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Valentine's Day Toy Guide

We are big believers of quality of quantity. Also, we want the items entering your home to have purpose and not just end up in the trash. We have curated an awesome list of toys for you to create a cute V-day set up or Love basket for your kids. This guide is not age or gender specific. We selected items that are a good fit for multiple ages and interests.

  1. Butterfly Fairy Play Silk by Sarah's Silks: We are dead with this new printed Sarah's Silk. It's $14 and excellent for so much open-ended play.

  2. Love Potion by Little Lark: Let your little create some potion fun! Our kids love these potions. Perfect for indoor sensory play during these colder months and a pouch is $12.

  3. GloPals sold by Bubbles and Joy: These are water activated squares that turn bath time into a blast. You can even add to a sensory water table. Grab for $10.

  4. Red Creator Lego: Perfect size for a small LEGO build. Mandy's has this set and it's a great starter LEGO for little kids. Price is $13 on Amazon.

  5. Butterfly Steamer by Sarah's Silks: Your kids will love spinning and twirling with this purple steamer! It's $14 and will get tons of use.

  6. Paintable Chalk by Let's Talk Chalk: If you kid loves art, this is a fun project for them. This kit comes with everything you need to paint your own chalk for $6.

  7. Jewelry Kit by Melissa and Doug: The size of these beads makes it easy for younger kids to create without help from parents. You can snag for $15 from Amazon.

  8. Valentine's Day Fine Motor Board by Creative Learning Co: This versitile fine motor board is filled with fun accessories and unique ways to play. It's $50 but the amount of use you get out of this toy is incredible.

  9. Hello Sugar House V-Day Bundle: If you don’t have a Sugarhouse yet, and you love the pinks and purples, this is the bundle you’ll want to snag! $70 and the quality is unbeatable.

  10. Pink Twirl Dress by Little Adventure Dress-Ups: These are our favorite dress-ups. They wash so well and are comfy for kids. This doubles and a dress and dress-up for $35.

  11. Gumball Machine Tray by Three Letter Words by Katie: This resin gum ball machine is $30 and would make the perfect addition for a fun sensory play station.

  12. Valentine Earrings by Pierced Co.: Our favorite earrings right here! They have twist-on backs and they won't hurt your kid's ears. Save 20% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS. This includes subscriptions too.

  13. Chrystal Needoh by Schylling: Love these for your older kid. They are the perfect fidget toy for $16.

  14. Voss Arch Sword by Formidable Toys: These foam swords are insane! You can customize your sword and get creative by switching out the grip, cross guard, and blade. This one is $55 but the quality is excellent and this will get used.

  15. Resin Paintables by CharsJars: Perfect for paint for chalk crayons. When kids are done, just wash and start over. You get 6 different objects for $35.

  16. Floral Scented Dough by MACkidskit: How beautiful are these floral doughs? These smell amazing and the quality is great. You can snag these for $19.

  17. Affirmation Hearts by CharsJars: Perfect hearts to add to your sensory play set up. So many unique ways to play with these. They are priced at $30 which is a steal.

  18. Love Potion Board by Creative Learning Co.: Every kid loves potion play and this insert is themed for a love potion holiday. When V-day is over, you can continue to use for potion and wet play. This insert is $55.

  19. Jixelz by Fat Brain Toys: These love robots are really fun! You can build directly onto a pattern. We would recommend at least 6+ for this one and make sure your kid likes to focus on these types of builds. Grab for $10.

  20. Affirmation Fries by Three Letter Words by Katie: These would be so cute on a desk or vanity. This set is $25.

  21. Red Dragon Cloak by Little Adventure Dress-Ups: Like we mentioned before, this is our favorite dress-up company. This is priced at $33 and they have so many options.

  22. Jewelry Kit by Pretty Life Girls: These sister duo makes the cutest DIY sets. We have this set at love! It's only $20. They have so many options on their site.

  23. Bubble Whoosh sold by Bubbles and Joy: Make bath time fun, colorful, and smell amazing! This product is safe and it's $17.

  24. Magnetic Valentine Sensory Tray by Kailey Belle Designs: These magnetic sensory trays are great for keeping kids busy! We loved the Christmas trays they did. Price point is great too at $15.

  25. Purple Aaron's Thinking Putty: This isn't slime but can cause problems if its smashed into carpet so we recommend supervising! Putty is excellent for soothing and relaxing. Perfect for teens! Price is $15.

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