place a Nugget underneath for soft landings. 23. Bilibo: We call it the “turtle shell”! Kids can spin with their Bilibo and even play floor as lava. Love that they come in such fun colors—12 to pick from! 24. Camp Snap: This camera is screen-free, point and click, so kids can be in the moment and not focused on looking at the photos they took or messing with settings. Our kids have loved toting this around to all of our fun activities. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for $5 off your purchase! 25. Doorway Swing: Swing indoors without any hardware! All you need is a door! This set comes with a traditional swing, sensory sling, and trapeze bar. This is an excellent option if you don’t want a permanent indoor swing. 26. Swedish Ladder: This is a 9-in-1 Swedish ladder wall. Kids can climb, slide, swing, hang, and so much more! This is a very permanent feature and does require room! Be sure to check out the dimensions before ordering. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire order! This is MAJOR savings! 27. Monkey Bars: Last Christmas Mel hired a contractor to install these monkey bars from Project Playroom! There are so many colors to pick from and you can install going up the wall or across the ceiling! Mel keeps play couches underneath for a soft fall. 28. Art Frame: What do you do with all the artwork? This frame is awesome because kids can open and display their favorite creation! It also stores all of the other artwork behind it! 29. Superspace: These magnetic panels help your kids engineer creative builds like forts, rocket ships, tunnels, boats, and more! You can purchase add-on pieces like their whiteboard panel. This is an excellent STEM and MESH toy. 30. Skybar: It’s collapsible and adjustable which we love! We get so many messages from people telling us their kids play with this bar all day! It’s perfect for getting all the wiggles out! 31. Play and Away Table: This is a collapsible play table and it’s fully customizable. Mel’s girls love to use for art and sensory play! The backboard is awesome because it can hold all of the supplies and the containers are included. 32. Zipline: Who doesn’t want a zipline in their backyard? Kit comes with everything to install. All you need is two sturdy trees 20-55ft apart. Younger kids can enjoy because you sit on a swing to zip! 33. Splendipity Hammocks: These hammocks are sturdy and so comfy. They are easy to install, and the package comes with all the hardware you need. The inside is soft minky and it can hold up to 135lbs. The designs will elevate any bedroom or toy room! 34. PlayFolies: This building set sparks so much creativity. There are two sets you can pick from! The Casa Azul is beautifully designed, and the Canvas set allows kids to paint and use markers on it. The canvas set can be wiped off for kids to design over and over. This building set can be used as a dollhouse, fort, table, kitchen, easel, and more. Both kits can easily be stored. 35. Sarah's Silks: Our kids love their larger play silks! They get so creative when using them! They have become a staple and are used almost every time the kids are in their toy room. We recommend purchasing a few giants and at least one double silk. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 36. Indoor Swing: Get an indoor swing and thank us later! All you need is this swing hardware set and your fav swing! This hardware can hold up to 5,000lbs and it’s under $25! Here are some swing options you can pair the hardware with! Trapeze Bar, Saucer Swing, Pod Swing, Sensory Swing. 37. Dough Kits: Happy Life Magic has several staple kits to pick from like their unicorn and construction set. They have killer accessories, and their dough is gorgeous. Dough kits are great for sensory and MESH play. Kids also love to create small world play settings with these kits. 38. Hand Bells: I promise you these bells will get used by the entire family as a family activity! Our favorite thing to do in our extended family setting is turn on the YouTube play along videos. Our mom teaches music education and highly recommends this set. 39. Dog E: We didn’t think we would love but we do! Every robotic dog is one in a million—different colors and features. The app allows you to play with your dog, feed it, take to the spa, and so much more! 40. Couch Swag: Transform your play couch into a farm, coffee shop, ice cream station, lemonade stand, and more. Our kids have been loving using their Nuggets for pretend play with this fun attachment.

  • 0-2 Toy Guide

    This age range can often be challenging to shop for because littles are growing and developing so quickly, and we know you want to invest in toys that will stand the test of time. We have developed an amazing list of toys from a variety of brands. These toys will be loved by your kids and grandkids for years to come. Shop All Ages: 0-2 2-4 5-7 8-10 Teen Family 1. Play Mat: This is The Play Gym from Lovevery and it checks all the boxes for a baby play mat. This toy is great for newborns all the way up to 18 months and beyond. The quality is excellent and all the sensory elements were perfectly designed. 2. Mini Bilibos: MOLUK toys makes a wide variety of open-ended toys! These mini bilibos are excellent for color sorting, stacking, scooping, and endless adventures. 3. Gear Spinner: This stacking toy from Fat Brain toys always gets played with at our house. The bright colors and spinning mechanism make it an enjoyable sensory experience for every kiddo. 4. MOX balls: This set of 3 silicone balls are great for kids to develop those fine motor skills. They squish, grab, and change shape, making them the perfect introductory toy for open ended play. 5. Sensorial Reef Baby Toy: This sensory toy has it all! We were super impressed by each sensory element attached to this plush toy. It also comes with a strap to easily attach to the stroller or car seat. 6. Winkel Rattle: This baby teething rattle is ideal for little hands. Easy to grab and hold, while delivering a fun and enjoyable jingle for babies. I've also thrown this in the freezer to give my baby a cooling sensation while using it as a teether. 7. Jellycat Lovey: Jellycat makes such quality plush toys! This lovey is one of my babies most prized possessions. The perfect mix of a stuffed animal and blankie. 8. Tulu Spools: Roll them, stack them, nest them, sort them, and combine them with all the other Moluk toys. You can build them into a castle, arrange them into a smile, or even turn them into a modern work of art. 9. Sarah's Silks: These are play silks and they are one of mine and my children's favorite open-ended toys. They are so soft and made out of 100% mulberry silk. We use them to build forts, dress up, and water play. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire order! 10. Ice Cream Rattle and Shake: I love Melissa and Doug toys and this ice cream rattle didn't disappoint. Attach to the stroller or car seat and take for on the go entertainment. Extend the ice cream and watch it rattle and shake its way back into form. 11. Penguin Plushie: This handmade, stuffed penguin is from Cuddle and Kind. It is SO SWEET and the perfect size for little hands. This company also donates 5 meals to kiddos in need for every purchase made. 12. Ball Popper Toy: IT'S TIME TO POP, DROP, AND ROLL: Watch kids' eyes fill with wonder while tracking the 5 colorful balls as they pop up in the air, roll down the ramps, then through the clear tubes and back up again. 13. Baby Lit Books: This company makes our favorite board books. They are high quality, and their stories also mimic classic books that even adults can enjoy. The illustrations are also beautiful and vibrant. Use code: TOYTESTING15 for 15% off your order! 14. Lumipet Star Belly: This is a sound soother, night light, and white noise machine all in one. It lights up the ceiling with fun and colorful stars and is cry activated! 15. Nugget Couch: I cannot say enough good things about this play couch. It comes in the most beautiful/vibrant colors and gets SO much play time in my home. I also love that this company stands behind quality and offers a 2-year warranty on all of their play couches. We have had our Nuggets for over 4 years and they still look brand new. 16. Memory Stuffy: Hey Kitty Rae is a company we stumbled across this year and we instantly fell in love. The owner makes custom stuffed animals out of fabric from sentimental items! We had her make our kids stuffed animals from our old dresses and they turned out so beautifully. She also makes an assortment of handmade stuffed animals and dolls. 17. Fine Motor Hedgehog: Spike the fine motor hedgehog is an award-winning fine motor skills toy. The pegs store inside the body for easy transportation. 18. The Busy Bunny: This activity toy from Petit Collage is perfect for little hands. Bright colors and several sensory elements make this a winner for the littles. It's also made with organic materials that make it so much safer for mouthing and play. 19. Balloon Cover: This is the best way to allow your kids to play with balloons but keep them SAFE! This is a balloon cover from Sarah's silks. It works by inserting a latex balloon inside and blowing it up to shape. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 20. Wee Baby Stella: Our favorite soft baby doll, the Wee Baby Stella. She's the perfect size for your L.O. and has the cutest magnetic binky. 21. Whirley Squigz: These are the ideal suction cup toy to entertain your little one on the go. They suction to any smooth surface, making them excellent for the window of an airplane etc. The spinning effect keeps kids coming back for more! 22. Magnetic Animals: These safari animals from SmartMax are magnetic and an excellent tool for fine motor development. My kids have played with for years and they haven't broken apart or lost any of their magnets. 23. Bath Time Subscription Box: Bubbles and Joy is one of our favorite companies and for good reason. They curate the most unique bath time boxes for your kids to enjoy. They have a subscription you can sign up for that gives you a new bath box every month or you can check out their single boxes as well. They also pride themselves on finding clean products which makes my mama heart happy. 24. Sensory Wands: This 4 pack of sensory wands is actually a toy from my own childhood that I loved. Use them for sensory or imaginative play. They are made of quality materials and can be used for years to come. 25. Transparent Building Blocks: These are a fun take on traditional wooden blocks. They are made with both wood and acrylic and perfect to play with in the sun or on a light table. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 26. Wobble Ball Run: Fat Brain Toys did it again with this fun, weighted ball run. The balls wiggle and roll down this colorful track for loads of toddler fun! 27. Busy Board: This busy board from Le Toy Van is excellent for developing hand eye coordination. Colorful and fun, we know this toy will be a hit this season! 28. Wooden Walker: This is an excellent take on those traditional plastic walking toys. It is made with beautifully crafted wood and comes in the cutest colors. Really a multi functional toy that includes both the walker and blocks. 29. Wooden/Silk Teether: This is a silk and wooden teething ring from Sarah's Silks and is one of our favorite toys to gift for a baby shower. It is perfect for teething littles and the materials are ethically sourced. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your puchase! 30. Ball Drop: This is a unique Montessori toy that will keep your kids coming back for more! This wooden hide and find ball drop is great for developing problem solving skills.

