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Busy Little Toys

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

School is back in session which means there are lots of littles at home with tear filled eyes as they watch their older siblings leave. We have curated the perfect list of toys to turn those frowns upside down. These toys will keep your kiddos entertained and have been tried and tested.

  1. Leo Mat : We love play couches and the Leo Mat is new to the market! It has a tri-fold technology which means you get 6 cushions and 2 triangles! Play couches are perfect for open-ended play! We love constructing forts, obstacle courses, ninja stations, mazes, and so much more. You can use code TOYTESTINGSISTERS for a discount at checkout.

  2. Yoto player: The yoto mini is a portable story player that kids can operate on their own! It doesn’t require Wi-Fi. Kids love selecting their story cards and inserting them into the yoto. You can use headphones with your yoto for a long car ride. This is a great way to get off the screens and fall in love with audio books. The kids' meditation cards are a fan favorite too.

  3. Squigz: Fat Brain Toys make the funnest, silicone building toys perfect for little hands. These suction powered rubber toys can be stuck to almost any service and make for a creative frenzie. Our kiddos like to take these in the car and use them on the car windows.

  4. Button and Bug Table Inserts: These table inserts can be used with or without the play table. Purchase the plastic container from your local IKEA and go wild. These inserts can be used as open ended/sensory play in a wide range of learning activities. Designed and developed by an occupational therapist and mom, these are perfect to keep your little one busy. Use code TOYTESTINGSISTERS for 10% off at checkout.

  5. Wild Pine Board Sorters: These beautifully crafted, wooden sorting boards are unique and perfect to keep little hands busy. Select a wide range of boards and custom colored gems to create a thrilling fine motor skills activity. Use code TOYTESTINGSISTERS at checkout for 15% off.

  6. Bilibo: This award-winning, open-ended toy is so versatile and keeps littles engaged as they improve motor skills and balance. The Bilibo can be used inside or outside! Kids love to spin, rock, and balance on their turtle shell—the Bilibo.

  7. Doughsie Dough: Dough kits are a great way to keep littles busy enjoying sensory and creative play. Themed kits are awesome because you can select a kit that fits the current interest of your child. The dough accessories are always perfectly curated. Our kids love playing with their dough kits.

  8. Homer App: This is our favorite early learning app. Our kids are going to find themselves in front of screens, so why not control the content. This early learning program can be customized to both age and level and adjusts to your child accordingly. Our link gives you a 45 day window to try the app for FREE!

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