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Easter Gift Guide Ages 5-7

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Mandy here and this guide turned out to be my absolute favorite. Now that Charlie is 6, it has been fun to see how has interests in toys have changed. This toy guide is full of active toys to keep your kids busy along with toys that will spark creativity.

As moms, we love making the holidays magical! We go to as many egg hunts as possible, throw an awesome Easter party, visit the Easter bunny, and create as many holiday crafts as possible. Over the past few years, Mel and I started a tradition where we shop for our Easter basket goodies together. Who doesn't love a GNO with their sister and bestie?

These guides include:

1. Squishmallow Bunny: Everyone loves Squishmallows. Snag this Easter Bunny before they all sell out.

2. Lumi GloPals: Mel and I are so glad we were introduced to this company. Lumi lights up when she is put in water. GloPals make bath time and sensory play so much better.

3. Decorate Water Bottle: With summer around the corner, a new water bottle is a great addition. This one is awesome because they can customize it with stickers.

4. Maple and Lark Rainbow Light: Reminds us of a Lite Brite but so much better. It's an investment but you get decor and toy all in one.

5. Sticker Art: Currently a fav at my house. Charlie will sit down and do this for a solid hour. He loves that he follows "instructions" and then ends up with an art piece he can display.

6. Dino Eggs: I don't know why kids love breaking open these dino eggs but they do! Grab a tray and some dino egg tools and let them start digging away.

7. Easter Pop Its: Can't go wrong with Pop Its. This set can be split up in Easter Baskets.

8. Hanging Pod: Mel and I both have this and we hang from our Jumparoo. Would also be great to hang in a toy room or bedroom as a mini space to read and relax.

9. Human Organ Board: Over the moon excited about this company! This board has engraved human organs which is perfect for education and fun. The board fits into the Ikea FLISAT table.

10. Balance Board: These are a must. So much creative play and excellent for getting wiggles out. My kids love to incorporate their boards into their obstacles courses.

11. Remote Control Car: This is a 2-sided remote control car with 360-degree rotation. I am snagging this for Charlie. We love to be in the mountains and this is the perfect outdoor toy.

12. Geo Puzzles: LOVE these puzzles. If you have a kiddo who is into geography, the GEO puzzles brand is the best. The pieces aren't too small and it's great for this age group.

13. Globbles: These are sticky but not messy. Six Globbles come in vibrant colors and are great for sticking, stacking, squishing, and slinging.

14. Art Easel: Many art easels take up too much space. This one is great because it is compact. You can either paint on the acrylic surface or add paper.

15. Door Ping Pong: Great alternative to a bulky ping pong table. Its's designed by one of our favorite toy companies, Fat Brain.

16. Blair GloPals: Blair lights up when she is put in water. GloPals make bath time and sensory play so much better.

17. Creative Cloth Co. Washable Mat: A unique selling point for this canvas washable mat is the pocket for holding markers or crayons. You just throw in the wash to clean and you have a fresh canvas. Great toy to bring on trips because it is so compact.

18. Pokemon Binder: This binder is excellent for keeping Pokemon cards organized. Charlie has a similar one and it's easy for him to carry around and trade with friends.

19. Geo Board: Such a creative take on a puzzle. This wooden geo board comes with bands and 30 challenge cards for your kids to follow and create with.

20. Light Up Sandbox: Light up tables can be so expensive. This is a light up sandbox that can also support water. Use the light up table for foam, sand, water, magnetic tiles, dough, and more!

22. Walkie Talkies: Charlie and Caroline love this walkie talkie set. It's great that the set comes with 3 walkie talkies and the colors are so cute.

22. Giant Soccer Ball: This giant soccer ball is huge and so much fun for outdoor play. Would be such an awesome addition to your outdoor toys.

23. PlusPlus: You can easily free-style build or follow some of their recommended builds. PlusPlus comes in one shape (mini puzzle shapes).

24. Zingo: It's like playing Bingo but with some "zing"! The goal is to fill your game board with matching tiles.

25.Slam Cup: The goal is to stack your colored cups depending on which colors appear. This is great or little kids and is fun for adults too. Watch demo here

26. Ninja Zipline: So excited about this company and toy! You can now easily transform your backyard into the playground you want. Save 10% by using our code 10TOYTESTING

27. Easter Lego: Themed Legos are so much fun for the holidays. Snagging this for Charlie because he loves getting new Lego sets.

28. Gem Art: Great for hand-eye coordination and kids will love creating unique diamond art stickers. Both Charlie and Caroline love playing with their Gem Art kits.

29. Doorwing: Fan favorite and currently Caroline's #1 toy! It doesn't require any hardware and it's simple to install. You can even purchase the hammock swing and trapeze bar as attachments.

30. IBricks: These are giant foam, Lego shaped blocks. You can build so many different creations and forts.

31. Nuts About Mutts: At first this reminded me a little of Uno but the creators of the game added more features to make the game much more exciting and fast. Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS

32. Play Make Up: Caroline is a huge makeup fan! I love these makeup sets because they look real. Beware of "real" kid makeup. It can be full of dangerous toxins.

33. Magnetic Board: You simply drag the pen across the magnetic board and the beads pop up! It's actually a great sensory and mediation toy. It keeps you focused and kids love the clicking and mesmerizing pop up beads.

34. Drone Home: This game was a 2021 TOTTY Finalist. The goal of the game is to get your alien to the launch pad and carried away by the drone. If your alien is flown away by the drone, you are the winner!

35. Star Projector: Excellent reviews on Amazon. Love this as a night light alternative.

36. Dough Kit: Dough kits from Wondoughful World are amazing because the accessories the owner sources are top notch! You can continue using the accessories even when the dough gets old.

37. Paint Sticks: We love paint sticks! Kids love more than crayons and they are less messy than markers. The paint sticks are so smooth.

38. Unicorn Pop It Purse: Pop It purses are such a hit! Caroline has one and she loves to carry her play makeup and the purse doubles as a fidget toy.

39. Needoh Globs: These can be hard to find. We recommend checking out Teton Toys if you are local to Utah. This set has 18! Would be so fun to fill in Easter eggs.

40. BluTrack: Such a unique find. This is a massive15 foot race track. You can even attach to a window. I love that there aren't a million pieces.

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