  • 2-4 Toy Guide

    2–4 year olds have the cutest developing personalities. You probably feel like your kiddos are really growing into themselves and we want to help you find toys that will match their unique personalities. These toy guides contain tried and true toys that we have put to the test to ensure you're investing in toys that will last for years to come! Shop All Ages: 0-2 2-4 5-7 8-10 Teen Family 1. Climbing Dome: Lily and River make the perfect indoor climbing dome for littles. Honestly, my favorite part about this toy is you can easily assemble and disassemble it to store in or out of the way depending on your floor space! It is also made incredibly well and will last for years to come. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS to save yourself 15% at checkout! 2. Downhill Duo: New toy for 2023. These little magnetic racers are so much fun for kids to race. It pairs well with your magnetic blocks sets. 3. Stepping Stones: These stepping stones from Green Elephant Home are a great budget option to a popular favorite. Beautiful, colorful, and perfect for lots of imaginative play. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 4. Climbing Rocker: This is a favorite of ours from Lily and River. Rock and sway while relaxing or reading a fun book on the padded side or flip it over for climbing and walking fun. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 5. Marble Tree: This colorful marble tree is so addicting to play with. The marble sized wooden balls that come with it are great, but if your kiddo is still mouthing then grab their larger set of wooden balls to pair with it. The satisfying clink that this makes will have YOU and your kiddos coming back for more. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 6. Ice Cream Stand: Melissa and Doug released a new ice cream toy this year and we are obsessed. It is the perfect toy for imaginative play and our kids cannot get enough. We love that they made this set bigger and better, with added treats and several unique features! 7. Wobble/Balance Board: We love that this balance board is perfect for getting the wiggles out. This particular set on Amazon is also amazing because it can be used as a swing as well and comes with everything you need to convert it. 8. Shopping Cart: Look no further for the perfect little sized shopping cart. This is from Melissa and Doug and we love how big and sturdy it is. You could even take this to the store and let your kiddo shop right alongside you. 9. Vet Set: This is a vet set from Melissa and Doug and our kids think giving our family dog a checkup is the best thing ever. (Good thing we have such a patient pup!) They have loaded the kit with excellent accessories. 10. Ball Pit: Lily and River make the only ball pit you need! The base can also be used as a safe space for baby and is padded and so soft. The balls are also crush proof and such good quality! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 11. Wooden Ferris Wheel: This wooden ferris wheel from Petit Collage is well built and includes the sweetest wooden figures to take for a ride. The crank handle is perfect for little hands and is painted with non-toxic paints to ensure the highest safety standards. 12. Wooden Pirate Ship: This is probably the cutest pirate ship we've ever found. It is very well built, a good size, and has lots of moving parts! The pirate flags on the ship also glow in the dark for an added element of surprise. 13. Beauty Kit: Le Toy Van did it again with this wooden beauty kit. These pieces are also painted with water based, non-toxic paint. This set is so darling and even comes with a carrying case to tote around your beauty supplies. 14. Alpha Pops: We love a good learning toy and this one checks all the boxes for us. These pops are beautifully colored and we love that they satisfyingly snap together. You match the uppercase and lowercase letters together and can practice color sorting as well. 15. 3 House Bundle: These wooden play houses are not your ordinary wooden toys. They come with the most beautiful acrylic gems which make them so unique, turning the windows into "stained" glass. Hello Sugarhouse is one of our favorite companies and never disappoints with their quality and creativity in product! Use code: TOYTESTING10 for 10% off your entire purchase at checkout! 16. Bristle Blocks: These blocks are from Picasso Tiles (our favorite magnetic off brand tiles) and are super affordable on Amazon. This is an excellent STEM toy that also promotes lots of creativity. 17. Wooden Rainbow: We found our favorite wooden rainbow and it is so fun for open ended play. The wood pieces are stained in a light color to enhance their wood grain. Our kids love stacking, building, and using these for ball and marble runs. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 18. Tilt Scooter: This is one of the best tilt scooters on the market. They have a little higher price point but they have a great warranty, are built to last, and can hold up to 110lbs. Globber scooters are the way to go! 19. Alphabet Acorns: Excellent learning toy that develops skills like color sorting and letter/sound recognition. It helps kids with their visual and tactile learning, and it can be used in small world play. 20. Snap and Learn Counting Sheep: These sheep are great for color sorting and number recognition. Kids can snap the wool on and off, so it also helps with fine motor development. For your child is interested in working on numbers and counting, this is a great fit! 21. Pilot Dashboard: This set is a unique play on a sensory station IMO. There are so many buttons, lights, switches, and interactive elements. 22. Train Briefcase: I got this for my daughter last year when she requested a train set from Santa Claus. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on one because I wasn't super sure she would even be that into it. I love that this one is compact and all the pieces store inside it like a briefcase. I also bought this electric toy train from BRIO to pair with it and she loved that it could tug along the other pieces in the case. (It was compatible with this set.) 23. Tot Tube: This toy is universal and so much fun for our little kids. We love that it can be used for cars, balls and other random objects around the house! If it fits, it goes (or tries)! 24. Travel Activity Kits: These are travel activity kits for kids that include crafts, toys, games, and are curated specifically for the age and interests of your child. They were designed to encourage and promote independent play. We take these for travel in the car or plane, and use them as our quiet bags in church! 25. Sit n Spin: This wooden spinner seat is such a good staple in our toy rooms. It can also hold up to 250lbs which means even the adults can join in on the fun. 26. Gem Sorter: Isn't this thing gorgeous? Our kids think gem sorting is so soothing and so do we! The double-sided, wooden board comes with gems for you to pattern and sort. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off your entire order! 27. Wee Baby Stella: This is the softest and sweetest little baby doll. It's soft to cuddle and can be paired with a variety of Manhattan Toy accessories. It also comes with a magnetic binky that is fun to pop in and out of babies' mouth. 28. Winnie the Pooh Toy: This is a fun little set from Playmobil. The bees jump out of the honey pots with a little spring when pushed inside. This toy is a great deal and excellent quality. New toy for 2023 and you can pair with the remaining collection. 29. Foam Sword: This is a silk and foam sword from Sarah's Silks. It is covered with 100% silk and is filled with a high density foam so no more dangerous hits! Perfect for imaginative play with your little ones. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase! 30. Flower Children: These are wooden flower children from Green Elephant Home. They are beautifully crafted and the perfect take on the traditional peg doll. These are a cute addition to any playhouse. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase! 31. The Nugget: This play couch is a fan favorite and for good reason! The nugget is machine washable, comes with a 2 year warranty, and the quality cannot be beat. This play couch is infinitely configurable and comes with 4 foam pieces. Their color options are the absolute best, and they are constantly coming out with new ones. We have both had our Nuggets for over 4 years and they look brand new. If you find this hidden Easter Egg send us a teddy bear emoji on Instagram for a special surprise!!!

