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Easter Gift Guide Ages 8-10

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

This can be a challenging age range for purchasing toys/games. They aren't teens yet but their interests are definitely maturing. This guide is curated for movement, building, creating, and relaxing. We have found some insanely fun items for Easter! Who wouldn't want to climb on a ninja line or put a trick scooter to use?

As moms, we love making the holidays magical! We go to as many egg hunts as possible, throw an awesome Easter party, visit the Easter bunny, and create as many holiday crafts as possible. Over the past few years, Mel and I started a tradition where we shop for our Easter basket goodies together. Who doesn't love a GNO with their sister and bestie?

These guides include:

  1. Trick Scooter: This trick scooter is great for the kid who loves to be active and wants an upgrade from a standard scooter.

  2. Easter Lego: I am ordering for Charlie. He loves to get holiday themed lego sets.

  3. Bunny Squishmallow: This is going to go fast! Don't wait and order asap.

  4. KumiKreator: Perfect for a creator. The pre-teens in my neighborhood love to throw bracelet parties with this toy.

  5. Fidget Set: Fidget toys are perfect for all kids! This set has a great variety. I love the peas in a pod.

  6. 5 Second Rule: This game is hilarious. The goal of the game is to name 3 things within a category in 5 seconds.

  7. Clay Kit: This is a fast drying clay set that is great for an artist. Kit comes with fun tools and accessories.

  8. Needoh Dohjee: These are new to the Needoh line and are fun for kids to collect all 24!

  9. Race Set: Everything you need to run a wacky race set! Six obstacles are included in each set. Love that you have everything you need to run a party race.

  10. GraviTrax: If you have a child who loves a challenge and building, this marble run will be a massive hit.

  11. Hydro Flask: With summer approaching, adding a new water bottle to the mix is a must.

  12. P for Pizza: Match the letters with the categories, then shout out an answer before anyone else. Recommended for 8+.

  13. Disco LED Blue Tooth Speaker: Who doesn't want to have a disco party? This bluetooth speaker illuminates with a spinning frenzy of color and light!

  14. Squeezy Peezy: This is Mandy's favorite fidget toy. It's filled with tons of water beads.

  15. Creatto Lion: Great for a builder. This is a 3D puzzle set that also illuminates when done. The lion is so cute!

  16. Aqua Beads: These are so much fun! You place the beads and spray with water. Kids can create so many fun designs.

  17. Creatto Heart: This is the heart version of the 3D puzzle. It illuminates when completed.

  18. Polish Me Silly: These polishes are unique because they are color changing and also come in unique shades and funky textures.

  19. Skateboard: Great beginner skateboard that won't break the bank. Great reviews with a low price point.

  20. Fofana Ninja Kit: Ready to give your backyard play area a face lift? This ninja kit is extremely easy to set up and comes with a bunch of ninja accessories. Save 10% by using our code 10TOYTESTING

  1. Pineapple Roller Skates: These are a little bit of a splurge but would be so amazing to take to the skate park!

  2. Lego Easter Kit: Legos are such a popular toy and this cute easter themed one would be darling to add to a basket.

  3. Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza Card Game: This game is basically an upgraded version of "slap jack". You'll get lots of laughs and fun from this game.

  4. Tamagotchi Pix: This is the newest version of tamagotchi. It has a camera on the back so you can take pictures with your virtual friend.

  5. Smiley Face Slippers: These are all the rage this year! Order a pair for yourself even!

  6. Yoda Echo Dot STAND: Most kids have one of these fun echo dots in their room. Use this stand to display it and make it fun!

  7. Popcorn Maker: This silicone popcorn maker is easy to wash, store, and use! Make homemade popcorn even easier with this nifty gadget. Did I mention it is dishwasher safe?

  8. The Bears and the Bees Game: Grandpa Beck makes lot of incredibly entertaining games. This is a favorite of both Mandy and Mel's.

  9. Nerf Gun: This traditional nerf gun is perfect to have an ultimate battle with your kids. #1 best seller in toy foam blasters.

  10. EOS lip balm: This is Mel's absolute favorite chapstick. Added bonus that it is shaped like an EGG!

  11. Volleyball: What is more fun than getting outside and playing a game of volleyball? How fun is this colorful one?

  12. Easter Egg Amazon GC: Having a hard time deciding what to get your TWEENAGER? Order them this Easter gift card and claim your reward.

  13. Dash Waffle Maker: This waffle maker produces waffles in the shape of bunnies...need I say more?

  14. Instax Camera Film: We know lots of your snagged this camera for you kids for Christmas. Gift them this extra film which is perfect for celebrating and capturing memories for Easter.

  15. Stance Socks: This three pack of stance socks is the perfect addition to any Easter basket.

  16. Color Changing Light Bulbs: These light bulbs can be controlled by Alexa or a smart device. This would be so fun to pop into your kiddos room.

  17. Paint by Sticker ZOO Animal Book: Think paint by numbers but with stickers. These are perfect for MESS free fun.

  18. Fidget Pencil Toppers: These pop its are so very addicting and satisfying. Add one to your kids pencils at school.

  19. Classic Lego Kit: Legos are fun to build at so many ages. This kit is a perfect place to start if you are new to Legos.

  20. Smithsonian Jellyfish Lamp: What a fun and creative night light! This requires you to assemble before use which makes it a bit like a science project.

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