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Easter Gift Guide Teens

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We love creating teen gift guides because most of the items we recommend, we want for ourselves! This guide includes games, fidget toys, fashion, beauty, and all things chill.

As moms, we love making the holidays magical! We go to as many egg hunts as possible, throw an awesome Easter party, visit the Easter bunny, and create as many holiday crafts as possible. Over the past few years, Mel and I started a tradition where we shop for our Easter basket goodies together. Who doesn't love a GNO with their sister and bestie?

These guides include:

1. Bucket Hats: Obsessed with these patterns from Urban Outfitters! These would look so cute with biker shorts and a graphic tee. Perfect accessory for the warm month ahead.

2. Sunnies: These aviator sunnies from Anthropology are a classic and a must!

3. Cloud slides: Mel and I both have these and we LOVE! They are so comfy and waterproof.

4. Dime Cosmetics: I have been using the works set for over a year. It's clean, affordable, and can be used by all teens.

5. Skull King: This is currently our favorite game as a family! It reminds me of the game huey luey but there is more strategy and twists and turns. Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS.

6. Stance Socks: These are Will's favorite socks and Charlie love them too. There are so many awesome designs to pick from.

7. Disco LED Blue Tooth Speaker: Who doesn't want to have a disco party? This bluetooth speaker illuminates with a spinning frenzy of color and light!

8. Aurora Cloud LED Laser Projector: Zen time anyone? This projects swirling auroras and nebulas into your space, creating a cosmic ambiance.

9. Thread Wallet: These wallets come in fun colors and designs. They are great for holding a license, student ID, and credit card.

10. Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy: Your favorite car dealership decor in mini form. It's motorized and fills with air!

11. Sunnies: Love these sunnies from Anthropology because they are large and give a vintage vibe.

12. Speks: This set comes with 12 magnetic pentagons. You can make over 100 combinations. Such a fun fidget toy!

13. Happy Salmon: This is a quick and loud game which makes it a great party game. The goal is to match your cards with other players.

14. Women's Nike Sweatshirt: This color is perfection. Snag before they sell out.

15. Zanna Heart and Stars Studs: This is our favorite jewelry brand. Insanely amazing quality and they are waterproof and tarnish proof. Use code TOYTESTINGSISTERS to save 10% on your order

16. Men's Nike Sweatshirt: Can't go wrong with a this blue sweatshirt with the Nike logo and swoosh design.

17. Dohjees by Needoh: Of course we have a Needoh product on our guide! These dohjees are new and super fun to collect and squeeze.

18. Toilet Light: Where was this when I was growing up? There are multiple color options and a remote.

19. Microfiber Hair Towel: Game-changer for hair! Spray on your product and wrap hair! It reduces static and sucks out the water.

20. Bears and the Bees: The goal is to discard your tiles by matching colors. There is some strategy required but it's also fun to play and chat at the same time. Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS.

21. Diced Cheese: Cheesey dice game you can take anywhere! It's easy to learn and play as a group.

22. Lululemon Crossbody: I have this bag and it's great because it can easily hold my phone, wallet, snacks, and lip gloss.

23. Buddha Board Art Set: This board is excellent for mindfulness and meditation. You can draw or write on the board and it will disappear.

24. Birkenstocks: These are a staple. Waterproof and extremely comfy.

25. World's Smallest Bopit: Perfect, mini entertainment. And yes, it totally works.

26. Caboodle: This retro caboodle is the rage right now. Love the white!

27. Shocktato: It is basically like hot potato but the person holding the potato when the timer ends gets a friendly little SHOCK!

28. Laneige: This is the best lip sleep mask out there! Perfect for boys and girls.

29. Necessaire: I can't live without this. It doesn't have a smell and hydrates so well.

30. TP Blaster: The toilet paper gun transforms the TP into spitballs!

31. Aaron's Thinking Putty: Perfect sensory toy! Great for reducing stress and anxiety.

32. Vinyl Stickers: These are created by the artist Bri Lew. Her work is incredible and you can mix and match an order.

33. Bracelet Kit: Pretty Life Girls curated the most gorgeous clay bracelet kits. Caroline loves her set.

34. Bogg Bag: I am obsessed with my bogg bag! It's great for the pool and easily wipes out. This is the smaller version which is great for teens.

35. Diffuser: Love that is has a remote and it can be set to different colors and times.

36. What's That Sound?: This game requires you to identify the object based on the sounds your teammate makes.

37. Libbies Bracelets: These are made of glass tila beads. You can wear day/night, swim, exercise, etc.

38. Herd Mentality: The goal of this game is to think as a herd. You don't want to be the odd man out!

39. Color Brain: The goal of the game is to guess the color associated with the object everyone is guessing. It has some fun twists to make it more competitive.

40. Super Goop: Best sunscreen! SPF 40 and doesn't feel like a sticky sunscreen.

41. Yoga Mat: Over 50,000 reviews and has a thick comfy mat. Great gift for your teen to help reduce stress.

42. Birkenstocks: These platform birks are a must for teen girls this summer. The white is prefect. These are from Nordstrom Rack.

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