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Picks for Indoor and Outdoor Toys

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Mel and some of our cute kids, Caroline and Olina, shared with the viewers of KSL Studio 5 some of our unique picks for indoor/outdoor toys! This segment was really fun for us because we got to bring our little toy testers. The more and more toys we test, the more we are committed to recommending options that can be used for many years/ages. The toys featured on this segment will be a hit for almost any house! View segment

  1. Coloring Mat, Creative Cloth Co.: These are reusable coloring mats and are great for an eco friendly coloring experience. They feature a zipper pocket that can hold your washable markers. The smaller size can easily fit into a diaper bag and pulled out at a restaurant to keep your kiddos entertained. We love that these can be washed so easily and get endless use. It’s good for their entertainment and the environment. Save 10% with code TOYTESTINGSISTERS.

  2. Cottage, Airfort: Airfort is awesome because it blows up in a matter of seconds and stores in a small pouch—no poles or having to designate a large space for this toy. Kids just lift up to enter! So much open-ended fun with the Airfort. All you need is a box fan to start using. The cottage design is unique from the standard circular Airfort. Try using it outside! The fan is going to help kids stay cool too.

  3. Stepping Stones, Playzonefit: These are stepping stones from Play Zone Fit. We use these to add variation and playtime fun while making obstacle courses. Another favorite use of these is to play the “floor is lava” game. They are textured and made to last.

  4. Tubelox: Kids can construct real-life objects like a bike, scooter, plane, desk, fort, chair, wheelbarrow, cart, etc with Tubelox. We love that this construction set doesn’t include small parts and the finished product can actually be used. If you have toddlers, it’s easy for parents to build the objects and use them with their littles. For older kids, they can build on their own and enjoy playing with the finished product. Save 10% with our code MM10.

  5. Wobble board: It’s basically a rocking toy that can be used in a variety of different ways. You can turn it upside down and use it as a bridge or incorporate it into some fun yoga positions. Kids also love to use these as ramps for cars. We like to use this to pretend to surf! Hop on and get rocking.

  6. Climbing Wall, Megalith Climbing: Megalith climbing has made it easy to add a rock wall in your very own home! All you do is buy these individual panels, arrange to your liking, add the holes, and voila! These are self-installed but are super easy. Find the studs in your walls and they will each hold up to 250lbs per panel. This is the perfect toy that keeps your kids active and entertained.

  7. Doorway Swing, Playzonefit: This door swing from Playzonefit gets an insane amount of use at our homes. It’s great because it doesn’t require any hardware for installation. It’s excellent for active indoor play and helps kids get out their wiggles. It holds up to 150lbs. They even sell a trapeze and hammock attachments. You could even try this outside in a storm door.

  8. Resin paintables, CharsJars: These resin paintables from CharsJars are so fun for kids because when they are done creating, they can wash off and start over. Kids can use paint, markers, and these awesome wonderstix chalk crayons. We have the daisy and bug set. With these resin paintables, you can snap a photo of the creation and ditch storing hundreds of pieces of artwork!

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