  • 5-7 Toy Guide

    We love that kiddos this age are still into imaginative toys and play. Let them stay little as long as possible! We have rounded up some really quality toys that your kids are sure to love. Trust us when we say that these toys are going to last and be used for years to come. Shop All Ages: 0-2 2-4 5-7 8-10 Teen Family 1. Cinnamon Roll Kit: This new line from Fat Brain Toys is so much fun for imaginative play. Great for ages 3-7. The storage kit also doubles as the oven. So many amazing textures for sensory play. 2. Dentist Set: This is the dentist set from Melissa and Doug. We love how much fun our kiddos have using this kit to pretend they are visiting the dentist themselves. It also comes with life size teeth that you can use to practice scrubbing cavities away. 3. Beauty Salon Vanity: There are many makeup/salon sets out there. This one is great because it includes makeup and hair tools. Everything fits into the vanity, making it portable and organized. 4. Wooden Pirates: This pirate set is from Green Elephant Home and is impressive in size and quality. Each piece is hand carved and painted. Sometimes you don't want to fill your home with just action figures. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS for 10% off your entire purchase at checkout. 5. Barber Kit: This is the cutest barber kit and our kids have been loving it. We have never seen a pretend set quite like this and it is a favorite in both our homes. Made with quality materials and great for imaginative play. 6. Calico Critters: My kids think these flocked figures are so cute and I have to agree. They are perfect for small world play and they really are great quality. This penguin set might just be under our Christmas tree this year. 7. Sorting Bears: Driddle for Little has a great sorting bear set that we both own and use. The color sorting and counting activities you can do with this set are endless. The pricing on this product is excellent as well. 8. Brain Flakes: This building toy is one our kids always enjoy. We love that it comes with a building manual loaded with several creative build ideas. This toy also great for color and number sorting. 9. Plus Plus Puzzle: This puzzle by number set is a unique take on the traditional Plus Plus and is new this year. Free building with Plus Plus is great, but we love that this gives you the option to do a flat lay puzzle with the pieces as well. 10. Magnetic Dollhouse: This dollhouse is modular AND magnetic! The Adventure Dollhouse is a modular dollhouse that gives children the flexibility to explore and use their imaginations with rooms that are easy to arrange in endless layouts. The simple and modern design looks beautiful while encouraging creativity. 11. Translucent Shapes: These geometric, translucent shapes, from Learning Resources, are perfect for building fun objects on a light table or just by themselves. A great option for open-ended, learning play! 12. Magnetic Race Track: This is a favorite set of ours from Picasso Tiles. Your kids will enjoy building the racetrack and racing the battery powered cars together. A perfect STEM toy for your little engineer. 13. Blutrack: This is our favorite racing track and for good reason! It easily rolls up to store and is ONE PIECE! You don't have to worry about losing hot wheels tracks and having to throw away the entire set. Such a good quality toy that will last you forever! You can also hang it on the wall with a command hook or use the suction cup to stick to a smooth surface. 14. Custom Clicques: These are hand crafted, magnetic peg dolls from Europe and we think they would be the perfect replacement to Christmas ornaments. You can customize each doll with their name, skin, hair color, and clothing color. These dolls are beautiful, heirloom quality toys. 15. Castle Blocks: These colored castle blocks are the perfect base to enjoy endless building creations. They are perfect to pair with peg dolls for small world play. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase! 16. Lucite Cubes: Another fan favorite from Green Elephant Home. Did I mention these are the perfect building toy and so fun to use on a light table or in the sun. They are beautiful and reflective and a great price! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase! 17. Squinkies Cupcake Dispenser: This toy has made a comeback and for good reason. The small squishy figures are so much fun to pop open from this cupcake vending machine. This is a great Amazon find! 18. Brio Train Set: Brio is known for their train sets. It has a higher price point, but you are paying for quality. There are many trains, kits, and add-ons to pick from. We are featuring their best seller because it comes with everything you need to get your kid engineering. 19. Foil Fun Stickers: Trust us when we tell you this will keep your kids entertained for a LONG TIME! This is a DIY foil sticker kit. Watch your kids use their creativity and imagination to create some beautiful, handmade, foam stickers. 20. Washable Color and Play Mat: Our good friend Kate designed these incredible coloring mats that can be used and RE used forever. Fill them up with color and then just simply toss them into the washing machine. They will look brand new and be ready for more play. 21. Safari Animals Set: This set of play animal figures is the BEST dupe for another very popular/pricy toy animal brand. This particular set comes with 20 figures, and each are beautifully painted to be hyper realistic. 22. Tivi Tray: This is a craft tray from Tivi Tray and we can honestly say our kids use them almost daily. They come in a hard plastic or silicone option and make cleaning up arts and crafts messes a breeze. Also check out their collection of Tivi Mats! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS for 10% off at checkout! 23. Brain Teaser Game: This brain teaser logic puzzle comes with a reference book which has different levels of challenges. It helps children develop creative problem solving skills, and is a fun hands-on activity. A colorful and fun game to keep your kiddos brains active and engaged. 24. Cleaning Kit: This is a FULLY FUNCTIONING cleaning set from Fat Brain Toys. Can I tell you this kit is actually my favorite thing we own right now! My kids will literally fight at who gets to clean the windows. 25. Nighthawk: Probably our most 'viral' toy! This 12V ride on vehicle is perfect to zoom around the neighborhood. Our kids always get asked about it and it's a great size and maneuvers well. 26. Desk Set: Class is in session! On the outside of the portable school desk are a magnetic blackboard, two built-in utensil cups, and a stand for the learning cards. Open it up and you'll find a magnetic whiteboard, two lidded storage spaces, plus plenty of supplies including chalk, magnetic letters and numbers, magnetic tangram shapes, sight word cards, math cards, and more. 27. Doodle Handwriting Book: We found this small business on Amazon and love the products they have to offer. These writing books help develop handwriting skills in a fun and creative way! Perfect to put in a quiet bag or to work on at home. 28. Potion Play: Little Larch products are clean and beautifully made. All you need to do is add water and your kids will experience a fun, bubbling reaction. 29. Zingo: This is the ADD ON pack for the traditional Zingo Game that introduces your kids to sight words. We love the game Zingo and love that it now has expansion packs to use. This game is one of the most played in our homes. 30. REAL Makeup Kit: I've been on the hunt for a safe and clean makeup kit for my girls. I was tired of them using really crappy, and toxic products on their precious faces. This makeup was made in the USA with pure minerals and ZERO talc.

  • 8-10 Toy Guide

    This can be a hard age to shop for because kids are opting for screens and their days are filled with school and extracurricular activities. We have rounded up some awesome finds that your big kids will love doing. Everything from brain games to a 3D printer! Shop All Ages: 0-2 2-4 5-7 8-10 Teen Family 1. 3D Printer: An insane amount of research went into finding a 3D printer with an interface for kids. Toy Box created a 3D printer that is simple for kids to print their own toys. Kids can pick from thousands of toys. Simply select the toy, insert printer food, and hit print. Prints can take 5 min to several hours depending on complexity. 2. Swords: These swords are for older kids because they are heavy! We recommend 7+. You can purchase a single sword or buy a few a swap around the components. You can even customize your own sword. Our kids love changing the blade, cross guard, and handle. Kids will love using these for active and pretend play. 3. Tubelox: This is a life-size building and construction set. Your kid can build an airplane, lemonade stand, car, and then actually play with it. You do need to be able to follow build instructions and snap the connectors in place. Younger kids can play and enjoy this toy too, but we recommend 7+. Use code: MM10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 4. Geo Puzzles: These puzzles are Charlie's (8) favorite puzzle set. The set comes with 6 puzzles (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, USA and Canada, and World). Each puzzle has over 50 pieces and they are perfect for helping learn about continents and countries. 5. Super Blocks: This is a pattern matching brain game with thousands of challenges. The goal of the game is to cover the lit bubbles with the appropriate colored pieces. Great game to develop critical thinking and problem solving. 6. AirToobz: New toy for 2023 and a toy award finalist. This toy includes tubes, connectors, kid-safe wind turbine, and foam balls. Kids can engineer and create so many different designs. Lasts about 1hr before it needs to be charged again. Excellent STEM and MESH toy! Drives kids to problem solve and engineer different solutions. 7.White Silks: This Spring we got our kids white silks that they could custom dye! If you have a kid who loves to create, this is the perfect craft activity. All you need is a few bowls, food coloring, and your silks. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 8. Beblox: Step aside LEGO. We love Beblox because kids can build so many different objects and animals and then actually play with them. We hate telling our kids to gently set down their build, so it doesn't get ruined. Beblox solves this problem. We recommend starting with the 500 piece set. This is slotted for 8-10 but kids 5+ will love. 9. Trestle Tracks: It's hard to find a solid marble run that won't tip. This set from Fat Brain is a modular 73 -piece marble set and it is sturdy. Trestle Tracks is an awesome open-ended toy that challenges kids to engineer and get creative. 10. Combo Game Table: This game table is the perfect size and doesn't break the bank. It includes foosball, air hockey, shuffleboard, pool, ping pong, chess, checkers, and backgammon. Assembly is standard and it's simple to switch between the different boards. 11. Smart Four: This is a 3D, AI 4 in a row game! You can either play against the robot or a friend/family member. There are different levels of difficulty too. Great game for keeping kids off screens and engaged. Excellent for pattern recognition and strategic planning–STEM and MESH toy. 12. Ninja Obstacle Course: Want to keep kids moving? This ninja obstacle course will do just that. It sets up quickly and all you need is two sturdy trees. The kit includes 11 accessories for your obstacle course–climbing rope ladder, spinning wheel, ninja slider, monkey bars, gymnastics rings, and more! This isn't an easy course–we recommend 8+. 13. Couch Converter: Give your play couch a makeover with the couch converter. All you need is the thick piece of a play couch. This kit includes the armchair cover and 3 foam pieces (backrest and arm rests). Older kids can use to play video games, lounge, read, and more. It's large and super comfy. 14. Clixo Ocean Creatures: This set is a toy finalist and new for 2023. The Ocean set glows in the dark and kids can make really cool ocean creatures. Kids can also do free-style builds! All you do is click the magnet pieces together. We love that they stack and store easily. This is a great toy to keep in the car or take on a trip. It also pairs well with the Modi Modu wall decal. 15. My Figures Pirate Island: Another new toy for 2023 and toy finalist. Playmobil launched this awesome pirate set. Kids can assemble the pirate island and then customize all of the figures. There are over thousand combinations by mixing heads, arms, bodies, and legs. 16. Gel Blaster: Addicting toy alert and make sure you get a few. Gel balls (orbeez) are loaded into the blaster. It comes with a target and protective eye gear. Older kids and teens are loving these blasters. Less painful than paintball. 17. Putt-A-About: Great for golf lovers. This mat features 3 holes and 2 sand trap cut outs. It rolls out easily and can be stored in a closet or under a bed. 18. Hey Clay: They only way to do clay! Set includes air dry clay (15 cans) and sculpting tool. You get access to the Hey Clay app so kids can follow sculpting videos. Hey Clay offers many kits, so if your kid isn't into the forest animal theme, select another option. 19: Adventure Globe: There are many interactive globes out there and this is our fav. We have used it for over 4 years, and it still works great. There are many different features like BBC videos, information about countries, continents, and animals. Don't get a globe that requires an iPad because it won't get used. 20: DIY Jewlery: PrettyLife makes the most beautiful jewelry kits. Their themes are perfectly curated. The kit includes everything you need to make about 6 bracelets. This is a great activity to do when your kid needs to relax or has friends over. 21. Blinger: Hair accessories are all the rage right now. The blinger kit comes with 75 gems and the tool to gem your hair. The gems stay in place and you can even bling other hair accessories. 22. Snow cone Machine: Who doesn't want a snow cone machine? Kids love a snow cone all year long. Machine is easy for kids to use and its durable. It includes reusable cones but be sure to purchase syrups and extra paper cones. 23. Pierced Earrings: Hands-down the best earrings for toddlers, big kids, and teens! They offer screw backs for their earrings and their hoops include the option to add charms. Our favorite thing is their monthly subscription package. Caroline and Olina check the mail regularly to see if their Pierced package came. Did we mention they are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive ears!? Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 20% off your purchase! 24. GooGames: This toy JUST hit Amazon but we were lucky enough to get to test it before it hit the market. Essentially it is a screen free sensory game that incorporates a satisfying squish. Compact and mess-free, GooGames is a must-have for on-the-go fun! Whether on a road trip, plane, or waiting during errands, it's entertainment right in your pocket! 25. Crazy Cart: This is a kid-powered go-kart, not electric. It's adjustable with different length settings. Kids will love drifting and spinning all over the driveway! Weight limit is 150lbs and we recommend for 5+. 26. Botley: Excellent STEM and MESH toy for early robot programming and coding. There is a remote programmer and 40 coding cards to play with. It includes other fun accessories like face masks and obstacle course pieces. 27. Puzzle Board: Charlie loves puzzles but it stresses me out when puzzles cover my dining room table. This puzzle board supports a 1,500 piece puzzle and has 6 drawers to store pieces. It is very easy to move the puzzle board around. 28. Bumpas: Weighted plushies are an incredible way for kids to recover. Bumpas actually give your kid a hug. You will be hearing more about toys that help kids with emotional recovery. Bumpas is the perfect toy to help calm and relax your kid. 29. Baby Cakes: Baking is a great creative outlet. This cake pop maker makes 9 cake pops. This is a fun alternative to the mini waffle machines that have been popular. 30. Clip-In Extensions: Girlie Locks help you creatively elevate your look. They offer clip-in extensions in different colors, patterns, and textures. The clip-ins come in synthetic and ethically sourced human hair. These are slotted for 8-10, but great for ages 3+!

