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Outdoor Toys for Your Backyard

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

It's starting to warm up in Utah which means we are getting excited about moving our indoor play outside! We love outdoor play because it means fresh air and vitamin D. Just don't forget to keep your favorite sunscreen within reach. Many backyards include the "standard" outdoor toys: trampolines, basketball hoops, and swing sets. The toys listed in this guide are unique and can be enjoyed by many ages!

  1. Jumbo Soccer Ball, 4Fun: This giant soccer ball is HUGE! We dig the low price point and that it can be used by many ages. Littles can kick and roll on the ball. Big kids can play soccer and jackpot. Teens can even get a fun game of kickball or dodge ball going!

  2. Jumparoo: You know our deep passion for Jungle Jumparoo. This is an indoor and outdoor toy and you can even purchase the water attachment and transform it into a water toy too! Because you can't bounce people off the Jumparoo, you eliminate the injuries that can occur from tramps. We love that it also includes a climbing feature so kids can jump, climb, swing, and cool off!

  3. Gazillon Bubble Machine: Thousands of bubbles for kids of all ages. This blower does all the work so you don't have to. Have you ever almost passed out from blowing bubbles? We have.... Don't be caught in that situation again and invest in a bubble blower. You can thank me later.

  4. The Swurfer: This is the original stand up surf board swing. These boards totally live up to the hype. Kids love to experience swinging in a whole new way. Master your balance and get a good workout while enjoying this toy.

  5. Activ Life Flying Rings: These are the next generation frisbees. This company essentially upgraded the traditional frisbee and here we are. They fly much easier and with more accuracy than ever before.

  6. Boomabandz: This toy is brand new this year and is coming in HOT! Made of polyester and spandex this is essentially a child slingshot. Hours of fun running from end to end to see who can handle the speed and resistance of this fun stretchy band.

  7. Chalkscapes, HearthSong: These chalk stencils are so fun to use when sidewalk chalk gets a little boring. A pro tip of ours is to wet your chalk before use. Stick the chalk into a bucket of water and the colors will glide a lot more easily and using these stencils will up your chalk art game.

  8. Ninja Set, Fofana: Who doesn't want an outdoor Ninja set? This set is awesome because it can work for kids all the way up to teens. It's easy to install and has a variety of attachments for the slack line. Charlie and Caroline are obsessed with their kit. We also love that this set is manufactured in the United States.

  9. Outdoor Hammock: Tons of good reviews on Amazon and so much fun to gift an older kiddo who loves to be outdoors. These can be used to hang essentially anywhere the space allows. It also comes in a million different colors and the hanging kit is included.

  10. Two Bros Bows: At first Mandy was skeptical that this archery set would really work! Wow, was she wrong! The foam tipped arrows are soft making it safe for kids to play with. The quality is excellent and the product design makes it easy for kids to place the arrow in the correct spot! It is suggested for 6+ but a 5-year old should be able to enjoy too!

  11. Rollercoaster: Outdoor rollercoasters are a total blast. Inventory on these types of toys is really low right now. Here is a great, in-stock, option. Rollercoasters are awesome because they really work for ages 1-7! Littles love to ride and big kids love to ride too. Both of us have coasters and can attest that thing purchase will get used. You can even bring it inside for the winter months.

  12. Spider Swing: This swing is perfect for a big tree but can be also used on a traditional swing set. Mel's love this and the weight limit is over 700LBS! Endless laughs with lots and lots of friends swinging together on this big spider swing.

  13. Tree climbers: These tree climbers are really fun if you're not wanting to do something permanent. They can be wrapped around the tree without any damage.

  14. Garden Kit, Kinderific: So much open-ended play can happen with this toy. It include a tote bag, spade, watering can, rake, fork, trowel, and gloves! Love it that it can organized with the tote. This would be such a fun addition to your outdoor sensory play tools!

  15. Tea Set, Green Toys: Another awesome toy from Green Toys! This set is perfect to add with a water table or outdoor mud kitchen. It can also be used indoors and is a blast to keep in the bathtub station. The quality is excellent and it's extremely durable.

  16. Mud Kitchen: We spent a lot of time trying to find an affordable and functional mud kitchen. Many options on the market are really expensive and we weren't willing to pay the high ticket price. This option is $150 and comes with the features we wanted: cooking space, storage, water tub, and accessories. Mud kitchens are great because so much sensory and creative plan can happen. Think mud, sand, flowers, grass, slime, rice, jello!

  17. Big Dig Excavator: If you have a sandbox, dirt, or rocks, or snow this digger is for you! This is great for a backyard or beach! This hands-on toy is awesome because it's great for all seasons, has a 360-degree swivel and 2-handed digging and dumping feature.

  18. Large Slide, Little Tykes: This slide is the upgraded version of the indoor one that Little Tykes makes. It is more durable and a little bigger than the traditional red and blue version. This is perfect to add to your outdoor collection.

  19. Bounce house, SMOL: These bounce houses by SMOL are esthetically pleasing and deliver hours of fun for you kiddos. SMOL has eliminated the obnoxious colors associated with outdoor toys! These can be used both inside and out.

  20. Sandbox: Hours of fun with sand. This is the full sensory experience right in your backyard. Order some sand from your local hardware store and watch your kids go wild. We also love that this one has a cover to protect your little one from the sun.

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