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Valentine's Gift Guide Ages 5-7

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Charlie is 6 and it has been so much fun watching his toy and game interests change as he is growing. He loves building, creating, and almost any game! Because Charlie is the perfect test subject for this age group, it was really easy an fun putting together this Valentine's Toy Guide for ages 5-7.

Every family celebrates Valentines differently. Mel and I enjoy curating a small package with a few toys, games, books, and of course candy! Many of these items you won't find at your local Target. We have tried to keep a much lower price point on many of these toys, books, and games.

These guides include:

Toy Testing Sisters: Valentines Gift Guide Ages 5-7

Ages 5-7

This age group is so much fun because they still enjoy when you play with them, but they are also growing and developing their own independence. This means it's easier to play with siblings, friends, and even alone. We have some awesome toys, games, and must-have items for this age group.

Big Gem Diamond Art: Over Thanksgiving, we took a diamond art set with us. We were expecting our teen sister to play with it. Charlie and Caroline immediately jumped in and wanted to give it a try. Charlie spent hours using the diamond art set creating pineapple stickers. It's also a great tool for hand-eye coordination.

Kids on Stage: This game is such a blast for kids! We love it because it can be used by kids 3+ and it works well even with different aged people playing. It's a charades game where you act out an animal, object, or action.

Classic Lego: These mini classic Lego sets are fun to collect. Mandy has all of the colors at her house. The red set is perfect for Valentine's Day. This toy is great because they can build mini items. These sets are not difficult and easy to store.

PlusPlus: If you have a kid who loves to build and create, PlusPlus is a must-have! You can easily free style build or follow some of their recommended builds. PlusPlus comes in one shape (mini puzzle shapes). This is great because we all know how easy it is to lose a Lego piece.

Fujifilm Instax Mini: Mandy had a small NYE party and one of the kids brought her Instax mini! It was the hit of the party. All of the kids spent time capturing different moments from the night. Charlie kept his instant "polaroid" images and currently has them displayed in this room! This is such a fun toy for almost any age!

Drone Home: This game was a 2021 TOTTY Finalist and comes highly recommended by one of Mandy's besties. The goal of the game is to get your alien to the launch pad and carried away by the drone. If you alien is flown away by the drone, you are the winner!

Brain Flakes: This building toy is new to Mandy's collection! We had heard really good things about Brain Flakes and knew we needed to give them a try. This set comes with 500 disc flakes that interlock with any flake. They come with many different colors and an instruction book to make different creations. Love that all of the parts are the same so it doesn't matter if you lose a piece. It's pretty insane what can be produced with these Brain Flake discs.

Rally Felt: We stumbled upon Rally Felt Co. when we found out their sets could be used on the Nugget Couch. Rally Felt creates felt sets that come with a matching book. We love the set Me and My Amazing Body! The book is interesting and even includes some fun facts. Mandy's kids love the body felt set and enjoy learning about all of the organs in the human body. You can purchase a la carte sets or they also have a monthly subscription option.

Zingo: This game is like Bingo but with a Zing! Mandy's kids got this for Christmas and it has recently been their go-to game. Each player gets a bingo-like card. There is a device that outputs chips with different images on them. The first player to fill their card wins.

Sarah's Silks: If you follow us, you know we have an obsession with anything created by Sarah's Silks. On January 10th they released their Valentine's line. This mini blue silk is absolutely beautiful and can be used for pretend play of all kinds.

AquaBeads: Do you remember creating bead objects and animals as a kid by either placing an iron on the beads or cooking in the oven? Obviously fun but kind of dangerous and a lot of work! We love Aquabeads because they are easy for kids to design on their own and all you need is water to activate! You can produce many creations and even pull them apart and start fresh. It's also easy to purchase refill kits. This is the perfect activity to keep kids busy and off the TV.

Stardust Nee Doh: Give us all of the Nee doh products! This Stardust Nee doh is the perfect color for Valentine's Day! We have found Teton Toys has the best selection and prices for all Nee doh products. You can save 10% on your purchase at Teton Toys if you follow us on IG.

Red Butterfly Art Poster: We started using giant coloring posters from Red Butterfly Art back in October 2021. They are massive and we like to put them on our kitchen or dining room table and leave them out for our kids to color on throughout the week. Kate, the owner, is the artist behind these creations. We also love that there are duplicate images on these giant posters so kids don't get upset if they want to color a specific item. The poster we are featuring here is the Every Time Game Board.

STEM Drilling Set: Charlie got this STEM construction and engineering building set for Christmas. It comes with 237 drill pieces for your child to either make their own creations or follow recommended instructions. You can build in either 1D or 3D. All of the pieces and drill fit into a small carrying case which we love. Mandy can attest that this is a very relaxing toy to play with as an adult!

Magnetic Drawing Board: This magnetic drawing board is perfect for keeping kids busy when you are out of the house! You simply drag the pen across the magnetic board and the beads pop up! It's actually a great sensory and mediation toy. It keeps you focused and kids love the clicking and mesmerizing pop up beads. This toy is recommended for ages 3-8 but it would also be great for teens too!

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