  • Teen Gift Guide

    Teen guides are fun for us because we get to feature sensory toys, beauty, fashion, and games! Many of these items are great for the hubby or YOU! Be sure to watch for our game guide. It will include great options for older kids and teens. Shop All Ages: 0-2 2-4 5-7 8-10 Teen Family 1. Hulken Bag: This bag is awesome for hauling! It has wheels and collapses easily! Perfect bag for teens to carry gear, clothes, and more! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 2. Perfect Putter: If your teen loves golf, the perfect putter is awesome! It helps you line up your put and easily folds away to store. Charlie (8) and Mandy’s hubby use every day! 3. Nice Cube: One of our favorite sensory toys because of its incredible texture! This is new from Schylling--maker of the Needoh. They are really soothing, and you will find yourself stealing from your teen. 4. Just Ingredients: These clean and safe facial products were created as an alternative to the hormone altering alternatives out there. JI products smell amazing and work! We are big favs of their deodorant, serum, and scrub. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 5. Get Out Pass: Not sure what to get your teen? Consider the Get Out Pass! It’s full of activities like amusement parks, arcades, pottery painting activities, swimming, and more! Check the website and see if they have it in your state. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout to save! 6. Mixhers: Trust us, these aren't just for girls! Mixhers has so many unique and healthy drinks to pick from! We recommend HerPower, HerGreens, and HerHydration for teens! They are packed full of nutrients and a great alternative to soda and energy drinks. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 7. Boomabandz: We call it the giggle machine and human catapult. This is such a fun toy that keeps kids moving! Teens, adults, and big kids will love! You play by running the opposite direction of your partner. 8. Gumdrop: The texture and swishingness makes it a hit!! These gets fought over at our houses! The Gum Drop and Nice Cube are our fav fidget toys right now. 9. Bonded Jewlery: Temporary jewelry is fun and sentimental! Check out Bonded first! They don’t have a location near you, find a similar company. Most companies offer bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. 10. Jadyn Backpack: It seems like everyone has the Lululemon belt bag! Here is a fun alternative. The pattern is darling and it even has an internal water bottle holder. This is great for teens to take to the gym, extra-curricular activities, and use as their main bag. 11. Super Slide: The Giiker Super Slide is a brain-teaser game with over 500 challenges. Our teen sister immediately took this from us when we tried it out! We later found out our other sister had stolen from her–major hit! 12. Electric Scooter: Scooter brands matter and GoTrax is proven. This specific scooter has great specs. It can go up to 20mph and the battery can last up to 25 miles. Max weight is 264lbs. 13. Roasting Stick: These sticks turn biscuit dough into biscuit cups that can be filled with pudding, whipped cream, savory meat, candy, and more. It’s such a unique camping accessory. 14. Water Coloring Books: There’s something about these watercolor books that truly relaxes you—it’s peaceful. The book is made up of landscape and adventure line drawings. Even though this is listed in the teen guide, kids 5+ will love. Our kids have spent hours and hours enjoying these books. 15. Pickle Ball Set: This is a great set for kids to take to the court. It comes with four paddles, four balls, and a carrying case. We also love the fun colors. 16. Luxury Hair Towel: Such fun designs and these hair towels dry hair fast. They are larger than a typical drying hair towel which makes these great for longer hair. 17. DIY Bracelet Set: PrettyLife is known for their beautifully designed bracelet sets. You can’t get these curated options anywhere else. Our girls love making jewelry for friends and each other. Use code: TTS10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 18. Hoverball: The flying orb ball is the ultimate performer of incredible flight tricks. It zooms straight through the air, does cool boomerang flights, hovers magically on your hand, and executes 90° turning flying. 19. Hair Accessories: These best hair clips and accessories! Linking some of our favs! Their lay flat clips are a game-changer and we love the braid cuffs. Also, snag some slick back ponies and GRWM headband. 20. Perfume Sampler: We love DIME because they offer clean and beautiful products. This perfume sampler is fun because your teen can decide which scent they like most. These are unisex perfumes, so they are great for everyone! Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

