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5-7 Holiday Toy Guide

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Ages 5 to 7 is a little trickier age to shop for because these 3 years are FULL of growth. We feel like we did a great job of showcasing a variety of toys that aren't easily outgrown. Shop these guides for a home run holiday experience with your kiddos.

Shop All Ages:

1. GoTrax Electric Scooter: There are many electric scooters on the market. We have tested this electric scooter and have been thrilled with it. The wheels light up so kids can ride day or night. Speed is 7.5mph and it can go to almost 5 miles before needing a charge. Foot button activation makes it easy for kids to jump on and ride.

2. Calico Critters: How cute are the critters and the many, many accessories. Last year Caroline asked for a Calico Critter set for Christmas. This is the set (Red Roof Cottage Home) we purchased and it has been great. We can easily add furniture and animal sets. She loves setting up her home and using her imagination.

3. Hammock: Want to create a nice relaxing space for your kids? These hammocks from Splendipity are incredible. Installation is so easy and the fabric choices are excellent. Our kids love to read, relax, and listen to audio books in their hammocks. They have a max weight of 135lbs.

4. Tubelox: This is a building and construction set. The pieces are all made of plastic and slide and snap into place. Kids can construct real-life objects like a bike, scooter, plane, desk, fort, chair, wheelbarrow, cart, etc. with Tubelox. Save 10% with our code MM10.

5. Karaoke Mic: Mandy has two of these and her kids LOVE! This mic speaker is loud and it also has bluetooth capability. Her kids love to use the mics to free-style sing or they play karaoke songs on the YouTube TV.

6. Magic Mixies: Magic Mixies sold out last year and we can see why! This is a very unique toy because you use the cauldron and potions to create your Magic Mixie. You follow the potion instructions and when you are done, your Mixie will appear. You can also purchase refill kits. We don't typically love toys that can only be played with a few ways, but this one is so unique and jaw-dropping--kids absolutely love.

7: Hoverboard: This Hoverboard has a chrome paint finish with blue LED lights. It can run up to 3.1 miles on a single charge. Max speed is 6.2 mph and the max weight capacity is 220lbs. Recommend this for ages 4+ depending on coordination and balance.

8: Magnetic Tiles Race Track: Charlie got this magnetic tiles race track last year for Christmas. It has grooves in the tiles so the cars can race around the track. This is a great toy that promotes engineering and problem-solving. We also like to add our other tile sets and construct buildings, homes, and towns around the track.

9: BluTracks Race Track: We can’t stand car tracks that require so many pieces and are usually pre-designed. This 18ft track can be laid out the way you want. Our kids love racing down the stairs or using the window attachment. We love that they can experiment with different track options and use their imagination. The track rolls up for easy storage.

10: PlusPlus: Sometimes its nice to step outside LEGO builds and try something else! If you have a kid who loves to build and create, PlusPlus is a must-have! You can easily free style build or follow some of their recommended builds. PlusPlus comes in one shape (mini puzzle shapes).

11. Brain Flakes: These are such good stem toy and our kids love to build with them. The possibilities with these are endless. They can be configured into so many different shapes because of their unique design.

12. Lite Brite: This is a new and more advanced take on the traditional Lite Brite. It's oval shape and smaller pegs allow for more definition and portability. This would be a perfect project to display on a nightstand or dresser and re create time and time again.

13. Custom Denim Jacket: These jackets are custom designed and the patches are hand-picked! We were blown away when we came across this company in the spring of 2022. What kid doesn't want a custom jacket that highlights their personality and interests? You work closely with the owner to create a jacket that is perfect for your kid.

14. Cuddleez Pillow: Disney has done it again with these perfectly squishy, cuddle pillows. These things are amazingly soft and come in a wide variety of characters. You can snag these at Target in your child's favorite Disney character and make their Christmas morning complete.

15. Rotating Bubble Machine: Any party isn't complete without this rotating bubble machine. Hours of playtime fun! Use for an under the sea adventure or to just get some wiggles out.

16. Aaron's Thinking Putty KIT: Run to Costco for this find under $20! Discover the endless possibilities of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty! With the Putty Discovery Kit, you'll learn all the different ways to play with putty and fascinating facts about science and nature. With 50 activities, you and your child can spend hours creating new scientific experiments while incorporating sensory play.

17. Dinosaur Eggs: DinoEggs is a fossil digging kit for kids who are curious and ready for discovery! Every dinosaur egg holds a unique dino species to match with an educational flash card. Our kids love using the excavation tools to uncover their mystery dinosaur.

18. Star Projector Night Light: The colorful and unpredictable nebula comes in a variety of color combinations and is decorated with flashing star lights, which can be switched by remote control or buttons. The high-definition starlight galaxy is projected onto the wall and ceiling, making you feel like you are in the vast galaxy. This sweet astronaut is also the perfect decoration in any adventure driven child's room!

19. Instant Print Camera: This instant print camera is so much fun for kids to use. Give them a new sense of independence with taking and developing their own photographs instantly. This specific one comes with accessories and extra printing paper for HOURS of creative fun.

20. Balance Beam: This 4 foot, folding balance beam is made of dense foam and can hold up to 160 lbs. We recommend purchasing 2 sets of these beams to create longer balance activity. Search BALANCE BEAM in the search bar.

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