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Backyard Games for the Summer

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

If you can't tell by now, we love summer and all it brings! Mel and I love hosting backyard parties and having a few backyard games on hand is a must. A few years ago our brother started making us a few backyard games: cornhole, kan jam, and kubb. This is where our love for outdoor games started. Cornhole can get pretty competitive around here. I love beating Will at a game of cornhole.

Many of the games below are great for older kids and can be played as a family. You can also get some couples together for a backyard date night.

  1. Jumbo 3-in-1 3 Square, HearthSong: This set is so cool and it can also be used by little kids, not just adults and teens. The 3-in-1 set has everything you need for volleyball, tennis, and badminton. The net is adjustable and can be used as a 3-square or traditional 2-sided net. The components are "jumbo" which brings an extra element of fun to the games. It easily stakes into the ground and comes with a carrying case so you can bring to the park or family party.

  2. Giant "Jenga": We love giant outdoor toys and games and this "jenga" set is perfect to keep kids, teens, and adults entertained. Toddlers will even have fun using the blocks as toys. This game grows up to 4ft when playing and has everything you need to keep score and store the game. This set includes 56 pieces and has almost 10,000 reviews on Amazon.

  3. Kan Jam: It's competition time with Kan Jam. The goal of the game is to get your frisbee into the other team's kan. The opponent is focused on trying to stop you from getting the frisbee into the kan. This game is easy to set up and can be taken to a BBQ, tailgate, backyard party, etc. Because it does require players to aim and throw, make sure your kids have the motor skills to enjoy this game.

  4. Corn Hole, Go Sports: Everyone really needs a cornhole set for their backyard. My favorite activity during the summer nights is to play cornhole with my hubby and kids. My brother made Mel and I corn hole sets a few summers ago and we use them all of the time. It's nice to set up a few games when we are hosting a BBQ. The set we are featuring here has excellent reviews and includes the beanbags and a carrying case. We also love that it's under $100.

  5. Race Set, 4Fun: You can't have a family reunion without some sort of obstacle race. This race set is awesome because it comes with everything you need to set up a course. Each set includes 6 games that can be played during the race. Here are the accessories that come with each box. 2 hop sacks, 2 knee walkers, 4 water transfer helmets, 2 nose nudge balls, 4 wooden poles, and 2 three-legged race bands.

  6. Bocce Ball Set, GoSports: This is such a great backyard game and can be played by ages 5+. It works best on a flat surface of grass or sand. This can be a 1-1 game or your can form teams and play as a group. Included in the set is a carrying case, 8 bocce balls,1 white pallino ball, and a measuring rope.

  7. Kubb: My brother, Kendall, made us each a Kubb set a few years ago. The game is inspired by Vikings and is a tossing game. The goal is to take out the knights and topple the king. Kubb does require strategy and skill. This game is a little bit more advanced but great for teens and adults. This set includes everything you need to learn the game and a carrying case.

  8. Ladder Ball, Go Sports: I was introduced to this game back when I lived in Pittsburgh. You throw a rope with two balls on the end and you hope it wraps around one of the ladders. You get points depending on where the rope lands. This is a great game for little kids up to adults. It's one of my favorites to keep around and we love playing any time we are at Will's parent's house.

  9. Toss and Catch Ball: Oldie but goodie with the ball catch. The reason this game makes our list is because it can be played by any age and it's extremely portable. This is the perfect game to have around and it's really fun to take camping.

  10. Wicket Kick, 4Fun: I am not a huge croquet fan but this game is a blast! You ditch the mallets and use giant, colored balls and kick them through the wire gates. The rules are similar to croquet but it's much more fun for kids and adults to play. I am always stressed when we play croquet because my kids are always waving those huge wooden sticks around. This is a much safer option and fun for everyone!

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