  • Outdoor Toy Guide 2023

    It's time to grab those toys and head OUTSIDE! We cannot get enough of this warm weather and we love soaking up all the vitamin D with our kiddos. We have curated 5 outdoor toy guides that are worth the hype. Each toy gets the Toy Testing Sisters stamp of approval. 1. Giant Splash Pad: This 11 foot splash pad will keep your kiddos cool all summer long. Great reviews and you can purchase from Costco which means if you have any issues they will take it back and replace it, no questions asked. 2. Bazooka Bubble Blaster: This has been all over the internet lately and for good reason. It is a fun bubble blaster that is great for all kiddos. 3. S'more Maker: This electric s'more kit from Amazon has so many good reviews and doesn't need FIRE to work! Perfect for summer nights outdoors. 4. Corn Hole: We love this corn hole set from Go Sports. The carrying case makes it super easy to transport and store. 5. Find & Seek Card Game: This indoor or outdoor card game is perfect for ages 3+ and is great for the whole family. Such a unique version of hide and seek to take outdoors. 6. Butterfly Garden: We have used this kit every year with our kiddos and each year they love it just as much. You get to watch the entire life cycle of the butterfly and release them into the wild. Such a fun/unique outdoor toy. 7. Walkie Talkies: So many 5 star Amazon reviews, we couldn't pass these up. Kids have so much fun using these with friends, or leave one home with a parent and get in touch with your kiddos while they explore the outdoors independently. 8. Skipidipi Ball: This is a new take on a very classic toy. This ball is soft and the rope makes it a lot less painful to hit against your ankle (we've been there). 9. Inflatable Pool: We couldn't get over this classic design from Target. Mini dip has hit the scene and taken over the last few years. Enjoy your mini pool in style. 10. Giant Jenga: Our family got this set last year and had a ton of fun with it. Building and knocking over the 5ft tower was so fun. This set is quality and will last years. 11. Glide Chrome Hoverboard with Bluetooth: This hoverboard is rugged! It’s awesome because it has Bluetooth and lights up! We recommend for 5+. Always make sure your kids wear a helmet when riding. Charlie loves to use his apple watch and connect it to the Bluetooth! He can cruise and jam at the same time. 12. Bullseye Balance Ball Inflatable Platform: We love when a toy is great for many ages! You can select your thrill level by balancing on the platform or jumping and climbing on the inflatable ball. It inflates in minutes and you can easily store in a Rubbermaid. (Search keyword: BULLSEYE) 13. Kids Electric Scooter: There are many scooters on the market! This is durable and has great stats. We recommend ages 4-8. It can go up to 3 miles between charges and has a speed of 6mph. 14. Wingman Frisbee: You can throw this up to 130ft! It's soft, flexible, and has cool designs to pick from. Easily keep in your car or beach bag for ready to use fun! 15. 3-in-1 Adjustable 3 Square: This is a super-sized 3-square and it's a blast for the entire family! If includes favs like volleyball, bad mitten, and tennis! It’s easy to set up and take down! This is a family fav at Mandy's house. (Search: 3-in-1 Adjustable 3 Square) 16. Pump and Splash Shady Oasis: So much entertainment packed into this activity center. Kids will love all of the different water centers and they can stay cool with the canopy! Toddlers and big kids will enjoy all of the water fun! 17. Airlyft: You probably haven’t seen this outdoor toy before! The airlyft can glide up to 100ft by throwing in the air. Either throw like a football or by it’s tail. We recommend 6+. 18. Handmade Mud Table: This is a collapsible mud table and you can actually use inside or outside! What’s great about this company is you can customize your table! Pick the size, accessories, and counter space requirements. We haven't see any other mud tables like this on the market. 19. Moon Shoes: Did you have these growing up? If not, think of moon shoes as mini trampolines on your feet. You can easily lose balance so make sure to wear a helmet. 20. Spyder Swing: Great for a swing set or tree! It can hold multiple kids and has a weight capacity of 600lbs! Luella and Olina love using this swing on their swing set or install some ceiling hooks and take it inside. 21.Wonderwave: Ride the wave by rocking back and forth! It can be enjoyed by 4 friends and the weight capacity is 500lbs. Love that you can rock or relax on this toy! (Search keyword: WONDERWAVE) 22. Big Wheel Scooter: This scooter from Walmart is the best for big kids and adults. It holds up to 220 lbs. and is perfect to zip around the neighborhood. Plus the price is KILLER! 23. Frisbee: One of our favorite frisbees from Amazon is on sale and is perfect to throw in the car and take to the park. It is lightweight and SOARS. 24. Erasable Book: Doodle books for outside are so much fun. Kids can use for scavenger hunts, bird/tree/and flower categorizing, and creating art. This chalk is dust-less wipes off. 25. Gel Blaster: These gel blasters are all the rage. Just make sure that you play in an area where little kids aren't around. Because it uses gel balls, there is a choking risk. Always wear protective eye gear too. 26. Excavator Ride On: This toy is perfect for any little construction worker. Sit and steer your bucket into dirt, sand, or rocks. So many good reviews and so much fun. 27. Jungle Jumparoo SPRINKLER Attachment: Turret Sprinkler with 5 Water Patterns is a great add-on option for the Jungle Jumparoo! This is the perfect way to beat the summer heat. 28. Jungle Jumparoo: This toy is on our staple list and for good reason. It is the perfect indoor or outdoor toy and can be used for SO many ages. Add the sprinkler attachment on top and this toy is sure to thrill this summer. 29. Swurfer Swing: Any kid or adult can use this swing and surf away. A very unique and fun take on the traditional swing. 30. Bijou Build Mainstay: We Swoon over this one! This tepee is beautiful. It sets up in less than one hour and is full collapsible. It can be used as a jungle gym and lounge. It even comes with solar lights. (Search: Bijou Build Mainstay) 31. Electric Scooter: This electric scooter from Razor has so many great reviews and is perfect for teens or even adults. Holds up to 220 lbs. and has great battery life. As you can see, it's designed to mimic the look of the traditional Razor scooter. 32. Boomabandz: Every time we bring this toy around people stop us and ask where it came from. It's essentially a stretchy slingshot and we always end up laughing and having a great time maneuvering from side to side. 33. Dune Buggy: Who wouldn't have a blast riding this? It can go up to 9mph and can hold a charge up to 40min. It has a weight capacity of 120 lbs. It's recommended for ages 8+ but Mandy's nephew who is 4 can handle it! 34. Moon Ball: This is addictive! Not sure what it is, but the sensory experience of throwing and catching is awesome! It comes in a bunch of fun colors too. Because it is made of zero gravity foam, it bounces really high. 35. Bubble Blaster: Most bubble guns are junk! This one is under $5 and has a great life expectancy. 36. Quick Switch Bow: You can fire up to 250ft with this bow. It comes with two bungees for rapid fire. It's recommend for 14+ but Charlie (7) had no problem using. 37. Refillable Water Balloons: These recently hit the market and they are awesome! You fill with water and the magnetic ring keeps it closed until it impacts something. 38. Balance Bike: We love this toddler balance bike. This is perfect for little kiddos just learning how to balance and steer. This one from Amazon has so many great reviews and can be used from ages 12-24 months. 39. Ultimate Learning Center: We love everything from Creative Learning Co. and this is their latest product! Ashely, the founder, designed a learning table and it can be used indoors and outdoors! This table is great for water, sand, mud, and all sensory play. 40. Climbing Wave: It's unique because most climbers are dome shaped. This one is a fun challenge because it offers more vertical climbing space. 41. Water Doll: Most dolls aren't designed for the water but this one is! It can be used in the pool, ocean, lake, and bath! It also has a soft body which is unique. It dries easily too. 42. Rocking Hammock: This massive 2-in-1 kids' hammock rocker has more than enough space for two kids to rock back and forth in giant wave-like motions. It's awesome for rocking or lounging and can hold up to 300lbs. (Search keyword: ROCKING HAMMOCK) 43. Inflatable Water Slide: We promise that investing in a water inflatable will be a massive hit and it will keep your kids entertained all summer long. Mandy purchased her first H20GO slide 3 years ago and it has been enjoyed by so many kids! This slide includes a blower! 44. Outdoor Zip Line: This zip line kit from Fofana Ninja turns two sturdy trees into a zip line adventure. Bring it to the park or install in your backyard for hours of outdoor fun. 45. Mud Kitchen: This mud kitchen from Wood n Poppy will last your family for YEARS and your kids will play with it non stop. Higher price point, but we think the quality is unmatched. 46. Play Smol Bounce House: We love this toy and the quality! Bring it outside and your kids will have fun bouncing the days away. Use our code TOYTESTINGSISTERS for $30 off your purchase at checkout. 47. Watering Can Set: We love anything from Green Toys but this set is perfect for a little gardener who loves to be outside. 48. Nighthawk: Anytime we share about this toys we get flooded with messages. It is such a unique ride on toy and so much fun for the littles to zip around the neighborhood on. You balance by tilting side to side. We recommend ages 3-11. 49. Inflatable Water Slide: We aren't huge fans of water slides that don't inflate. We find that they end up trashing the lawn and usually rip. This one is awesome because the price point is as much as an inflatable water zone and it includes a blower. 50. Rain Showers Splash Tub: Water tables are so awesome for summer. Especially for kids 1-4. Step2 recently designed a new line of toys under their signature collection and their water table got a beautiful upgrade. We love the metal basin design and faux wood. It is a Target exclusive. 51 Fox Tail: This foxtail is perfect for outdoor, open field play. Throw it in your beach bag or park bag and watch your kiddos play catch together in a fun and unique way. 52. Critter Catcher: What kid doesn't love catching bugs and getting messy? This critter catcher is perfect to temporarily store those outdoor critters. 53. Roller Coaster: This roller coaster is so much fun for little kids to gain a little independence and enjoy a thrilling ride. Built out of a strong plastic material this outdoor toy has lasted us both years. 54. Outdoor Tea Set: This tea set is from Green Toys and is the best quality and is perfect for indoor or outdoor play. The set is easy to clean and built to last. 55. Globber Scooter: This 3 wheel scooter is our favorite if you're looking for something that is going to LAST. Our kids have used these for 5+ years and they can be handed down. We love these tilt scooters and know you will too.

