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2022 Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays

This year we had the best time working with Teton Toys to develop an incredible list of stocking stuffer ideas for your kids. Stocking stuffers are a fun addition, but sometimes we can find ourselves running to the dollar store or Target dollar section and filling with items that will just end up in the trash. We love our list because these items are tested and will actually get used. 80% of the toys on this list are below $25 and can be purchased at Teton Toys. Remember, when you shop at Teton Toys, you save 10% if you mention Toy Testing Sisters.

Instead of buying a bunch of stocking stuffer items, find a few on this list and call it good! We promise this will make the de-junking process after the holidays so much easier.

If you haven't checked out our holiday toys guides, see below for easy access!

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