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2-4 Toy Guide

2–4 year olds have the cutest developing personalities. You probably feel like your kiddos are really growing into themselves and we want to help you find toys that will match their unique personalities. These toy guides contain tried and true toys that we have put to the test to ensure you're investing in toys that will last for years to come!

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1. Climbing Dome: Lily and River make the perfect indoor climbing dome for littles. Honestly, my favorite part about this toy is you can easily assemble and disassemble it to store in or out of the way depending on your floor space! It is also made incredibly well and will last for years to come.

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2. Downhill Duo: New toy for 2023. These little magnetic racers are so much fun for kids to race. It pairs well with your magnetic blocks sets.

3. Stepping Stones: These stepping stones from Green Elephant Home are a great budget option to a popular favorite. Beautiful, colorful, and perfect for lots of imaginative play.

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4. Climbing Rocker: This is a favorite of ours from Lily and River. Rock and sway while relaxing or reading a fun book on the padded side or flip it over for climbing and walking fun.

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5. Marble Tree: This colorful marble tree is so addicting to play with. The marble sized wooden balls that come with it are great, but if your kiddo is still mouthing then grab their larger set of wooden balls to pair with it. The satisfying clink that this makes will have YOU and your kiddos coming back for more.

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6. Ice Cream Stand: Melissa and Doug released a new ice cream toy this year and we are obsessed. It is the perfect toy for imaginative play and our kids cannot get enough. We love that they made this set bigger and better, with added treats and several unique features!

7. Wobble/Balance Board: We love that this balance board is perfect for getting the wiggles out. This particular set on Amazon is also amazing because it can be used as a swing as well and comes with everything you need to convert it.

8. Shopping Cart: Look no further for the perfect little sized shopping cart. This is from Melissa and Doug and we love how big and sturdy it is. You could even take this to the store and let your kiddo shop right alongside you.

9. Vet Set: This is a vet set from Melissa and Doug and our kids think giving our family dog a checkup is the best thing ever. (Good thing we have such a patient pup!) They have loaded the kit with excellent accessories.

10. Ball Pit: Lily and River make the only ball pit you need! The base can also be used as a safe space for baby and is padded and so soft. The balls are also crush proof and such good quality!

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11. Wooden Ferris Wheel: This wooden ferris wheel from Petit Collage is well built and includes the sweetest wooden figures to take for a ride. The crank handle is perfect for little hands and is painted with non-toxic paints to ensure the highest safety standards.

12. Wooden Pirate Ship: This is probably the cutest pirate ship we've ever found. It is very well built, a good size, and has lots of moving parts! The pirate flags on the ship also glow in the dark for an added element of surprise.

13. Beauty Kit: Le Toy Van did it again with this wooden beauty kit. These pieces are also painted with water based, non-toxic paint. This set is so darling and even comes with a carrying case to tote around your beauty supplies.

14. Alpha Pops: We love a good learning toy and this one checks all the boxes for us. These pops are beautifully colored and we love that they satisfyingly snap together. You match the uppercase and lowercase letters together and can practice color sorting as well.

15. 3 House Bundle: These wooden play houses are not your ordinary wooden toys. They come with the most beautiful acrylic gems which make them so unique, turning the windows into "stained" glass. Hello Sugarhouse is one of our favorite companies and never disappoints with their quality and creativity in product!

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16. Bristle Blocks: These blocks are from Picasso Tiles (our favorite magnetic off brand tiles) and are super affordable on Amazon. This is an excellent STEM toy that also promotes lots of creativity.

17. Wooden Rainbow: We found our favorite wooden rainbow and it is so fun for open ended play. The wood pieces are stained in a light color to enhance their wood grain. Our kids love stacking, building, and using these for ball and marble runs.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

18. Tilt Scooter: This is one of the best tilt scooters on the market. They have a little higher price point but they have a great warranty, are built to last, and can hold up to 110lbs. Globber scooters are the way to go!

19. Alphabet Acorns: Excellent learning toy that develops skills like color sorting and letter/sound recognition. It helps kids with their visual and tactile learning, and it can be used in small world play.

20. Snap and Learn Counting Sheep: These sheep are great for color sorting and number recognition. Kids can snap the wool on and off, so it also helps with fine motor development. For your child is interested in working on numbers and counting, this is a great fit!

21. Pilot Dashboard: This set is a unique play on a sensory station IMO. There are so many buttons, lights, switches, and interactive elements.

22. Train Briefcase: I got this for my daughter last year when she requested a train set from Santa Claus. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on one because I wasn't super sure she would even be that into it. I love that this one is compact and all the pieces store inside it like a briefcase. I also bought this electric toy train from BRIO to pair with it and she loved that it could tug along the other pieces in the case. (It was compatible with this set.)

23. Tot Tube: This toy is universal and so much fun for our little kids. We love that it can be used for cars, balls and other random objects around the house! If it fits, it goes (or tries)!

24. Travel Activity Kits: These are travel activity kits for kids that include crafts, toys, games, and are curated specifically for the age and interests of your child. They were designed to encourage and promote independent play. We take these for travel in the car or plane, and use them as our quiet bags in church!

25. Sit n Spin: This wooden spinner seat is such a good staple in our toy rooms. It can also hold up to 250lbs which means even the adults can join in on the fun.

26. Gem Sorter: Isn't this thing gorgeous? Our kids think gem sorting is so soothing and so do we! The double-sided, wooden board comes with gems for you to pattern and sort.

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27. Wee Baby Stella: This is the softest and sweetest little baby doll. It's soft to cuddle and can be paired with a variety of Manhattan Toy accessories. It also comes with a magnetic binky that is fun to pop in and out of babies' mouth.

28. Winnie the Pooh Toy: This is a fun little set from Playmobil. The bees jump out of the honey pots with a little spring when pushed inside. This toy is a great deal and excellent quality. New toy for 2023 and you can pair with the remaining collection.

29. Foam Sword: This is a silk and foam sword from Sarah's Silks. It is covered with 100% silk and is filled with a high density foam so no more dangerous hits! Perfect for imaginative play with your little ones.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!

30. Flower Children: These are wooden flower children from Green Elephant Home. They are beautifully crafted and the perfect take on the traditional peg doll. These are a cute addition to any playhouse.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!

31. The Nugget: This play couch is a fan favorite and for good reason! The nugget is machine washable, comes with a 2 year warranty, and the quality cannot be beat. This play couch is infinitely configurable and comes with 4 foam pieces. Their color options are the absolute best, and they are constantly coming out with new ones. We have both had our Nuggets for over 4 years and they look brand new.

If you find this hidden Easter Egg send us a teddy bear emoji on Instagram for a special surprise!!!

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