  • Eggcellent Easter Guides for 2023

    With Easter quickly approaching, we wanted to offer you some NON candy ideas to fill your little one's baskets this year. All of these toys are tried and true and get the Toy Testing Sisters stamp of approval. We tried to stick with items under the $25 price range and love selecting a few to add to our kids baskets that won't break the first day and will be used throughout the year. "Hoppy" Shopping! Cuddle and Kind Minis: Worth the splurge and the minis are great for small hands to love and cuddle. This new line includes so many animals to pick from. Spinner by Fat Brain: Whenever we go to a party, this is the item we always grab! It’s a hit for babies up to 3 year olds! Kids love watching the discs spin down! Puzzle by Lovevery: This simple puzzle is great for fine motor skills and the knobs make it easy for them to grab. Rainbow: Silicon stackers are great because littles love to put in their mouth! They can chew and enjoy stacking! Mini Silks by Sarah's Silks: Sarah’s silks offers mini silks! We love to put in a tissue box so they can pull out! They are also great to keep in the car seat! Dimpl Popper by Fat Brain Toys: Another fan fav here! This is great to keep in the diaper bag and car! Littles love to press the dimples and the colors are bright! Bunny by Jelly Cat: If you are looking for the softest stuffy, jelly cat is the only company we have found! Perfect size for babies too! Grab this one fast! The bunnies won’t last. Innybin by Fat Brain Toys: This shape sorter is a hit! Littles can push and pull the shakes out of the box. The stretchy bands offer some resistance but fun at the same time. Beaded Raindrops by Hape: We love this rattle from Hape. Your baby will be mesmerized watching the beads go back and forth. Soft Fruit Basket by Melissa and Doug: Great for throwing, sucking, and playing! This set it excellent for babies because they can squish and easily pick up. Baby Stella Doll: We are constantly recommending this soft baby doll. She has a magnetic pacifier which our kids LOVE and you can purchase accessories for her to go along. Manhattan Toy Rattle: This baby rattle is a favorite of all of our kids. It is easy to grasp and can be thrown in the freezer for a teething baby. Amazon PJ's: These Amazon Pajamas cannot be beat! The quality is unreal for the price. The fabric is a buttery smooth, stretchy material that doesn't wrinkle or fade. You'll thank us for these! Comes in sizes 6mo-12yr. Beach Toys: These toys can be used at the splash pad, pool, or the beach. We love the collapsable bucket for easy storage. Jelly Sucker Toys: These toys are so addicting to use. They stick to any smooth surface and are the perfect size for little ones to grab. Aqua Brush by Kanga Toys: We love these religious themed “water wow” books! This one is the New Testament. These are great for church, car, and travel! Calico Critters: Our girls love their Calico Critters! This bunny set is perfect for Easter! Calico Critters are great for so many “doll house” set ups! Princess Art Kit by Melissa and Doug: This draw and create art set is awesome because the case keeps everything contained! It includes a white board, supplies, magnets, and a booklet with how to draw and learning games. Rainbow Playsilk by Sarah's Silks: If you don’t have silks, now is the time! They are perfect for dress-up and imaginative/open-ended play! There are so many sizes, colors, and designs to pick from. Baby Stella by Manhattan Toys: Baby Stella is the perfect starter doll! She she is soft and the magnetic binky is a win! This line of dolls is awesome because they have darling clothing and accessories. Makeup by Plan Toys: Mess-free makeup for the win! This set is darling and excdellent for pretend makeup play on kids, dolls, and stuffed animals. Zingo: Our favorite family game for littles! This is one of our favs because everyone can play! It’s like bingo with a zing—it will be a hit. Watering Can by Green Toys: Spring is coming so get ready for some dirt digging and mud play! This garden set from Green Toys is excellent quality and perfect for exploring fun! Egg Puzzle by Driddle for Little: These color and shape sorting eggs are great for fine motor skills, color recognition, and shape identification. They come in a cute egg carton too! You can also cook these up in the play kitchen! Easter Book by Babylit: Babylit has the cutest alphabet Easter book! This is great for learning letters and it’s all associated with Easter. Stuffies from Cuddle and Kind: Yes, they are worth the splurge! Caroline sleeps with her two stuffies every night! They are beautifully crafted and will be loved! Dough from MackidsKit: This dough is bright and excellent for sensory play! We love this dough shop because of the quality and long-lasting shelf-life. Hedgehog by Learning Resources: Littles can learn their 50 first words while improving fine motor skills. This is one of our favorite educational toys. Alphabet Tracing Board by Creative Learning Co: If you love inserts, this letter insert is awesome for practicing letter tracing! You can do so many fun activities like incorporating color, small world objects, and books! Chalk Crayons: These are our favorite art medium! They don’t leave chalk residue and can be used on pretty much any art surface! Swords by Formidable Toys: I never thought sword fighting would be such a good workout! These swords are beyond cool and mix movement and imaginative play! You can even customize the different pieces of your sword. Save 10% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS Paint by Stickers: These sticker books are always a fan favorite! They are great for keeping kids busy and perfect for church and trips! Lava Lamp: Lava lamps have made their comeback! We love the rainbow design with this one but there are tons of color options out there! These also make for great nightlights! Tech Deck: Another toy come back with tech deck. Charlie loves using these and they are perfect for older boys. It’s also a great fidget toy to keep hands busy. The Magnificent Book of Dangerous Animals: Charlie’s grandparents gave him this book for Vday! It’s an easy read and includes really cool facts about the most dangerous animals on earth. Car Puzzle by Ravensburger: We have tested many of these 3D puzzles! They are awesome because you can display when finished! If your kid loves to build, this is a fun challenge. 3D Pen: Your kids can create 3D art with this pen! It includes the filament and a stencil book! Kids can get so creative with this and the price point is low! Skull King by Grandpa Becks: This game is a little advanced but it’s no a total blast! We would recommend for kid’s 7+! If you have a kid who loves strategy, they can start playing at a younger age. Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS Pod swing: Create a lounge space in your kid’s room with a pod swing! Kids can read, relax, and do homework in their swing. Kraken by Hex Bug: This remote controlled hex bug is creepy but so soothing at the same time! It crawls across the floor with ease and charges easily! NFL Flags: Charlie has become a huge NFL fan. He used these flags in so many ways—conferences, rankings, and games. These are perfect for any sports fan. Two Bros Bows: This bow set is awesome because the arrows shoot far and are soft! You do need strength to shoot so we recommend 5+! This is a great outdoor toy and something we always grab for bday parties! Paper Airplanes: Who doesn’t love a good paper airplane? Santa brought this to Charlie and it was put to good use! This set comes with folding instructions for creating some cool planes! Brain Teaser Logic by LittleAge: This brain teaser puzzle is a blast and can grow with your kids. We would recommend the beginner level start at age 5. The goal of the puzzle is to create the images from the object puzzle pieces provided. Coloring with Clay by Faber Castell: Clay is always a hit and this set is cool because it includes the sensory experience of clay. The kit includes animal canvases and all the clay you need to create your artwork! Live Butterfly Garden: This butterfly garden contains live caterpillars for your little one to watch and help grow. It comes with everything you need to help them thrive, and even instructions to help with the release process. We have used this kit and love it! Water bottle: These water bottles are the off brand of the Stanley cups but we like them MORE! They keep water cold and the stainless steel material is easy to clean and safe for kids to drink from. Smiley Slippers: These slippers are a total hit for the "big" kids! They are comfortable and more than cute. Pierced Co. Earrings: This company makes our FAVORITE earrings. They have screw on backs which means they can be slept in and worn all day and night. They are also perfect for sensitive ears. Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 20% offf your purchase! Letter Tracer: These tracers are fun and addictive. Let your kids practice letters or use play-doh to fill in the impressions. Telephone Bag: This bag literally turns your cellphone into a portable phone! It includes a plug that can be connected to a phone which means you can actually take calls right from the BAG. Aaron's Thinking Putty: This putty is our favorite and for good reason. It has the best texture, scents, and the quality is great. This 4 pack would be perfect to buy and split up into multiple baskets. Brain Flakes: 500 brain flakes to keep your kids building and creating. These are the perfect stem toy that can be used all the way into adulthood. Thready Box: This is a sewing subscription box that we have fallen in love with. It includes everything you need to complete basic sewing crafts at home. This kit comes in both a kid and teen version. Brain Teaser Game: Mandy has a 5 and 7 yr old that play this game non stop. It is essentially a matching/puzzle game. They cannot get enough of it, and the quality is excellent. Hatching Unicorn: Over 11K 5 star reviews on Amazon. This is a unicorn hatching toy that you submerge in water and watch come to life before your very eyes. Piggie Paints Nail Polish: The only nail polish you should use! It's as clean and safe as mud. You won't be worried about any of the ingredients and it smells DELICIOUS. Unicorn Horn Chalk: No kid is too big for chalk, especially UNICORN chalk. This 3 pack is so cute and gives you a chance to help get your kids outside. Necklace Kit: This kit from Melissa and Doug comes with everything you need to make multiple necklace creations. The strings have a hard tip which makes lacing the beads a breeze. The "Stuff" Bag: This toiletry bag is a "dupe" for the Lucky Clover brand but for a fraction of the cost. The quality is excellent and it's the prefect item for loose toys, pencils, or makeup. Bath Toys: Playmobil launched a line of bath toys and we are dying! They are so cute and can come apart for and easy wash. Peter Rabbit Tonies: If you own a Tonie Box then this toy is for you! The perfect story for Easter has to be Peter Rabbit. Bubble Blaster: This bubble blaster is from Walmart and we LOVE it. Load it up with whatever bubble solution you have lying around the house and your kids will go crazy having "bubble wars". Tilt Scooter: This scooter is the BEST gift for littles. The tilting motion is a lot easier for them to master than the traditional turn scooter. This one from Amazon doesn't break the bank and has gone through all of our kids. Shark Helmet: We know safety comes first but why not make it fun? This shark helmet has tons of good reviews and is just SO CUTE! The exact one pictured is out of stock so we linked a similar one that might even be cooler. Teeter POPper Rocker: This toy is similar to the wobble board but makes the funnest popping noises as it suctions on and off the ground. It does need to be used on a smooth surface but is so much fun. Spin Copter: These toys are small but mighty. They can soar up to 150 ft. and have a built in LED light that makes them even more fun to use at night. Spot It: If you haven't tried out this game it's not too late. It is an all time favorite of our families and is easy for every member of the family to play. Lacing Cards: This lace and trace set from Melissa and Doug is the perfect toy to work on hand eye coordination and all those fine motor skills. Watch your kids be instantly mesmerized by this simple toy. Animal TOOBs: These figurings come in these plastic tubes and can be easily taken on the go or used in a sensory table. We love the quality and size from Safari LDT. Wonder Stix: Our favorite art medium. These chalk sticks can be used almost anywhere! They are washable and glide so easily for the perfect application. Star Skytail: This skytail is from Sarah's Silks which means the quality cannot be beat. Made out of 100% mulberry silk it is soft, beautiful, and so much fun to throw. Amazon PJ's: These Amazon Pajamas cannot be beat! The quality is unreal for the price. The fabric is a buttery smooth, stretchy material that doesn't wrinkle or fade. You'll thank us for these! Comes in sizes 6mo-12yr. Wee Baby Fella Doll: This baby doll is so soft and perfect for any future mommy or daddy! The magnetic binky makes it so entertaining for kids to snap on and off the mouth. Suction Toys: These are a knock off squigz but still so good! They come in a mini egg which makes them the perfect toy for Easter.

