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Teen Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

We love doing teen guides because most of the items are gifts we want for ourselves! This list does include some more expensive items, but they are quality and tested!

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1. Segway Scooter: Mandy has two of these at her house! The specs on this Segway ninebot 45 scooter are awesome! Segway Ninebot E45 has a top speed of 18.6 mph, travels up to 28 miles, and accommodate a max load of 220 lbs. Even though this is an adult scooter, Mandy’s 7-year old can operate. It also folds up for easy storage and lights up underneath. It even includes a headlight for night riding.

2: Nintendo Switch OLED: This is the latest Switch model. Mandy has this at her house and it’s something the entire family loves playing together. The switch is great because it’s very portable. We love bringing with us on long car rides and on vacation. There are so many family friendly games everyone can enjoy.

3. Bracelet Kit: Pretty Life Girls has outdone themselves with their DIY bracelet kits. They have curated some amazing kits with beautiful colors and accessories. These are so fun for teens to make for themselves and friends.

4. ZAANA: Want the look of the double piercing but don't want the piercing? These Zanna twists hoops give the look of a double piercing without having to get pierced. Save 10% with CODE: TOYTESTINGSISTERS

5. Heatless Curls: If you have a kid who spends so much time curling, try using these heartless curls! You simply wrap your hair around the soft curler! We were blown away that it works so well! This would make for a fun girls night activity.

6. Needohs: You know we love our Needohs! These mini Needohs come in an 18pk. These are fun because they fit in the palm of your hand. Teens can keep in the car, backpack, purse, etc. They are our favorite fidget toy!

7. Hammock Chair Swing: Our 17-year old sister has a hanging hammock in her room and she loves it! This model is great because it has two cozy cushions and a side pocket hole books, iPad, etc. You can use this inside or outside and it holds up to 300lbs! Love the idea of making a lounge nook in a teens bedroom!

8. Rad Bikes:Say hello to the RadCity 4 High-Step. Mel purchased a Rad Bike this summer. She has a model that allows hers to pull her two girls. This model is great for teens! Rad calls this their winner for all-around e-bike. It works on dirt or pavement. This bike has the power of a 750W motor and can go 45+ miles per charge.

9. DJI Mini Pro3: This drone is on the expensive side but if you have teen who loves drones this is the one to get! The features are incredible! Mandy has this drone and it is used a lot! You can set different cinematic settings and it even records in horizontal or vertical mode. It includes a home feature and obstacle avoidance.

10. Lava Lamp: Mandy’s son, Charlie, has a lava lamp in his room and it’s super soothing! Who had a lava lamp in their room growing up? This model is from the original lava lamp company. It stands at 16.3inches.

11. Kodak Printer: This photo printer is unlike its competitors. You can manually plug any phone in and instantly print high quality photos! The ink is cheaper and lasts longer as well.

12. Adult Swaddle: This adult swaddle is from Goosebumps Shop and is our favorite! They have turned their beloved baby swaddle into adult size and come up with the cutest prints and colors. They always do a killer Black Friday sale!

13. Nail Polish Holder: Say goodbye to spilled polish. This nail polish holder has so many good Amazon reviews and makes painting your nails like a pro that much easier. This gift would be perfect for a "beginning nail tech".

14. LIGHT UP Corn Hole: Corn hole is always a fan favorite, but can be a let down when it gets much too dark to SEE! This corn hole set is affordable and comes with 38 ultra bright LED lights which makes playing into the night a non issue.

15. Portable Speaker: Mel was gifted this portable speaker this year and it goes everywhere with her. She uses it on bike rides, at the park, to take her girls on stroller rides, or just for a fun indoor dance party. It packs a punch and is priced well!

16. Buddha Board: This is the original buddha board and is so relaxing. Using water and a brush the tablet can be transformed into a dissolving work of art.

17. Belt Bag: You've probably heard of the lulu belt bag. The price of that one might not be suitable for your teen (who likely looses everything), but this Amazon dupe is the perfect alternative. We love the cream color but it comes in a variety of colors and looks identical to the lulu one.

18. Ukulele: This gorgeous, wooden ukulele is the perfect gift for a creative teen. Help your child learn a new skill with FREE online lessons included in this link.

19. Neck Fan: This might seem like an odd Christmas gift but it's the gift that gives all summer long! This portable, recharging neck can is the best for a hot summer day. Use it to mow the lawn, play outside, or sit in a hot parade. 30K 5-star Amazon reviews.

20. Paint by Stickers: Did you know paint by stickers is also for teens/adults? Snag this darling travel themed paint by stickers. Select the same numbered sticker and place it accordingly to complete your masterpiece.

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