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Valentine's Gift Guide Ages 8-10

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Who doesn't love spreading a little love? Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to purchase a few items that didn't make the holiday toy list! Every family celebrates Valentines differently. Mel and I enjoy curating a small package with a few toys, games, books, and of course candy! We have put together toy guides with some awesome ideas for you! Many of these items you won't find at your local Target. We have tried to keep a much lower price point on many of these toys, books, and games.

These guides include:

Toy Testing Sisters: Valentines Gift Guide Ages 8-10

Ages 8-10

This age group is so much fun for us to curate gifts for because they are almost to that "tween/teen" age but still have that innocence that goes away too fast! We have some awesome toys, games, and must-have items for this age group.

Mini Brands: Who would have thought that a tiny SPAM or Hershey's would be such a hit? Mini Brands have become so popular for kids! The brands come in a surprise package so you don't know what you will get! Kids love to collect as many brands as possible. You can even buy a grocery store to display the collection.

BUDDHA Board Art Set: This board is excellent for mindfulness and meditation. Your kid can draw or write whatever they want on the board and it will disappear. It's calming to use this Buddha board and it's a great activity for relaxing the mind and letting go.

Slam Cup: This is the perfect game for all ages of kids! The goal is to get rid of your cups as fast as possible by stacking them depending on the latest color. Slam Cup is an awesome party game and can be easily transported.

Burritos Tortilla Blanket: Who doesn't want to be wrapped up like a burrito? This burrito blanket has almost 50,000 review on Amazon! It's extremely soft and a great size.

LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine's Puppy: These BrickHeadz by LEGO are gaining popularity. LEGO has released this darling puppy for the holiday of love! It's a great size and not too difficult to build. This gift is perfect for any LEGO lover.

KumiKreator: Why didn't we have the KumiKreator when we were growing up? This kit creates necklace and friendship bracelets. We promise this kit will be a massive attraction by anyone who is at your home! The tweens in Mandy's neighborhood go nuts over it.

Teenie Nee Doh: These teenie tiny balls by Schylling Toys are the perfect stress balls! They are small enough that your kids can practically transport anywhere. Nee Doh balls are our absolute favorite sensory/fidget toy brand! It may sound crazy but we have over 30 of these doh filled wonders! Pro Tip! Keep these in the car for your kids and you—constant entertainment.

Specks: Who would have thought magnetic building balls could be so addictive? You can transform these mini magnetic balls into almost any creation. They comes with a display board and cutting tool to make separating the balls easier. Charlie and Mandy are addicted.

National Geographic Geode Kit: If your kid loves cracking open dinosaur eggs, you need to get the geode kit. You can purchase either 10 or 15 geodes. The kit comes with everything you need to uncover precious geodes. The kit also includes 3 display stands.

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam: What kid doesn't want to make their own videos? The KidiZoom Creator Cam even comes with its own green screen. The software includes green screen animations and photo frames. It is a video camera, but also takes photos. This device is contained which is great because it doesn't connect to WiFi—no accidental video or photo uploads.

TENZI: This dice game is a total blast and can be played with large and small groups. It's a perfect party game or great to play as a family.

BluTrack: We were over the moon when a follower told us about BluTrack! We immediately knew we had to get our hands on the race track! This BluTrack includes a 15' multi-lane race track! It's very unique because it doesn't connect piece by piece, which is great for storage and ease of use! Mandy's kids simply attach the BluTrack to a window and start racing the cars. The track comes with a suction cup so it can stick to a window.

Jellyfish Aquarium: Teton Toys said we had to get this jelly fish aquarium for Charlie. This aquarium is awesome! Your kids can easily set up the aquarium and it's really fun. Once ready, you turn on the switch and you have beautiful, life-like, jellyfish floating around.

Aaron's Thinking Putty: Give us all the thinking putty. We even have a hard time putting it down. This thinking putty is great for busy hands and comes in a variety of colors and smells. It stores in a tin and can be kept in the car or a bedroom—great tool for winding down. Just be sure that your child is mature enough to keep it out of the carpet!

Giant Pop It: 400 Bubbles: Go big or go home! How long do you think it would take you to pop 400 bubbles? Instead of buying pop it after pop it, purchase this giant pop it. It's going to keep your child entertained. The pop it is perfect quiet activity for the car, church, or while watching TV.

Walkie Talkies: Kids love walkie talkies. This set is great because it comes in a 3-pack. They are extremely durable and the radio communication hardware is excellent. Get creative and add these to your camping kit. Take your kids outside and let them have fun exploring and using their walkie talkies to communicate their findings.

COMFY Dream Wearable Blanket: These wearable blankets are great for these cold days. The sherpa fabric is super cozy. They can wear watching TV, playing video games, reading books, and even sleeping. These are great for camping and throwing on during cold sporting events.

Why? 1,111 Answers to Everything: Books are an awesome item to give for Valentine's Day. If you have a kid who likes to ask questions and wants to know just about everything, this book is for them. The book includes serious and silly facts. Every wonder why islands float?

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