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How to Organize Your Toy Room

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Christmas is over which means we are all in organization mode. This can often feel overwhelming if we don't take the time to map out a plan and review the product we might need to help create the space we desire.

We recently appeared on Studio 5 KSL to share our toy organization tips with viewers. As you know, Mel and I have many, many toys! Since I do have an insane amount, I have created centers within my play room. For example, I have a movement zone where my kids bounce on their Jumparoo, build forts with their Nuggets, and set up some pretty awesome obstacle courses. I have other centers for building, dress ups, and even pretend play. This helps bring order to my play room. I also regularly rotate my toys! I keep about 30% of my toys in my storage room. I rotate my toys often—this makes old toys feel new and keeps my toy room uncluttered.

Recently, I have tried adding more of a Montessori feel to my play room. I love the concept of open shelving because it reduces the amount of toys available, promotes independence, and helps children understand what to do when they are done playing with their toys. I recently took one of my cubed storage units and removed all of the baskets. I placed individual toys in the shelf. It has been interesting to see how much more use these toys are getting. My kids can easily see what's available and put away their toys when they want to do something else.

Here are links to some of our favorite toy organizing products!

Game pouches: Game boxes take up so much space! These pouches are perfect for storing games and eliminating clutter. These also make transporting games so much easier.

Forward-facing bookshelf: We love these types of bookshelves because you can put out a few books for your kids to select from and they can easily see the options available.

Montessori inspired shelf: This self is beautiful and is by Inspired Montessori Learning. Using a shelf like this simplifies how many toys your kids have access to and promotes independence.

Dress Up Rack: Using an adjustable clothing rack is great for dress ups! Pick 5-6 of your kids favorite items and hang. You can then store the rest of your dress ups in storage and rotate every month.

"Shoe" storage bins: If your kids have LEGO sets, it can he hard to know how to store them. These bins are from Walmart and cost just over $1. They are perfect for stacking and storing LEGO sets and instructions.

Lego storage drawers: These are great for storing classic LEGO. Its easy or the kids to pull out the drawers and you can store the bricks by brick type. PRO tip! Don't store by color, keep them sorted by brick type.

Lazy Susan: I have two of these in my play room. One is used for a building station where I have placed PlusPlus, Brain Flakes, and Stacking Stones. The other one holds Caroline's baby products for her baby doll station. These are great because it keeps small items together and allows for simple categories.

Stuffed animal bins: Who doesn't have 1M stuffed animals at their house? One way you can store these darling stuffies is stackable storage bind! Your kids can swap the ones they want access to and if you are feeling crafty, simply add hardware and hang out the walls.

Clear looker bins: These clear looker bins are great to place in cubed organizers. Your kids can easily see what toys are in the bin. You won't need a label for any of your bins if you are using these clear options. My goal is to swap out all of my bins for these!

Hinged stacking clear containers: These are actually intended to hold sweaters but they are great to store larger toys. I love that this container has a lid because it keeps out dust and other toys. These containers can also be stacked.

Stackable clear drawers: I use these for my learning toys! They are technically for storing shoes but they work great for small items. I keep our counting bears and math cubes in these. My kids can easily pull out the drawers and it's awesome that they stack too.

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