  • Ultimate St. Patrick's Day Toy Gift Guide

    We love celebrating St. Patrick's Day in our homes. Growing up, our mother went all out for holidays. For St. Patrick's Day, the leprechauns would come to our house and cause mischief. They would turn the water green, hang our underwear from the ceiling, and leave chocolate gold pieces and skittles in odd areas. Now that we have littles, our mom plans a leprechaun hunt every year. We head to the fields and start looking. She typically throws rainbow candy and gold pieces in the area for the kids to find while they are searching for the leprechauns. We have added onto these fun traditions by having our kids make leprechaun traps. Our kids get creative and have made some unique traps with Legos and magnetic tiles. They also go on a hunt to find the leprechaun's pot of gold. When they find the pot, it's filled with candy and green/rainbow themed games and toys. Mel and I have spent hours and hours curating some awesome gift ideas to add to your pot of gold! St.Patrick's Day Toy Gift Guide 1. Rainbow Stacker: Great for babies working on hand eye coordination. Plus, Melissa and Doug quality is excellent. 2. Clay Beads Bracelet Making Kit: This kit comes with a huge selection of colors and it prefect for making bracelets for friends and family. 3. Sarah's Silks Rainbow Giant Playsilk: Huge favorite at our house. Kids can get super creative with a rainbow playsilk. 4. Rainbow Pop It Purse :Such a fun idea to incorporate a pop it with a kids purse. Entertainment on the go! 5. Stacking Crayons: Set comes with 12 stacking crayons, each crayon has 12 colors. 6. Super Needoh: You know we can't stop collecting. Grab neon green. If you are local to Utah, head to Teton Toys to purchase and save 10% when you say you're following us. 7. Berenstain Bears' St. Patrick's Day: Classic book for enjoying the St. Patrick's Day season. 8. How to Catch a Leprechaun: The guide book for catching those tricky leprechauns. 9. Speks Mini Magnets in Rainbow: We love our speks set. You could even tell your kids they are mini leprechaun legos. 10. Rainbow Unicorn Squishmallow: We all know these are all the rage. Absolutely, obsessed with the rainbow hair! 11. Pipa Glo Pal: Spice up bath time with Go Pals. Green Pipa is perfect for a St. Patty's bath. 12. Classic Green Lego: Quick set that is great for kids getting started with LEGO. Ages 4+. 13. St. Patrick's Day Pop It: Add this Shamrock pop it to your fidget collection. 14. Rainbow Unicorn Stuffed Animal Set: Caroline got this set for Valentine's Day. The rainbow purse is full of small unicorn stuffies. 15. Rainbow Xylophone: Let your little make beautiful music with the rainbow xylophone. 16. Driddle for Little Rainbow Counting Bears: We own these counting bears and they are an excellent color recognition and math learning toy. 17. Rainbow dough and sensory kit: This kit is full of all things rainbow fun! Perfect for the holiday and sensory play. 18. Green Kids Purse: Caroline would go nuts to get this green kids purse. So fun for holding makeup, snacks, and small toys. 19. Chalk Crayons: Our favorite art medium right here! They work on pretty much any surface and don't leave residue. Perfect for creating rainbow art. 20. Rainbow Gummy Lab Kit: Make your own gummies with this rainbow gummy lab. The leprechauns left this last year for Charlie and Caroline. 21. Green Toys Recycling Truck: Perfect green toy for the truck/car lover. The brand Green Toys is also eco-friendly. 22. Maple + Lark Basket Bundle: This company is known for their rainbow baskets. The primary color set is a perfect bundle to start with. 23. Goosebumps Shop ADULT Swaddle: Imagine a baby swaddle...but ADULT SIZED! Use code MOBILE15 for 15% off your order! 24. 40 Crayola Washable Markers: Love that this set comes with 40 markers. Your kids will enjoy creating art with so many color options. 25. Rainbow slippers: Perfect gift to surprise a teen on St. Patricks Day! Big kids like being spoiled too. 26. Rainbow Sunglasses: Level up your toddler's look with these rainbow sunnies—obsessed. 27. Melting Rainbow Bath Bomb: These bath bombs start out white and leave a trail of rainbow as they melt in the warm bath. 28. Sarah's Silks Rainbow Streamer: This rainbow streamer is so fun to twirl around the room. 29. Lush Rainbow Bath Bomb: If you aren't buying Lush are you even living? Their rainbow bath bomb/bar smells amazing. Rainbow Sunglasses Level up your toddler's look with these rainbow sunnies—obsessed.

  • Valentine's Day Toy Guide

    We are big believers of quality of quantity. Also, we want the items entering your home to have purpose and not just end up in the trash. We have curated an awesome list of toys for you to create a cute V-day set up or Love basket for your kids. This guide is not age or gender specific. We selected items that are a good fit for multiple ages and interests. Butterfly Fairy Play Silk by Sarah's Silks: We are dead with this new printed Sarah's Silk. It's $14 and excellent for so much open-ended play. Love Potion by Little Lark: Let your little create some potion fun! Our kids love these potions. Perfect for indoor sensory play during these colder months and a pouch is $12. GloPals sold by Bubbles and Joy: These are water activated squares that turn bath time into a blast. You can even add to a sensory water table. Grab for $10. Red Creator Lego: Perfect size for a small LEGO build. Mandy's has this set and it's a great starter LEGO for little kids. Price is $13 on Amazon. Butterfly Steamer by Sarah's Silks: Your kids will love spinning and twirling with this purple steamer! It's $14 and will get tons of use. Paintable Chalk by Let's Talk Chalk: If you kid loves art, this is a fun project for them. This kit comes with everything you need to paint your own chalk for $6. Jewelry Kit by Melissa and Doug: The size of these beads makes it easy for younger kids to create without help from parents. You can snag for $15 from Amazon. Valentine's Day Fine Motor Board by Creative Learning Co: This versitile fine motor board is filled with fun accessories and unique ways to play. It's $50 but the amount of use you get out of this toy is incredible. Hello Sugar House V-Day Bundle: If you don’t have a Sugarhouse yet, and you love the pinks and purples, this is the bundle you’ll want to snag! $70 and the quality is unbeatable. Pink Twirl Dress by Little Adventure Dress-Ups: These are our favorite dress-ups. They wash so well and are comfy for kids. This doubles and a dress and dress-up for $35. Gumball Machine Tray by Three Letter Words by Katie: This resin gum ball machine is $30 and would make the perfect addition for a fun sensory play station. Valentine Earrings by Pierced Co.: Our favorite earrings right here! They have twist-on backs and they won't hurt your kid's ears. Save 20% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS. This includes subscriptions too. Chrystal Needoh by Schylling: Love these for your older kid. They are the perfect fidget toy for $16. Voss Arch Sword by Formidable Toys: These foam swords are insane! You can customize your sword and get creative by switching out the grip, cross guard, and blade. This one is $55 but the quality is excellent and this will get used. Resin Paintables by CharsJars: Perfect for paint for chalk crayons. When kids are done, just wash and start over. You get 6 different objects for $35. Floral Scented Dough by MACkidskit: How beautiful are these floral doughs? These smell amazing and the quality is great. You can snag these for $19. Affirmation Hearts by CharsJars: Perfect hearts to add to your sensory play set up. So many unique ways to play with these. They are priced at $30 which is a steal. Love Potion Board by Creative Learning Co.: Every kid loves potion play and this insert is themed for a love potion holiday. When V-day is over, you can continue to use for potion and wet play. This insert is $55. Jixelz by Fat Brain Toys: These love robots are really fun! You can build directly onto a pattern. We would recommend at least 6+ for this one and make sure your kid likes to focus on these types of builds. Grab for $10. Affirmation Fries by Three Letter Words by Katie: These would be so cute on a desk or vanity. This set is $25. Red Dragon Cloak by Little Adventure Dress-Ups: Like we mentioned before, this is our favorite dress-up company. This is priced at $33 and they have so many options. Jewelry Kit by Pretty Life Girls: These sister duo makes the cutest DIY sets. We have this set at love! It's only $20. They have so many options on their site. Bubble Whoosh sold by Bubbles and Joy: Make bath time fun, colorful, and smell amazing! This product is safe and it's $17. Magnetic Valentine Sensory Tray by Kailey Belle Designs: These magnetic sensory trays are great for keeping kids busy! We loved the Christmas trays they did. Price point is great too at $15. Purple Aaron's Thinking Putty: This isn't slime but can cause problems if its smashed into carpet so we recommend supervising! Putty is excellent for soothing and relaxing. Perfect for teens! Price is $15.

  • 2022 Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays

    This year we had the best time working with Teton Toys to develop an incredible list of stocking stuffer ideas for your kids. Stocking stuffers are a fun addition, but sometimes we can find ourselves running to the dollar store or Target dollar section and filling with items that will just end up in the trash. We love our list because these items are tested and will actually get used. 80% of the toys on this list are below $25 and can be purchased at Teton Toys. Remember, when you shop at Teton Toys, you save 10% if you mention Toy Testing Sisters. Instead of buying a bunch of stocking stuffer items, find a few on this list and call it good! We promise this will make the de-junking process after the holidays so much easier. If you haven't checked out our holiday toys guides, see below for easy access! Shop All Ages: 0-2 2-4 5-7 8-10 Teens Staple Toys Sensory Inserts and Accessories Temporary Tattoos by Melissa and Doug Tenzi Earrings from Pierced and Co. Stuffed animals by Cuddle and Kind Kinetic Sand Resin Letters by Three Letter Words by Katie Needoh Globs Pokemon Cards Aaron's Thinking Putty Space felt pack by Leo Mat Tangle Dough by Doughsie Dough PlusPlus Tila Bead Bracelets by Libbies Bracelets Sensory Balls by Fat Brain Toys Magic Mixies Mixlings Aqua Beads Dino by Schleich Classic Mini Lego Color Reveal Barbie Calico Critters Bears and Bees by Grandpa Beck Games (save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS) Play Foam Water Wow by Melissa and Doug Magnetic Tablet 3D Puzzle by Ravensburger Sensory Rings by Fat Brain Toys Magnetic Building by Clixo Acrylic Blocks by Hello Sugar House Tech Deck

