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0-2 Toy Guide

This age range can often be challenging to shop for because littles are growing and developing so quickly, and we know you want to invest in toys that will stand the test of time. We have developed an amazing list of toys from a variety of brands. These toys will be loved by your kids and grandkids for years to come.

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1. Play Mat: This is The Play Gym from Lovevery and it checks all the boxes for a baby play mat. This toy is great for newborns all the way up to 18 months and beyond. The quality is excellent and all the sensory elements were perfectly designed.

2. Mini Bilibos: MOLUK toys makes a wide variety of open-ended toys! These mini bilibos are excellent for color sorting, stacking, scooping, and endless adventures.

3. Gear Spinner: This stacking toy from Fat Brain toys always gets played with at our house. The bright colors and spinning mechanism make it an enjoyable sensory experience for every kiddo.

4. MOX balls: This set of 3 silicone balls are great for kids to develop those fine motor skills. They squish, grab, and change shape, making them the perfect introductory toy for open ended play.

5. Sensorial Reef Baby Toy: This sensory toy has it all! We were super impressed by each sensory element attached to this plush toy. It also comes with a strap to easily attach to the stroller or car seat.

6. Winkel Rattle: This baby teething rattle is ideal for little hands. Easy to grab and hold, while delivering a fun and enjoyable jingle for babies. I've also thrown this in the freezer to give my baby a cooling sensation while using it as a teether.

7. Jellycat Lovey: Jellycat makes such quality plush toys! This lovey is one of my babies most prized possessions. The perfect mix of a stuffed animal and blankie.

8. Tulu Spools: Roll them, stack them, nest them, sort them, and combine them with all the other Moluk toys. You can build them into a castle, arrange them into a smile, or even turn them into a modern work of art.

9. Sarah's Silks: These are play silks and they are one of mine and my children's favorite open-ended toys. They are so soft and made out of 100% mulberry silk. We use them to build forts, dress up, and water play.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your entire order!

10. Ice Cream Rattle and Shake: I love Melissa and Doug toys and this ice cream rattle didn't disappoint. Attach to the stroller or car seat and take for on the go entertainment. Extend the ice cream and watch it rattle and shake its way back into form.

11. Penguin Plushie: This handmade, stuffed penguin is from Cuddle and Kind. It is SO SWEET and the perfect size for little hands. This company also donates 5 meals to kiddos in need for every purchase made.

12. Ball Popper Toy: IT'S TIME TO POP, DROP, AND ROLL: Watch kids' eyes fill with wonder while tracking the 5 colorful balls as they pop up in the air, roll down the ramps, then through the clear tubes and back up again.

13. Baby Lit Books: This company makes our favorite board books. They are high quality, and their stories also mimic classic books that even adults can enjoy. The illustrations are also beautiful and vibrant.

Use code: TOYTESTING15 for 15% off your order!

14. Lumipet Star Belly: This is a sound soother, night light, and white noise machine all in one. It lights up the ceiling with fun and colorful stars and is cry activated!

15. Nugget Couch: I cannot say enough good things about this play couch. It comes in the most beautiful/vibrant colors and gets SO much play time in my home. I also love that this company stands behind quality and offers a 2-year warranty on all of their play couches. We have had our Nuggets for over 4 years and they still look brand new.

16. Memory Stuffy: Hey Kitty Rae is a company we stumbled across this year and we instantly fell in love. The owner makes custom stuffed animals out of fabric from sentimental items! We had her make our kids stuffed animals from our old dresses and they turned out so beautifully. She also makes an assortment of handmade stuffed animals and dolls.

17. Fine Motor Hedgehog: Spike the fine motor hedgehog is an award-winning fine motor skills toy. The pegs store inside the body for easy transportation.

18. The Busy Bunny: This activity toy from Petit Collage is perfect for little hands. Bright colors and several sensory elements make this a winner for the littles. It's also made with organic materials that make it so much safer for mouthing and play.

19. Balloon Cover: This is the best way to allow your kids to play with balloons but keep them SAFE! This is a balloon cover from Sarah's silks. It works by inserting a latex balloon inside and blowing it up to shape.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

20. Wee Baby Stella: Our favorite soft baby doll, the Wee Baby Stella. She's the perfect size for your L.O. and has the cutest magnetic binky.

21. Whirley Squigz: These are the ideal suction cup toy to entertain your little one on the go. They suction to any smooth surface, making them excellent for the window of an airplane etc. The spinning effect keeps kids coming back for more!

22. Magnetic Animals: These safari animals from SmartMax are magnetic and an excellent tool for fine motor development. My kids have played with for years and they haven't broken apart or lost any of their magnets.

23. Bath Time Subscription Box: Bubbles and Joy is one of our favorite companies and for good reason. They curate the most unique bath time boxes for your kids to enjoy. They have a subscription you can sign up for that gives you a new bath box every month or you can check out their single boxes as well. They also pride themselves on finding clean products which makes my mama heart happy.

24. Sensory Wands: This 4 pack of sensory wands is actually a toy from my own childhood that I loved. Use them for sensory or imaginative play. They are made of quality materials and can be used for years to come.

25. Transparent Building Blocks: These are a fun take on traditional wooden blocks. They are made with both wood and acrylic and perfect to play with in the sun or on a light table.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

26. Wobble Ball Run: Fat Brain Toys did it again with this fun, weighted ball run. The balls wiggle and roll down this colorful track for loads of toddler fun!

27. Busy Board: This busy board from Le Toy Van is excellent for developing hand eye coordination. Colorful and fun, we know this toy will be a hit this season!

28. Wooden Walker: This is an excellent take on those traditional plastic walking toys. It is made with beautifully crafted wood and comes in the cutest colors. Really a multi functional toy that includes both the walker and blocks.

29. Wooden/Silk Teether: This is a silk and wooden teething ring from Sarah's Silks and is one of our favorite toys to gift for a baby shower. It is perfect for teething littles and the materials are ethically sourced.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your puchase!

30. Ball Drop: This is a unique Montessori toy that will keep your kids coming back for more! This wooden hide and find ball drop is great for developing problem solving skills.

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