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Staple Playroom Toys: Holiday Edition

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Mel and I have put together 20 staple toys for your toy room! This list is not age specific because most of these items can be enjoyed by littles all the way up to teens! The toys listed below have been a major hit at both our houses--we own all of these toys! If you are looking for group gifts for the family or larger, higher price point items, this is your list.

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1. Airfort: This toy gives you a fort within seconds and all you need is a box fan! You don’t have to deal with poles or storing a large fort. This toy folds up in a tiny pouch! Kids just lift the side to enter. It comes in different designs and shapes! Our kids love hosting teddy bear picnics inside or just chilling with blankets and pillows. Save 10% with CODE: TOYTESTINGSISTERS

2. Sarah's Silks: Our favorite play silks are from Sarah’s Silks. They offer beautifully crafted 100% silk play scarves and products perfect for imaginative play. They also come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Our kids love to put in the water, play dress-up, build forts, fly in the sky, and create magical paths. If you want to add silks to your playroom, start by purchasing a few of the classic sized silks and either a giant or double silk.

3. Rockwall: If your kids climb the walls, we have the ultimate solution for you! Megalith climbing has made it easy to add a rock wall in your very own home! All you do is buy these individual panels, arrange to your liking, add the holes, and voila! These are self-installed but are super easy. Find the studs in your walls and they will each hold up to 250lbs per panel. This is the perfect toy that keeps your kids active and entertained.

4. Mud kitchen: This is an heirloom toy that will be used for many, many years. It is made of solid wood and the quality is top notch. We highly recommend the WoodNPoppy mud kitchen. Their mud kitchens are made to order and you can select wood type, finish, and accessories. Mud kitchens are excellent for outdoor sensory play. Kids can enjoy making mud pies, planting flowers, cooking with their backyard findings, and so much more.

5. Stairslide: Who doesn’t want to turn their stairs into a massive slide? Stairslide comes in sections so you can pick the length and thrill level you are looking for! They don’t damage your floor and stack for easy storage. This toy can be enjoyed by toddlers and teens! Use our code to save 10%! Mel has 5 slides at her house and Mandy has 4. We use a play couch as a landing pad! CODE: TOYTESTING10

6. Stepping Stones: These colorful stepping stones from National Geographic will get your kid moving and using their imagination. They are soft and easy to balance on. Our kids love to use in ninja stations, obstacle courses, and pretend play. Littles love to stack and jump on and off. These are great to pair with silks and a play couch.

7. Play couch: Mandy has been become addicted to play couches—she owns 4. Play couches are awesome for imaginative play because kids can create forts, castles, obstacle courses, ninja stations, houses, and so much more. There are many play couch companies but we love LeoMat and Nugget. We recommend investing in at least two play couches if you purchase a Nugget. Nuggets won't go on sale and are $229 for a standard color. Because the Leo Mat has tri-fold cushions, start with one before buying two. The Leo Mat is $399. You can purchase from Target or Leo Mat. There are so many unique colors and patterns to pick from. The Leo Mat is featured in the photo. Save 10% with CODE: TOYTESTINGSISTERS

8. Bounce House: PlaySmol has created aesthetically pleasing bounce houses! No more obnoxious colors. They currently have 3 color options: pinks, blues, and neutrals. They offer 6x6 and 8x8. If you have room, we recommend the 8x8. This toy will keep kids busy and bouncing! Add plastic balls for some fun sensory play. Bounces houses are great for indoor and outdoor wiggles! This will save you during the cold winter months. Use CODE: TOYTESTINGSISTERS to save $30.

9. Doorway swing: If you have active kids, the doorway swing is great for getting out all of the energy! It’s awesome because it doesn’t require any hardware for installation. It holds up to 150lbs. Littles can relax in the hammock attachment and big kids can even enjoy too. We recommend purchasing the deluxe kit which includes the swing, trapeze bar, and hammock attachments.

10. Jungle Jumaproo: We know this is a higher price toy that takes up a larger footprint, but we promise it will be used by so many ages. The Jumparoo is a trampoline for inside/outside with bonus features! It includes poles for climbing and hanging and you can even purchase the rope swing! Tons of kids can load onto the Jumparoo and no one is going to get thrown off because of its double bounce feature. This means you can have a toddler jumping the same time as a teen!

11. Dough Kits: These kits from Mac Kids Kit are affordable and will keep your kiddos entertained for hours. The accessories for each themed box turn play time into an imaginative and sensory experience.

12. Ikea Play Kitchen: Every home should have a play kitchen. The Ikea kitchen is a favorite of ours because it is neutral colored, has an interactive top, and is majorly affordable. Just make sure to check for inventory because these often sell out around the holidays.

13. Billibo: The Billibo is an open ended, award winning toy. Our kiddos have nick named it the "turtle shell". It can be used to spin and wobble and can be flipped upside down to create a fun arrangement of stepping stones. The perfect toy to help get out the wiggles.

14. Wooden Rainbow: This toy made our staple toy guide because our kiddos use it in so many ways. It is a toy that will grow with your child. Not to mention, we found the largest, most affordable one on Amazon and we LOVE IT!

15. Yoto Mini: Say hello to the portable story teller. This story telling device uses cards to play hundreds of classic stories. It doesn't require wifi to work and can be used as a bluetooth device. The portability of this makes it perfect for road trips, plane rides, and camping excursions.

16. Spider Swing: A favorite outdoor toy of ours that can be used on a swing set or a tree. Holds up to 700lbs and can fit up to 6 kids! We love to let our kids pile on and swing high together.

17. Kids UTV Ride On: This ride on toy packs a punch. It uses a 24V battery which means more speed, more power, and better battery life. Two kids can ride together and tot around their gear in the trunk. Trust us when we say you want a 24V battery!

18. Nighthawk Rider: This is the most unique battery powered ride on toy we've seen. It looks like a stingray and turns by using a tipping motion. Our kids have hours of fun riding this through the neighborhood.

19. Wooble Board: Another perfect toy to help get all the wiggles out. You can use this toy to rock, wobble, and teeter. You can also use this for an interactive kids yoga session. Open ended toy with lots of playtime possibilities.

20. Zip Line: If you have 2 sturdy trees this is the toy for you! Turn your backyard into an outdoor obstacle course with this zip line from Fofana Ninja. Using slack line technology this toy can be used for even adults under 250lbs.

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