Ultimate St. Patrick's Day Toy Gift Guide

Updated: Oct 6

We love celebrating St. Patrick's Day in our homes. Growing up, our mother went all out for holidays. For St. Patrick's Day, the leprechauns would come to our house and cause mischief. They would turn the water green, hang our underwear from the ceiling, and leave chocolate gold pieces and skittles in odd areas.

Now that we have littles, our mom plans a leprechaun hunt every year. We head to the fields and start looking. She typically throws rainbow candy and gold pieces in the area for the kids to find while they are searching for the leprechauns.

We have added onto these fun traditions by having our kids make leprechaun traps. Our kids get creative and have made some unique traps with Legos and magnetic tiles. They also go on a hunt to find the leprechaun's pot of gold. When they find the pot, it's filled with candy and green/rainbow themed games and toys. Mel and I have spent hours and hours curating some awesome gift ideas to add to your pot of gold!

St.Patrick's Day Toy Gift Guide

16inch Black Cauldron This is a larger size and perfect to fill with fun St. Patty's Day treats and toys.

Classic Green Lego Quick lego set that is great for kids getting started with LEGO. Ages 4+.

Stacking Crayons Set comes with 12 stacking crayons, each crayon has 12 colors.

Rainbow Stacker Great for babies working on hand eye coordination. Plus, Melissa and Doug quality is excellent.

Rainbow Xylophone Let your little make beautiful music with the rainbow xylophone.

Rainbow Unicorn Squishmallow We all know these are all the rage. Absolutely, obsessed with the rainbow hair!

Berenstain Bears' St. Patrick's Day Classic book for enjoying the St. Patrick's Day season.

How to Catch a Leprechaun The guide book for catching those tricky leprechauns.

Rainbow Pop It Purse Such a fun idea to incorporate a pop it with a kids purse. Entertainment on the go!

St. Patrick's Day Pop It Add this Shamrock pop it to your fidget collection.

Rainbow Unicorn Stuffed Animal Set Caroline got this set for Valentine's Day. The rainbow purse is full of small unicorn stuffies.

Sarah's Silks Rainbow Giant Playsilk Huge favorite at our house. Kids can get super creative with a rainbow playsilk.

Rainbow Resin Letters Great to add to a sensory bin and for letter recognition.

Rainbow Resin Cubes These are fun for a sensory bin, stacking, and Montessori works.

Pipa Glo Pal Spice up bath time with Go Pals. Green Pipa is perfect for a St. Patty's bath.

Super Needoh You know we can't stop collecting. Grab neon green. If you are local to Utah, head to Teton Toys to purchase and save 10% when you say you're following us.

Speks Mini Magnets in Rainbow We love our speks set. You could even tell your kids they are mini leprechaun legos.

Lush Rainbow Bath Bomb If you aren't buying Lush are you even living? Their rainbow bath bomb/bar smells amazing.

Clay Beads Bracelet Making Kit This kit comes with a huge selection of colors and it prefect for making bracelets for friends and family.

Chunky Wren and Mae Chunky Rainbow Hearts We love wooden toys and the chunky rainbow hearts are handmaid--so beautiful.

Maple + Lark Basket Bundle This company is known for their rainbow baskets. The primary color set is a perfect bundle to start with.

Maple + Lark Rainbow Light Dead with how gorgeous this rainbow light set is. It's investment but its decor and toy all in one.

Driddle for Little Rainbow Counting Bears We own these counting bears and they are an excellent color recognition and math learning toy.

Zaana Rainbow Charms If you have been following us for a while, you know we pretty much only wear Zaana. Snatch these darling rainbow charms for your hoops. Save10% with our code TOYTESTINGSISTERS

40 Crayola Washable Markers Love that this set comes with 40 markers. Your kids will enjoy creating art with so many color options.

Rainbow Gummy Lab Kit Make your own gummies with this rainbow gummy lab. The leprechauns left this last year for Charlie and Caroline.

Green Toys Recycling Truck Perfect green toy for the truck/car lover. The brand Green Toys is also eco-friendly.

Green Kids Purse Caroline would go nuts to get this green kids purse. So fun for holding makeup, snacks, and small toys.

Rainbow Sunglasses Level up your toddler's look with these rainbow sunnies—obsessed.

Melting Rainbow Bath Bomb: These bath bombs start out white and leave a trail of rainbow as they melt in the warm bath.

Sarah's Silks Rainbow Streamer: This rainbow streamer is so fun to twirl around the room. Use code IMAGINE for 20% off your first order.

Goosebumps shop ADULT swaddle: Imagine a baby swaddle...but ADULT SIZED! Use code MOBILE15 for 15% off your order!

Rainbow slippers: Perfect gift to surprise a teen on St. Patricks Day! Big kids like being spoiled too.

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