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8-10 Toy Guide

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

This can be a hard age to shop for because kids are opting for screens and their days are filled with school and extracurricular activities. We have rounded up some awesome finds that your big kids will love doing. Everything from brain games to a 3D printer!

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1. 3D Printer: An insane amount of research went into finding a 3D printer with an interface for kids. Toy Box created a 3D printer that is simple for kids to print their own toys. Kids can pick from thousands of toys. Simply select the toy, insert printer food, and hit print. Prints can take 5 min to several hours depending on complexity.

2. Swords: These swords are for older kids because they are heavy! We recommend 7+. You can purchase a single sword or buy a few a swap around the components. You can even customize your own sword. Our kids love changing the blade, cross guard, and handle. Kids will love using these for active and pretend play.

3. Tubelox: This is a life-size building and construction set. Your kid can build an airplane, lemonade stand, car, and then actually play with it. You do need to be able to follow build instructions and snap the connectors in place. Younger kids can play and enjoy this toy too, but we recommend 7+.

Use code: MM10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

4. Geo Puzzles: These puzzles are Charlie's (8) favorite puzzle set. The set comes with 6 puzzles (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, USA and Canada, and World). Each puzzle has over 50 pieces and they are perfect for helping learn about continents and countries.

5. Super Blocks: This is a pattern matching brain game with thousands of challenges. The goal of the game is to cover the lit bubbles with the appropriate colored pieces. Great game to develop critical thinking and problem solving.

6. AirToobz: New toy for 2023 and a toy award finalist. This toy includes tubes, connectors, kid-safe wind turbine, and foam balls. Kids can engineer and create so many different designs. Lasts about 1hr before it needs to be charged again. Excellent STEM and MESH toy! Drives kids to problem solve and engineer different solutions.

7.White Silks: This Spring we got our kids white silks that they could custom dye! If you have a kid who loves to create, this is the perfect craft activity. All you need is a few bowls, food coloring, and your silks.

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

8. Beblox: Step aside LEGO. We love Beblox because kids can build so many different objects and animals and then actually play with them. We hate telling our kids to gently set down their build, so it doesn't get ruined. Beblox solves this problem. We recommend starting with the 500 piece set. This is slotted for 8-10 but kids 5+ will love.

9. Trestle Tracks: It's hard to find a solid marble run that won't tip. This set from Fat Brain is a modular 73 -piece marble set and it is sturdy. Trestle Tracks is an awesome open-ended toy that challenges kids to engineer and get creative.

10. Combo Game Table: This game table is the perfect size and doesn't break the bank. It includes foosball, air hockey, shuffleboard, pool, ping pong, chess, checkers, and backgammon. Assembly is standard and it's simple to switch between the different boards.

11. Smart Four: This is a 3D, AI 4 in a row game! You can either play against the robot or a friend/family member. There are different levels of difficulty too. Great game for keeping kids off screens and engaged. Excellent for pattern recognition and strategic planning–STEM and MESH toy.

12. Ninja Obstacle Course: Want to keep kids moving? This ninja obstacle course will do just that. It sets up quickly and all you need is two sturdy trees. The kit includes 11 accessories for your obstacle course–climbing rope ladder, spinning wheel, ninja slider, monkey bars, gymnastics rings, and more! This isn't an easy course–we recommend 8+.

13. Couch Converter: Give your play couch a makeover with the couch converter. All you need is the thick piece of a play couch. This kit includes the armchair cover and 3 foam pieces (backrest and arm rests). Older kids can use to play video games, lounge, read, and more. It's large and super comfy.

14. Clixo Ocean Creatures: This set is a toy finalist and new for 2023. The Ocean set glows in the dark and kids can make really cool ocean creatures. Kids can also do free-style builds! All you do is click the magnet pieces together. We love that they stack and store easily. This is a great toy to keep in the car or take on a trip. It also pairs well with the Modi Modu wall decal.

15. My Figures Pirate Island: Another new toy for 2023 and toy finalist. Playmobil launched this awesome pirate set. Kids can assemble the pirate island and then customize all of the figures. There are over thousand combinations by mixing heads, arms, bodies, and legs.

16. Gel Blaster: Addicting toy alert and make sure you get a few. Gel balls (orbeez) are loaded into the blaster. It comes with a target and protective eye gear. Older kids and teens are loving these blasters. Less painful than paintball.

17. Putt-A-About: Great for golf lovers. This mat features 3 holes and 2 sand trap cut outs. It rolls out easily and can be stored in a closet or under a bed.

18. Hey Clay: They only way to do clay! Set includes air dry clay (15 cans) and sculpting tool. You get access to the Hey Clay app so kids can follow sculpting videos. Hey Clay offers many kits, so if your kid isn't into the forest animal theme, select another option.

19: Adventure Globe: There are many interactive globes out there and this is our fav. We have used it for over 4 years, and it still works great. There are many different features like BBC videos, information about countries, continents, and animals. Don't get a globe that requires an iPad because it won't get used.

20: DIY Jewlery: PrettyLife makes the most beautiful jewelry kits. Their themes are perfectly curated. The kit includes everything you need to make about 6 bracelets. This is a great activity to do when your kid needs to relax or has friends over.

21. Blinger: Hair accessories are all the rage right now. The blinger kit comes with 75 gems and the tool to gem your hair. The gems stay in place and you can even bling other hair accessories.

22. Snow cone Machine: Who doesn't want a snow cone machine? Kids love a snow cone all year long. Machine is easy for kids to use and its durable. It includes reusable cones but be sure to purchase syrups and extra paper cones.

23. Pierced Earrings: Hands-down the best earrings for toddlers, big kids, and teens! They offer screw backs for their earrings and their hoops include the option to add charms. Our favorite thing is their monthly subscription package. Caroline and Olina check the mail regularly to see if their Pierced package came. Did we mention they are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive ears!?

Use code: TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 20% off your purchase!

24. GooGames: This toy JUST hit Amazon but we were lucky enough to get to test it before it hit the market. Essentially it is a screen free sensory game that incorporates a satisfying squish. Compact and mess-free, GooGames is a must-have for on-the-go fun! Whether on a road trip, plane, or waiting during errands, it's entertainment right in your pocket!

25. Crazy Cart: This is a kid-powered go-kart, not electric. It's adjustable with different length settings. Kids will love drifting and spinning all over the driveway! Weight limit is 150lbs and we recommend for 5+.

26. Botley: Excellent STEM and MESH toy for early robot programming and coding. There is a remote programmer and 40 coding cards to play with. It includes other fun accessories like face masks and obstacle course pieces.

27. Puzzle Board: Charlie loves puzzles but it stresses me out when puzzles cover my dining room table. This puzzle board supports a 1,500 piece puzzle and has 6 drawers to store pieces. It is very easy to move the puzzle board around.

28. Bumpas: Weighted plushies are an incredible way for kids to recover. Bumpas actually give your kid a hug. You will be hearing more about toys that help kids with emotional recovery. Bumpas is the perfect toy to help calm and relax your kid.

29. Baby Cakes: Baking is a great creative outlet. This cake pop maker makes 9 cake pops. This is a fun alternative to the mini waffle machines that have been popular.

30. Clip-In Extensions: Girlie Locks help you creatively elevate your look. They offer clip-in extensions in different colors, patterns, and textures. The clip-ins come in synthetic and ethically sourced human hair. These are slotted for 8-10, but great for ages 3+!

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