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Valentine's Gift Guide Ages 2-4

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Your baby has turned into a full blown toddler and has loads of personality. Together, Mandy and I, have put together a gift guide that is sure to thrill. Pair a few of these gifts with some yummy valentines chocolates or treats and your child will be filled with love this Valentine's Day.

Every family celebrates Valentines a little differently. Mandy and I enjoy curating a small package with a few toys, games, books, and of course candy! Many of these items you won't find at your local Target. We have tried to keep a much lower price point on many of these toys, books, and games.

These guides include:

Ages 2-4

This is such a fun age to shop for. This age is also perfect to start explaining the concept of Valentine's Day and watching them soak it all in. I feel like you really can't go wrong when shopping for your little one. They are so easily pleased by these small gifts. This toy guide is full of items from some of our favorite brands and companies.

Jellycat Butterfly: Jellycat makes an excellent quality stuffed animal. I love that this one is shaped like a butterfly, making it super unique. This toy is soft, snuggly, and made to last!

Piggy Paint Scented Nail Polish: My girls absolutely love painting their nails and toes. I have been really trying hard to keep the ingredient list short and clean when it comes to their nail polish. Piggy Paint makes a non toxic, kid friendly, vegan nail polish and it is SCENTED! The price point is great and it is also made in the USA.

Heart Box Craft: This darling heart box craft is from Melissa and Doug. It comes with everything you need to have fun decorating this box to fill with trinkets.

Monkey String: Have you heard of monkey string? It is bendable yarn coated in a sticky wax to make the strings pliable. Everything that is hands on and involves one of the senses is a huge hit at my house. Try this out and let us know how you like it! I can promise it will not disappoint.

Balancing Blocks: These balancing blocks, made by Tekor, are perfect to help your child develop their fine motor skills. These stones are made of wood, colorful, and are super fun to stack. These get a lot of playtime at our house.

Custom Chalks: These custom chalks are from a local Utah company, Let's Talk Chalk. I have linked you to her Instagram page to place an order! These chalks are so fun because each one can be personalized with your child's name. She also has other fun heart shaped chalks you can check out on her page.

Heart Shaped Sunglasses: What little kid wouldn't love a cute pair of heart shaped sunglasses? These are the perfect size for little faces and have great reviews!

Doodle Board: This doodle board is perfect to throw in your bag for a road trip, or to bring with you to church. Zero mess and it can be used time and time again. We love that this one has a stylus that is attached so it won't get lost!

Playdough 10 pack: This assorted play dough comes in a 10 pack and is an Amazon exclusive deal. We go through tons of play dough at our house so I am always trying to keep stocked up with more. We also love giving this away as small gifts and it would be super fun to let your kids give out to their class instead of candy.

Lacing Cards: These lacing cards are from Flourish Heirloom which means the quality is amazing. We have this set and Olina uses them ALL the time! Our favorite place to use these is in the car. They really do keep her busy for a long time.

A Little Princess Board Book: Babylit books makes my favorite board books. They imitate some of the classic literature that I love which is a lot of fun for me to share with my girls. This specific story is a friendship primer and is perfect for Valentines.

Wrist Streamers: These Sarah's Silk's wrist streamers are to die for! They are so beautiful and made out of 100% real silk. Let your child put these on each arm and run wild.

Heart Magnets: I ordered these for my 3 year old a few weeks ago and she absolutely loved making them. I think children this age really thrive when they are given a little independence with a craft like this. She decorated these all on her own and we were able to let her proudly display them on the fridge.

Cuddle and Kind Deer: This is a splurge but totally worth the investment. These dolls are all hand made and absolutely beautiful. This company also donates meals to children in need for each purchase made. We love a company that gives back!

Playdough kit: This play dough kit is from A Wondoughful World and is curated beautifully. The owner hand picks each item and puts these kits together perfectly. We have a subscription with this company and it is so much fun to get a new kit each month.

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