  • Our Favorite Inserts and Accessories: Holiday Edition

    You may have noticed that we didn't include our favorite inserts and accessories on our holiday toy guides. We decided we need a separate guide because all of these goodies can be enjoyed by so many ages! If you haven't invested in a sensory table and plastic bins, we recommend the the following: -Ikea (often out of stock) -Creative Learning Co. (should be fully stocked Q1 2023) -Button and Bug Shop All Ages: 0-2 2-4 5-7 8-10 Teens Staple Toys 1. Art Easel: We love our art easel from Creative Learning Co. This insert has so much functionality. It includes pre-drilled holes for markers and has spots for paint containers. The acrylic is so fun for kids to paint on. Since it’s double-sided, two kids can enjoy at the same time. Mandy’s kids even put the boards flat on the table and paint or use chalk crayons on them. 2. Wooden Montessori Kit: Every sensory table needs a set of wooden bowls, lids, plates, and spoons. Kids will use these when playing with a variety of filler mediums. We love using wooden sets with rice, beans, corn, chickpeas, and sand. 3. Acrylic Letters: Acrylic letters are so much fun to use on a light board or to hide in a sensory table and let kids dig out. This set is from Creative Learning Co. You can create so many fun activities with acrylic letters. 4. Potion board: This potion insert from Creative Learning Co is a best seller and fan favorite for us! Kids love to pour their potions with these fun test tubes! We love filling with vinegar and baking soda! We even use food coloring and our kids go nuts! This insert is a must-have! 5. Potions: Little Lark makes potion creation easy with their pre-made potions. The potions are bio-degradable and are themed with positive affirmations! These potions are a total blast and don’t include artificial dyes or fragrances. 6. Cup board: If you can’t tell by now, we love Creative Learning Co! Thir cupboard is perfect for so many activities! Cups can hold small parts, tools, accessories, art supplies, dough, and so much more! If you are new to inserts, start with the potion and cup board. 7. Dough Kit: Dough just got a facelift! Mac Kids Kits has developed amazing dough themed kits! We love dough kits because they combine sensory and imaginative play. We were blown away with the perfectly curated accessories selected for each themed kit. 8. Resin Letter: CharsJars creates incredible resin toys! We are always blown away with what she comes up with! We highly recommend grabbing her resin letter set! Be sure to give her a follow because she is continually releasing new resin products! 9. Dough: Throw out Play Doh and get yourself some Doughsie Dough! These doughs are all natural and are amazing to the touch. Doughs are perfect for sensory play! Stock up on these! We promise you won’t be disappointed. 10. Resin Learning Kit: This sensory learning box is from Busy Littles! It includes so many different resin pieces, upper and lower case letters, numbers, shapes, learning cards, etc. There are so many ways you can use this learning box. 11. Pom Pom Push: This pom pom push, from Button and Bug, is my 2-year old's favorite sensory insert. Buy a bag of poms from your local craft store and watch in amazement as your little one size sorts with this acrylic board. 12. Kinetic Sand: Kinetic sand is one of our favorite sensory fillers. It's a little messy but easy to vacuum up and keep stored. It doesn't dry out like play-doh which means it lasts a lot longer! 13. Market Sensory Kit: Busy Littles has created an awesome market sensory kit that includes fruits, veggies, market cards, and accessories. This is a great kit to use in sensory play! 14. Letter Board: Pair your resin letters with this wooden letter board from the, Creative Learning Company. Perfect way to introduce your child to the alphabet in a unique and memorable way. 15. Mirror Board Insert: This mirrored insert is actually really unique! It can also be used for a wide variety of ages. Use it for tummy time with your little one on the ground, then use it as reflection and matching practice with your older child. This insert is from Creative Learning Co. 16. GIANT water beads: Our kids think this giant water beads are pure magic. You place them in water and they grow into giant, jelly, jiggling water beads. They bounce and are fun to touch. We recommend playing with these outside. 17. Assorted Poms: We love pom poms as a sensory medium. They can be used to sort colors, sizes, and are soft to the touch. Grab a bag of these at your local craft store or on Amazon! 18. Dream Sand: We have just recently been introduced to dream sand and it's addicting. It's like a soft, gritty, sand that is easy to mold and shape. Grab a few of these from Target and save them for your child's stocking this year. 19. Assorted Charms: These are slime charms from Amazon that our kiddos love to add into any sensory medium. We use this in rice, beans, confetti, play-doh, you name it. You can also buy different themed charms which is fun for the holidays. 20. Fine Motor Skills Tool Set: This is the perfect tool set to get started with sensory play. You can also use a variety of tools you already have at your home. Scoops, measuring cups, and spoons, make the perfect tools for sensory play.

  • 2-4 Holiday Toy Guide

    Our favorite list to curate is for ages 2-4. This stage of life is filled with so much growth, exploration, and learning. The toys we have selected for this age group promote imaginative play, movement, and development. We hope your littles love these toys as much as our kids do! Shop All Ages: 0-2 5-7 8-10 Teen Staple Toys Sensory Table Inserts and Accessories 1. Baby Care Station: If you have a little who loves taking care of babies, this is your toy! It has a feeding, sleeping, and bathing/changing station. We love that it has so much storage so you can keep all of the baby accessories easily contained. There aren't many great baby care stations out there that include all of these elements. 2: Squigz: These are suction cups that can stick to almost any surface. Our kids love to stick on the mirror, windows, car windows, and sensory table. They make a fun popping sound for littles and they love sticking them together to make different creations. Squigz are made by Fat Brain Toys! 3. Rainbow Race Track: We love this rainbow race track because it easily snaps together. So, if you lose a piece, no big deal. Your kids can set up their race track and add their vehicles and watch them zoom. This track glows in the dark which is really fun for kids. Price point is excellent on this toy and it will make a big impact. 4: Wooden Arches and Tunnels: This is the perfect open-ended toy! Kids can incorporate with blocks and builds, train/car set ups, calico critters, and so much more. Having a few open-ended toys in your home allows kids to get creative and use their imaginations. This set is by Guide Craft. 5: Sarah's Silks Dress Ups: Sarah's Silks has created a large variety of silk dress ups and toys. We love this cape, crown, and soft sword set. If you have a kid who enjoys dress ups, grabbing a few items from Sarah's Silks will be a win. They offer wands, fairy wings, flower crowns, and so much more. 6: Jungle Animals Magna-Tiles: Magna-Tiles recently released these awesome animal themed kits. These would be great to pair with a light table or acrylic table insert. Some of our favorite animal sets include Safari, Artic, Farm, Dino, and Forest. These are perfect for littles because they get to build while including animals with play. 7: Grocery Store: Mandy has this in her toy room and the kids love. Melissa and Doug has done it again with this set. Kids can shop, scan items, ring up customers, and fill grocery bags. Because the grocery store has so many shelves and storage options, its great for holding all of your play food. 8: Ice Cream Counter: Fan favorite at both our homes! This toy is by Melissa and Doug. The ice cream counter is the perfect size for littles. They love to take orders and serve up creations from the menu or their imaginations. The quality of this toy is excellent and it will hold up. 9: Gem Sorting Boards: These beautiful sorting boards and gems are by Wild Pine Kids. Even though we have this toy slotted for the 2-4 age group, older kids can really enjoy too. Mandy's son, Charlie, who is 7 loves playing with rocket ship. These boards spark imaginative play and are also a soothing and calming toy. Save 15% with CODE: TOYTESTINGSISTERS 10: Train Set: If you aren't familiar with Brio trains, they are truly the best. They have so many different sets and add-on accessories. Train sets are a great gift because parents and grandparents can start off with a starter set and purchase different elements for upcoming birthdays and holidays. The set shown here is an excellent starter set. If you are local to Utah, visit Teton Toys and see the entire Brio collection. 11. Star Belly: These sweet stuffed animals come in a variety of characters and use light and projection to make any dark surface light up like the night sky. Projects glowing stars and shapes in 6 calming colors. 12. Magnet Tiles: These are the BEST knock off brand of magnetic building tiles we have ever found. They are far more affordable than the competitor but just as good. Find them on Amazon! This is the most played with toy at Mel's house. 13. Adventure Camper: Our kids recently got this toy and LOVE it. They prep the food and make deliveries from the window. It's also fun for them to pretend to drive it around the town. High quality and built to last from Step 2. This is from their signature collection of a more neutral color palate. 14. Cloud Swing: 25-Inch Colorful Inflatable Round Cloud Swing from Hearth Song Toys. The cover on this toy is soft and the colors coordinate well together. We have this hanging inside on our indoor swing hooks. Indoor or out, this toy is a winner. 15. LumiPets: This is the sweetest, softest night light to add to any toddlers room. It can change color by tapping and is soft enough to cuddle. It is USB rechargeable and also comes with a color changing remote. It also comes in a variety of characters to fit your child's interests. 16. Chasing Fireflies: This is such a fun and unique toy! These battery powered, plastic fireflies light up and are used to play hide and seek. Kids run about searching for the next firefly to add to their team jar and capture the magic of fireflies with their own two hands. My 2 and 4 year old play with this toy non-stop and have fun hiding and seeking for each color. 17. Pizza Station: Melissa and Doug make some of our favorite toys. They are quality and always crafted very well. This toy pizza kitchen is no exception. Our kids love adding toppings and playing pretend with this kit. 18. Rainbow Blocks: These heirloom quality blocks, made by Hello Sugar House, are beautiful and so unique. The acrylic tiles can be added as windows to create a unique colorful experience. More of an investment piece, but will be used by your kids for years. You can use our code TOYTESTING10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order! 19. 2 in 1 Tricycle: Hearthsong did such a good job of combining both a standard tricycle and a balance bike into one piece. It can be easily converted and used by a variety of ages. It also folds to store and can be carried by a handle on the seat. 20. Princess Dress-Up: The most gorgeous dress up we've come across. Our kids fight over this dress constantly because it really makes them feel like an actual princess. From our favorite boutique in Bountiful, UT. Over The Moon Boutique. Sign up for their email subscription to get 10% off your first purchase!

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