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Ultimate Water Toys for Your Backyard

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Mel and I love creating backyard spaces that our kids, friends, and family love spending time enjoying. We both like hosting backyard parties and having a few water toys for everyone to enjoy is a must! There is nothing better than hanging out with your besties, sipping beverages, while your kids play with their friends. Mel and I came up with our top 10 recommended water toys that will keep your kids entertained all summer long!

  1. 7ft Mister Monster, HearthSong: If this doesn't scream summer and backyard parties, what does? The 7ft monster mister is huge and perfect for keeping kids cool this summer. We love the bright colors and durability. Water sprays out of the monster's mouth and belly. The legs fill with water which is great because it helps keep the monster stable. It doesn't include a pump, so make sure you have one on hand. If you want to add a water toy to your backyard but aren't ready to commit to a pool or inflatable bounce house, this monster mister is perfect.

  2. Jumbo Water Beads: We love water beads but these jumbo water beads make sensory play even more fun! They are great to add to an outdoor water table or mud kitchen. If you haven't used water beads before, you simply put them in a bowl full of water and wait a few hours while they grow. We love pairing a lemon squeezer tool with these. Kids love to put the beads in the squeezer and watch them get smashed.

  3. Playsink, Cute Stone: In January I purchased a similar play sink for my kids. I was actually surprised how much they loved the practical play toy. This sink has a few more features than mine and comes highly rated on Amazon. The play sink comes with cutting food, utensils, and table accessories. The play sink circulates running water from the faucet and the pots/pans even release "steam". Your kids will love using this water toy inside or outside. This is the type of toy that will get played with from ages 1-7 and teaches real life skills.

  4. Bunch O Balloons: This is the only way to fill balloons. I can't even imagine having to hand tie balloons. Every year we stock up on bunch of balloons. We use them during parties or when friends come over to play! It only takes a few minutes to fill the balloons. You can often find these at Costco. When you see them, grab two packs and you can thank us later. Over the summer these balloons sell out fast at Costco and Amazon.

  5. Splash pad, Jasonwell: Over 11,000 Amazon reviews on this splashpad sprinkler. It's 68'' and great for toddlers and little kids. Dogs will also enjoy this toy too! All you need is a garden house to hook up and you can adjust the water pressure with with the spout knob. Some water toys require a lot of set up. We love that the splash pad can be put up quickly and easily stored. You could even turn this splash pad into a sensory water pad by adding some water beads, water tools, and ocean figurines.

  6. Mud kitchen, WoodNPoppy: This mud kitchen is an investment, but it's something that will last and get used all of the time. WoodNPoppy lets you select your wood type and finish. You can even customize how many sinks you want and if you would like a water hand pump! This toy is perfect for sensory and imaginative play. The outdoor mud kitchen can be used in so many ways. Plus, it keeps the dirt, water beads, sand, and liquids outside. There are more affordable mud tables on the market for around $150. The downside is they won't last as long due to material quality. If your kids love to explore, create, and spend time outside, this is your mud table!

  7. Water table, Step2: I bought this water table in the spring of 2020 because I was desperate to entertain my kids. This is our favorite water table because there is enough space for many kids to play and enjoy at the same time! It comes with a variety of water tools for sensory play. You can even turn this into a sensory table. We love putting water beads in ours and also using it as a car wash station.

  8. Inflatable water bounce house, Banzai: Mel and I both have inflatable water bounce houses. Our versions aren't available online anymore but we have a great alternative. Both of our hubbies were skeptical when we first purchased but they have admitted they were wrong! We absolutely love this water toy and it gets used at least once a week. It's great for kids of all ages and an excellent alternative to heading to the pool. Pro Tip! We highly recommend purchasing a water pump. This allows you to circulate the water and pump the water out when finished. If you dump the water on your grass instead of using a pump, it will scorch the grass and ruin your lawn.

  9. Water blasters, Max Liquidator: We opt for these water blasters over water guns any day. They are made out of pool noodle material and come in a 6pack. You don't have to have a pool to use them. Fill a few coolers with water and let your kids load them by pulling back the handle. For around $20, these are a steal and an essential to any water fight.

  10. Slip n Slide: Last year I hosted a massive backyard party for family and wanted to have a water toy that would be fun for teens and adults too. I purchased my slip n slide from Costco but it is no longer available. This slide is great because it includes the racing bodyboards and is 31ft. This slide has a spray curtain so it keeps the slide wet and littles can even enjoy sitting and running through the water.

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