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Games to help you beat cabin fever

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Isn't January the LOOOONGEST month ever? Even though my home is loaded with many toys, sometimes it is hard for me to play Barbies or LEGO all day. I bet most moms can relate to this! When the days seem long, I love to break it up with games! This allows me to use my brain and also keeps my kids focused on one task!

Games are also a great way of bringing the family together! We love playing games with Charlie and Caroline but we also enjoy a good adult game night.

We have worked closely with the Game King to develop a great list of games you need to add to your game closet. If you are new here, we coined Darin Adams as the Game King. Darin hosted a game segment on Studio 5 KSL for 10 years and knows his games better than anyone else. Every game in the post is Game King and Toy Testing Sister approved. These games will help beat that cabin fever that we are all experiencing.

  1. Skull King: Over the summer Will was introduced to this game. He quickly got our entire family addicted. Even Caroline (4) can play a modified version. It reminds me of the game huey luey but there is more strategy and twists and turns. This game should be in every game closet! Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS

  2. Nuts about Mutts: At first this reminded me a little of Uno but the creators of the game added more features to make the game much more exciting and fast. Everyone is my family (Caroline 4, Charlie 6) can play. Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS

  3. Bears and Bees: I have never stayed up late to play games with Will but I couldn't stop playing this game. The goal is to discard your tiles by matching colors. There is some strategy required but it's also fun to play and chat at the same time. Charlie can easily play but Caroline needed a little help from dad. I love how it challenges my kids to look at tile placement options. Save 15% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS Watch demo here

  4. Color Brain: This is a great group game. I gave this game to my parents for Christmas and they love it. The goal of the game is to guess the color associated with the object everyone is guessing. It has some fun twists to make it more competitive. This game is better for teens because it is a trivia game. Watch demo here

  5. Slam Cup: This is a fast game that brings a fun energy to the room. The goal is to stack your colored cups depending on which colors appear. This is great or little kids and is fun for adults too. Watch demo here

  6. Happy Salmon: This is a quick and loud game which makes it a great party game. The goal is to match your cards with other players. There are silly actions associated with each card. This game is fast to learn and can easily be taken anywhere.

  7. Whozit: This is a hilarious party game. You take turns secretly picking a character from the lineup, then tip off your teammates by rating how well a pair of clues applies to your choice. Would Darth Vader drive an expensive car? This game is recommended for 10+.

  8. Gonuts for Donuts: This is a great family game. It's recommended for ages 8+. Players all pick a donut they want by placing one of their number cards face down on the table. Players simultaneously reveal their number. If two or more players have matching numbers, that donut is discarded and no one gets it.

  9. What's that Sound?: This game is a hoot! Can you make the sound of a can opener? A sound of an object is made and the goal is to guess the object. There are some pretty funny sounds and this makes for a great party game. Recommended age is 7+. Watch demo here

  10. Think N' Sync: The goal of this game is to think alike with your partner. Pick a partner and then, at the same time, shout out an answer to the chosen category. Can you both name the same cereal? This is a teen game!

  11. Herd Mentality: I also gave this game to my parents and they really liked it. They even took to Colorado to play with my Grandparents. The goal of this game is to think as a herd. You don't want to be the odd man out! This game is recommended for ages 10+. Watch demo here

  12. Just One: This game won the Spiel des Jahres award category in 2019. You work together as a team to discover as many mystery words as possible. All identical clues will be cancelled. Recommended for 8+ but Charlie (6) can play this game. Watch demo here

  13. Cobra Paw: This is a quick party game and the goal is to snatch the tiles, spotting the tile with the matching pattern. You must have ninja-like reflexes! This game is for ages 5+.

  14. Snip Snap: This is a fast moving dice game and the goal is to be the first to find a match between your dice and the opponents. It is recommended for ages 7+

  15. Zingo: My brother Kendall sent this game to my kids for Christmas. It's like playing Bingo but with some "zing"! The goal is to fill your game boar with matching tiles. I love that they can play alone or Will and I can join in!

  16. P for Pizza: I love fast-paced word games even though I am not great at them. In P for Pizza, the goal is to think of words faster than your opponents. Like 'spicy food starting with G'. You then build a pizza slice out of the cards that you win. P for Pizza is a speedy and super fun word game for two players or more, ages 8 and up. This game can be played by Charlie (6) and Caroline could be on a team with someone. Watch demo here

  17. Sherlock Express: Sherlock Express is a fast game of deduction where everyone is a suspect! The goal is to find the enemy by finding the suspect by animal type, accessory, and location. This game is suggested for 7+. Watch demo

Watch us demo a few of these games!

Bears and the Bees

Color Brain

Slam Cup

Sherlock Express

What's That Sound?

Herd Mentality

Just One

P for Pizza

Sherlock Express

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